The Epson 4010 home theatre projector on a white background. The lens points to the bottom left corner of the picture.Imagine yourself watching your favourite movie at the theatre: the popcorn, the deep, booming sound, and that massive, rich, detailed picture. Now imagine that at home. With the Epson Home Cinema 4010 home theatre projector, this is not only possible, it’s downright easy. Home theatre technology has advanced a long way in the past few years. So much so that you can get a truly theatre-like experience right in the comfort of your own living room. Read on to find out how that’s possible with the Epson 4010 projector, and to learn how to enter for your chance to win one!

Home theatre that feels just like being at the movies

There are lots of factors that make going to the movies fun, like the aforementioned popcorn, candy, snacks, and other such add-ons. But really, the main draw of going to the movies is that big, clear picture that plunges you right into the action. Historically, if you wanted to get that kind of experience at home, you had to deal with big, bulky projection televisions, or fiddle with the complicated setup and fine-tuning processes that were required to get a projector up and running. Projector technology has come a long way since then, however. Projection televisions are rare and home theatre projectors have gotten much simpler to use and much better in quality.

In fact, there’s an entire market of accessories available now to make your home theatre more like, well, a theatre, such as screens, chairs, and décor. All of these spin-off products certainly add to the ambience and sense-of-place in your home theatre. It definitely helps to have a cozy chair and good lighting in your media room, but the focus of the attraction is still your projector.

The Epson 4010 makes home theatre beautiful and simple

The Epson 4010 home theatre projector on a white background. The lens points to the front of the picture.The Epson 4010 is sure to be the star of any home theatre setup and it certainly fits the bill. It’s capable of handling 4K inputs, so you can enjoy crisp, highly-detailed content. It also outputs a stunning 2,400 lumens with 100% balanced colour/white levels with a contrast ratio of up to 200,000:1 for on-screen experiences that rival any move theatre. Plus, it can create a screen size of up to 300 inches, for a truly theatre-in-your-living-room experience. If that weren’t enough, the Epson 4010 also has three HDMI inputs plus a VGA input, making it the centrepiece of any entertainment setup.

The Epson 4010 home theatre projector from the back on a white background. 3 HDMI and 1 VGA inputs are visible.You will need external speakers for this projector, but remember you’re creating an at-the-movies experience in your living room, and it makes sense that you’d use external speakers to do that so you’re sure to get good quality sound. It might also be worth it to invest in a receiver so that you can connect all your accessories and add-ons seamlessly.

The Epson 4010 makes it clear why 4K projection technology gets all the hype it does, and this projector makes it super simple, too. You can either place it on a table or suspend it from the ceiling, and it comes with motorized controls for focus, plus easy adjustments to compensate for keystoning and other geometry issues. No need to fiddle with pesky controls here, once you’ve got everything configured you can just fall into your easy chair and enjoy your favourite films and TV shows.

But of course, the only way to really understand this projector’s amazing performance is to see it in action, and for that you can check out Erin Lawrence’s review on the Best Buy Blog.

Because of all these features, it’s clear that the Epson 4010 home theatre projector will be the star of your entertainment centre. Read on to find out how to enter for your chance to win one!


Entering this contest is easy, but you can only enter once. To enter, you must:

  1. The homepage showing the product menu opened to Movies, TV, and Video Games.Visit and find a movie or TV show that you would want to watch on this projector.
  2. Tell us what movie or TV show you picked out in a comment below this article.


At the end of this contest, we will select 1 winner from all eligible entries. This winner will receive an Epson 4010 Home Theatre Projector.

This contest runs from August 6th until August 20th.

Remember, you only get one entry, but your friends and family can also enter! Be sure to share this contest with a movie or TV lover in your life, as well as with anyone who wants to bring the theatre experience home.

Enter this contest for a chance to win an Epson 4010 Home Theatre Projector Rules and Regulations

Good luck!

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  2. I have just found out I am going to be a Gramma for the first time, so toy story 4 would be my choice of movie. That was my thing with my kids, movies. So I would love to pass that on to my Grandkids but in my backyard under the stars with this projector. I have always wanted one just so I could watch movies outside in the yard on a beautiful night.

  3. All the Star Wars films would look fantastic on this projector!!! I would invite all my family and friends for movie nights so everyone can enjoy it!

  4. Thor (Cinematic Universe Edition) sounds like it would be a really good choice to watch with this projector.

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