If you’re thinking of creative ways to dress up the house for Christmas, don’t forget about your home theatre! While I’m not suggesting you add tinsel to your 4K TV, or icicle lights on the speakers, I do have some great tips for how to jazz things up this holiday season.

T’was some nights before Christmas and all through Best Buy,
Shoppers were shopping, finding gifts on the fly.

At home, stockings were hung all ready for tech,
and houses for Christmas were truly bedeck’d.

Just now! The store roof! A clatter so loud!sonos play1.jpg
Someone was parking, and drawing a crowd.

Strolling in with a chuckle, Santa proclaimed:
‘My shopping isn’t done! I’m truly ashamed!

Need some last minute gifts to load up the sleigh,
Just give me 10 minutes, I’ll be on my way!’

To Home Theatre he strode, ‘Now this will be fun!’
And that’s where he found it; a Sonos PLAY:1!

‘These wireless speakers are on top of all lists!’
Then he slid down the aisle, pumping his fist.

So easy to use, and it fits in small nooks,
Sonos sounds great, and is more than just looks.


soundtouchNot stopping there, red-suited Pere Noel
Made a beeline for audio exclaiming, ‘This is swell!’

Into his bag; a Soundtouch by Bose
More popular even than Rudolph’s red nose.

Just getting started, Santa turned to TVs
He spied streaming devices and hollered, ‘Yipee!’




From Apple TV, Roku, and Google Chromecast,
Santa knew with these gadgets, the streaming’d be fast.chromecast-ultra NEW

Featuring Netflix, and Google and plenty more channels,
These powerful devices would entertain all of us mammals.


A 4K TV was next for Kris Kringle,
With higher resolution to make any bells jingle.

Millions more pixels make 4KTV,
Look very real, with a difference you’ll see.

But where could he put them, the sleigh was quite full?
Said a Best Buy Associate, ‘We can deliver! No bull!’

A hearty high five was delivered with glee,
As Santa kept shopping for 4K TVs

From Sony, and Samsung, Toshiba.. LG

There’s amazing selection in 4K TVs.

Santa made his choices, then, checking his counts,
Proclaimed for these he needed sturdy wall mounts.

From Sanus, Insignia, even Rocketfish,
Wall mounts make tidy spaces, if that’s your wish.

insignia-hdmi-cablesWith one final sweep, Santa said, ‘Gotta fly!
But wait! I can’t leave without HDMIs

‘These critical cables are always in need,
They’ll fit into stockings, oh yes sir indeed!’

As he strode to the door, disappeared out of sight,
He could be heard ‘ho-ho-ing’ as he flew into the night.



‘Merry Christmas, Best Buy! Thanks for the gear!
You made shopping easy! I’ll see you next year!’

Erin Lawrence
Editor TV and Home Theatre
Erin is a journalist, writer, and TV producer with a fascination for technology and a love of gadgets. Check out her blog TechGadgetsCanada.com