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Your living room or home theatre is the place where you spend the most time enjoying your favourite movies, music, and gaming. Given how much time we spend in that space, the perfect home theatre set up has never been more important. There are a few must-haves you’ll need to choose for the best home theatre, but it’s the little things that really make the room your own.

How to create the perfect home theatre

People are getting into the growing trend of setting up a connected home theatre; a space that uses both home theatre devices and smart home products. If you’ve never thought about setting up a connected home theatre, I’ve got a quick list of everything you’ll need.

1. Your TV will be the hub of your home theatre

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Your living room wouldn’t be a home theatre without a TV, and the latest TVs are brighter, sharper, and give you a picture that’s as real to life as looking out the window. You’ll find TVs in 4K and 8K, and you can choose between OLED, Mini-LED, and QLED. Take a look at the TV buying guide for more on how to choose the perfect TV for your home theatre.

Many of the latest TVs are smart TVs. Smart TVs connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network and let you access a hub where you can stream your favourite content on Netflix, YouTube, and Prime. You can also connect via Bluetooth to stream your own content from your phone or tablet, and many models have Google Assistant and Alexa built-in. You can use voice control to search for new content or use your TV as a hub to control all of your connected smart home devices.

2. A TV mount for a seamless install

A TV should blend into your space and become a part of the room’s overall feel. You can use the included stand to set up your TV, but a TV mount offers you a much cleaner style. The latest TVs can stream everything from ambient sounds to artwork when not in use, and the best way to get the most out of a new TV is to use a TV mount to hang it on the wall. You’ll find all types of TV mounts including full-motion, tilting, and fixed wall mounts that won’t tilt or adjust position.

3. Home audio to turn up the volume

A home theatre is just that; a theatre set up in your home. To bring home the total movie theatre experience, you’ll need to turn up the volume on your sound system. Adding home audio speakers, a home theatre receiver, and a subwoofer or two will enhance everything you watch or play. You can choose your home audio components on their own by choosing between wired and wireless speakers or a sound bar, or you can pick a home audio bundle for the easiest setup possible.

4. Streaming devices for the best content at home

media streamer for home theatre

If you don’t have a smart TV and you want a fast way to access streaming videos and other online content, a media streamer is the best choice. There are different types of media streamers available from brands like Roku, Google, and Apple, and you can access all types of content including movies, news channels, and games. They are plug and play, and the only thing you’ll need besides your TV is a Wi-Fi connection.

5. Projectors offer the biggest screen possible

If you want a TV that’s as big as possible, you might be interested in a projector. A projector offers you many of the same features as a big-screen TV, with smart streaming options built-in, but you can adjust the size of your display so it’s as big as you’d like it.

The latest projectors stream in 4K Ultra HD or 8K Ultra HD, have long bulb life and give you a crystal clear picture for everything you’ll watch. There are also multiple HDMI ports built in so you can plug in all of your external devices like cable boxes or gaming consoles.

6. Home theatre seating to keep you comfortable

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How can you get really comfortable when watching a movie or TV show with friends and family? Home theatre seating gives you that movie theatre feeling, but it’s even more comfortable than a standard theatre seat.

Home theatre seating is available in one to four-seat combinations and is designed from comfortable, faux leather. Different models have different features like power recliners, drop-down trays, cup holders, and USB ports for charging while you watch.

7. Smart lights set the mood

Once you have the basics for your home theatre, you can start adding in smart devices to create the best possible experience. Smart lighting is a great addition to a connected home theatre. You can change up your lights to set the mood for a new blockbuster movie or even sync your lights to your TV and watch them flash along with the action on the screen. You don’t have to get up to turn them off and on either; you can use your phone to adjust your lights or add them to your smart TV and use your TV to adjust your lights for you.

8. Smart speakers add audio and voice control

Controlling all of your connected home theatre devices is simple with a smart speaker. Available with Google Assistant or Alexa, you can ask your smart speaker to change the playlist on your sound bar, turn your smart lights off or change their colour, adjust your smart thermostat, or play a trivia game with friends and family.

9. Smart plugs connect every device in your home theatre

smart plugs for home theatre

Want a simple way to turn off standard light bulbs or devices in your home theatre that can’t connect to Wi-Fi? A smart plug is an easy way to give you access to lights and other devices that aren’t online. You can even pair your smart plug with your smart speaker and use voice control on devices you could never use it with before.

10. Smart furniture is the upgrade you’ve been looking for

The latest trend in connected home theatres is smart furniture. Smart furniture combines smart features like smart lights, Bluetooth speakers, USB and power ports, and some models even have refrigerator drawers to store your drinks. Smart furniture brings a snack bar and charging station to your home theatre, all in one stylish coffee table or end table.

11. Keep your home theatre online with upgraded Wi-Fi

With all of the devices you’ll add, it’s more important than ever to have a high-speed Wi-Fi network. The latest Wi-Fi routers, extenders, and whole-home mesh Wi-Fi systems will be more than enough to keep every device online and streaming as fast as possible. There are a lot of different options depending on the size of your home and whether you have numerous dead zones, so take a look at the latest Wi-Fi systems and choose the best one for you.

Get started building your perfect home theatre

With this list of home theatre devices and smart home products, you’ll have the perfect home theatre set up in no time. Take a look at all of the great choices on Best Buy and get started setting up your home theatre right now.

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