rsz_sonos_play_1_speaker_roomSonos speakers are probably going to be one of the most popular home theatre/audio gifts this holiday season. They’re so well-loved that there’s already a whole array special accessories you can get for them.

Flexson stands are a top gift pick

Recently a top pick in the Canadian Gift Guide, the Flexson desk stand allows you to optimize your Sonos speaker’s sound, by minimizing vibration.

flexson-play1deskstand_018“Friends don’t let friends keep their speakers on their desk, says the gift guide write-up, “Any audiophile will tell you that your speakers lose a fair bit of oomph when they have to work against a solid surface. The trick then, is to grab a stand or two for your speakers – like these slick, minimalist stands from Flexson.”

The stand allows you to place your Sonos PLAY:1 so it sits off the furniture, so it’s not creating unnecessary vibration. The sleek metal stand has a chrome inlay so it looks slick and minimalist. They come in white or black to coordinate with your speaker.

flexson-premium_play1_white_angle_left_speaker_1Flexson also makes floor stands for Sonos. Just under a meter high, this lovely walnut wood and steel floor stand will let you bring your PLAY:1 up to optimal listening height. There’s also different colours and wood choices to coordinate with your home’s decor, like this white and oak option.

There’s also a Flexson wall mount if you want your speakers out of the way permanently. These wall mounts also allow swivel and tilt so you can direct sound where you need it.

Trick out your Sonos speakers with colour!sonos-colourplay-skin-yellow

Another really fun accessory I found is these coloured skins for your Sonos. Flexson Colourplay comes in pink, blue or yellow. Made of durable vinyl, and precision-cut to perfectly fit each SONOS speaker, the skins are easy to apply and can help you personalize your Sonos speaker for your home.

These options from Flexson make great gifts for a current Sonos owner, but would also be nice gifted alongside a new Sonos speaker under the tree.

Erin Lawrence
Editor TV and Home Theatre
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