The Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite have been flying off the shelves since both systems launched. And, there is a really good chance you or someone you know owns a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite. Now that you have a Switch or Switch Lite, there are accessories every Nintendo Switch owner should have.

Not only will these accessories enhance your gaming experience, some will protect your Switch from getting damaged. Without further ado, here are the accessories every Nintendo Switch owner should have.

accessories every Nintendo Switch owner should haveA carrying case to keep your Switch safe while on the go

One of the best things that I like about the Switch is that I can take it with me on the go and play wherever I want. With the ability to play Switch games at home or on-the-go, odds are you’ll be taking your Switch with you on your daily travels. To help minimize the risk of your Switch getting damaged, it’s important to have a carrying case.

There is a wide variety and styles of cases you can choose from. Some of my favourite cases include the pictures of icon Nintendo characters such as Pikachu, Mario, and Link. One of my favourite cases is the PDP Mario Camo Slim Travel Case for Switch – Blue. It’s not big and bulky. Not only does it protect Switch but it also has space for up to 4 Switch cartridges.

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A screen protector

If you own a Switch, a screen protector is a must. While the Switch has a solid build, scratching the screen isn’t all that hard to do. Scratches can happen by taking your Switch in and out of the dock or by using the touch screen. It just takes a split second and the next thing you know, your screen is full of scratches.

Personally, I use the Surge Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Switch Lite – 2 Pack. As soon as I took my Switch Lite out of the book for the first time, I installed one of these. They are made from tempered glass, so that means not only does it protect my screen from scratches but it also makes it shatterproof. Just a reminder, the Nintendo Switch has a bigger screen than the Switch Lite. So, make sure the screen protector you choose is the right fit.

accessories every Nintendo Switch owner should have

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accessories every Nintendo Switch owner should haveAn extra pair of Joy-Con controllers

The Joy-Con controllers for you Nintendo Switch have a pretty good battery life, about 20 hours. And, you can charge them by sliding them onto each side of your Nintendo Switch while it is docked. But what if you still want to play and your Joy-Con controllers are dead? This is where having a second pair of Joy-Cons, comes in handy.

On the other hand, if you own a Switch Lite, some games require the use of Joy-Cons to be played. For example, Super Mario Party. If you want to play and have a Switch Lite, you have to buy Joy-Con controllers to do so.

Since the Switch has launched, Nintendo has released a wide variety of different coloured Joy-Con controllers. Dare I say, there is a colour or combination for everyone! My personal favourites are the Best Buy exclusive Neon Green Joy-Con controllers. At the same time, my wife loves the Neon Purple and Neon Orange Joy-Cons.

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A Joy-Con controller charging station

Having your controllers charged and ready to go is important. Sure you can charge your Joy-Cons by attaching them to the Switch when it is docked but that means you can only charge two at a time. How do I solve this problem? With a charging station of course! This allows me to charge one pair of Joy-Cons while playing with another.

My charging station of choice is the Insignia Charge Station for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. With this, I can charge up to four Joy-Con controllers at once and there is a USB port on it that allows me to charge another device. This is great to charge my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

accessories every Nintendo Switch owner should have

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accessories every Nintendo Switch owner should haveA microSD memory card for more storage 

The Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite both come with 32GB of internal storage. However, that is shared with system updates, saves, game screenshots and videos. By the time all is said and done, you aren’t left with a whole lot of internal storage space.

And, if you want to download games, you’ll quickly run out of space. To remedy this problem, I highly suggest the 128GB Nintendo Switch branded SanDisk memory card. This will allow you to download and save digital games on to it. Game sizes vary but on average you can expect to fit between 10-15 digital games on this memory card.

The Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite support microSD memory cards in both SDHC and SDXC format up to 2TB! Remember, you don’t have to use Nintendo branded microSD cards. At Best Buy we have a wide variety of memory cards compatible with Switch and Switch Lite for you to choose from.

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Best Buy has all your Switch and Switch Lite accessories

And there you have it, our list of accessories every Nintendo Switch owner should have. Owning any of these accessories will enhance your gaming experience with your Switch. But wait! There is more!

Best Buy has many more accessories for your Switch and Switch Lite, which will further enhance your gaming experience. From car chargers, to Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers, to Poké Ball Plus game controllers—there is no shortage of options.

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  1. I’d like to get a charge stand for my joy-cons, but it doesn’t appear that they are designed to fin the NES style joy-cons. Do you know of any that are designed to fit those ones?

    I still do need those neon green joy-cons too!

    Thanks Jon.

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