Four months on , and the folks over at Infinity ward are eagerly supporting the untold masses of rabid fans with the announcement of their second batch of DLC, Devastation, due for release onApril 3. If you’re a die hard, you probably can’t get enough of that COD goodness, so without further adieu, lets get to whats in store.

4 new maps – Always my favorite part of DLC for shooters,  who doesn’t like a little variety in their murdering friends and strangers online diet? 

RUINS – Whats more majestic than the ruins of South American gently nestled in the embrace of the surrounding jungle, with a beautiful active volcano for a picturesque backdrop?  Wait, did you say active volcano?  Easily my favorite highlight of the map, Ruins features lots of frantic vertical action as players run from subterranean foundations up temple stairways, all while holding your breath, waiting for the beast in the background to explode.

BEHEMOTH – A mix of ranged and up close and personal, Behemoth is a giant bucket wheeled excavator, normally the sort of thing that tears up mountainsides, rather than playing host to blood thirsty gamers, but who can deny the appeal of run and gunning on such a huge piece of equipment?

COLLISION – A cargo ship and a bridge violently combined into one giant mess means cargo containers, cars and lots of in close chaos.  Littered with debris, and a warren of passages through it all, Collision is a frantic mess, literally.  Lots of up close, turn the corner killing (and being killed).

UNEARTHED -Not the first time they’ve retooled modern warfare 3 map ‘dome’ to add a bit of new with the old, Unearthed  mixes in some of the fiction from ‘extinction’ Unearthed is focused around an alien excavation, and unique to the map, allows players to spawn Cryptids to scuttle and explode  all over their opponents.

1 new weapons

The Ripper! Which was a name for a completely different kind of weapon of an old roommate of mine, though, it too had short and long range functionality; the COD version of the Ripper is a hybrid, lead spraying first for the franchise. Swapping between Assault Rifle (AR) and Submachine gun (SMG) on the fly depending on your needs, the Ripper is already available to Xbox Season pass holders. I’m genuinely curious if hybrid weapons like this run the risk of making other weapons (like, for example the many other SMG and AR weapons in game) obsolete, only time will tell.

New Extinction Episode

Extinction is a genuinely compelling part of the COD: Ghosts experience.  Like Zombies in previous games, this is a stand-alone component that adds some unique flavor to an otherwise bro-tastic shooter. A 4 player Co-op, Extinction pits players against alien beasties in an escalating and frantic running battle. Mayday, the newest chapter, follows on the heels of episode one, Nightfall. Find yourself on a ghost ship (seriously, never a good place to be) against a new baddy class (seeder), discover blueprints along the way to craft new weapons to aid your campaign. Your reward for hard fought success? Just a giant horrible tentacle monster you might have heard of… the folks at Infinity Ward are releasing the Kraken, talk about worlds colliding. 

While all of this sounds good, there’s some criticism leveled at Call of Duty: Ghosts in general and the Devastation release in particular, that said, I’ve seen its opposite as well. With anything as far reaching as Call of Duty, particularly in this particular demographic, there will be folks who claim their favorite toy has been ruined.  What’s the verdict folks?  Weigh in! In their attempts to keep COD fresh and interesting in a market saturated with FPS shootery goodness, are Activision and the good folks at Infinity Ward straying off mission?  Comment Below!

Haven’t picked up Call of Duty: Ghosts yet? What are you waiting for!

Kurtis Diston
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