The BenQ HT2150ST is a Home Theatre projector that is capable of delivering a 1080p image up to 300” in size. This projector aims to provide an impressive low input lag time and accurate colour reproduction for gamers and home theatre enthusiasts that want an immersive viewing experience. While lower priced data projectors are capable of delivering a bright image, this comes at a cost of colour accuracy. Home Theatre projectors like the HT2150ST are fine tuned for delivering realistic colours and a crisp image. In this review, I will be testing for picture quality and the overall user experience.

Thoughtful and accessible design

This projector features a fairly modern and sleek design. I appreciated the gentle curves, as projectors usually follow a generic pattern of sharp lines and rectangular shapes. The HT2150ST features a variety of adjustable options that can enable you to project at a variety of angles and on uneven surfaces. The projector can also be easily mounted on a ceiling for a more discreet instillation. I also found that the illuminated keys on the remote made it easy to adjust the settings in dark environments.

The features of the BenQ HT2150ST

Modes dedicated to gamers

One of the unique features of this projector is it’s low input lag that can allow gamers to accurately respond to the movements on screen. Input lag occurs when a projector takes time to process the image that is sent from a connected device. When every millisecond can mean the difference between losing a battle and achieving an epic victory, the low input lag on this projector is a meaningful feature for gamers. This projector also features two picture settings that are dedicated for gaming activity. These specific gaming settings are designed to highlight details in both dark and bright scenes. It is really great to see that BenQ has dedicated the time and attention to ensure that gamers have access to a responsive and immersive experience.

Keystone Correction for the best possible image

When the projector is at an angle, the resulting image can appear distorted. This can result in the loss of the widescreen aspect ratio. The HT2150ST features Keystone correction that can be used to compensate for this distortion and preserve the widescreen screen ratio. These corrections can be easily made through the intuitive user interface and through the dedicated button on the remote. This feature can allow you to maintain great picture quality while using the projector at a custom angle that meets your needs.

Impressive lumens rating

A lumens rating is used to measure the potential brightness of a projector. Brightness can effect image quality when the projected image approaches larger sizes. The brightness can also influence how the projector performs in environments that contain varying amounts of light. This projector is rated at 2200 lumens, which is quite impressive for a projector at this price range. Screen brightness can be a very important factor if your space has plenty of unavoidable natural lighting. In testing, the screen was bright enough to be clearly visible with a decent amount of ambient lighting.

Quality Carrying case and Remote Control

The remote features tactile buttons and they also light up. These illuminated buttons
make it much easier to adjust the settings while in dark rooms. The HT2150ST also includes a high quality carrying case that has compartments for any cables, remotes or accessories that are used when travelling. Since the projector is a fairly light weight 8 pounds, it’s quite easy to bring anywhere.

Setting up the BenQ HT2150ST 

Project a large screen even in small rooms

This projector is capable of creating an image up to 300” in size. Screen sizes between 60 – 120” will deliver the best possible picture quality. From approximately 1.5m away, I was able to achieve a display that was about 100” in size. The living room I was projecting in had a limited amount of space and I was still able to experience quite a large screen with such a short projection distance.

Connecting devices

This projector has 2 HDMI inputs and traditional sockets to connect to a computer. It also has a USB port that can be used to charge devices.

Accessible menu and settings

Upon powering the projector for the first time, users are greeted with an intuitive setup process that allows you to easily address the settings that will provide the best picture quality for your needs. I found that the included diagrams and descriptive text did a great job of guiding me through the setup process. Pre-programmed scene selections can also be easily selected for viewing in different environments and situations. There are gaming modes that can enhance details while playing video games and a cinema mode that is optimized for viewing movies. I found that there were distinct differences between the modes and each one delivered a noticeable and valuable difference.

A projection screen can boost picture performance

The white wall I used for projection delivered an enjoyable viewing experience. However, I was able to notice a faint texture from the wall when viewing the projection up close. For home theatre enthusiasts, I would suggest investing in a projection screen to be able to appreciate the full potential of this projector. Projection screens provide a smooth surface that helps the projector deliver more accurate colours and a better overall picture quality.

Using the BenQ HT2150ST

Your personal movie theatre

I found that the HT2150ST delivered a cinematic experience that isn’t possible with a conventional television display. The immense size of the projection provided an immersive experience that felt like being at a movie theatre. With a screen covering my field of view, it was so easy to become transported into the world of the movie. I was really surprised by the level of contrast that this projector was able to produce. Colours were vibrant and popped off the screen. Blacks were deep and the picture was bright and vivid.

Watching movies on the HT2150ST provides a cinematic experience that feels like going to the movie theatre. The projector delivers juicy colours and crisp details. If you are looking to develop a dedicated home theatre space in a basement or separate room, I could easily recommend investing in a projector like this. The atmosphere and immersion is very impressive with the HT2150ST. It feels like it has the power to transform your entertainment space more than any television display is capable of. The only thing that is missing, is built in options for streaming Netflix or YouTube. Having these options would help with simplifying a home theatre setup and would come in handy when bringing the projector to different locations, while using the included carrying case.

Next level gaming experience

The specific gaming mode on this projector delivers a bright and vivid picture. It appears that the gaming mode turns up the brightness, which enables the viewer to see more detail. While testing out the gaming mode with a PS4, I experienced an immersive gaming experience that isn’t possible with a conventional television. The massive screen surrounds you in way that transforms your surroundings and launches you into the world of the game. The low input lag resulted in accurate and synchronized movement on screen and allowed me to play games without any noticeable delay. Other than virtual reality, it’s hard to imagine experiencing a more immersive gaming experience when playing video games on this projector.

Works in a variety of lighting conditions

The main difference when compared to a traditional television, is how it performs in different lighting conditions. While this projector will perform best when used in a very dark environment, I was impressed with how it handled environments with natural and artificial light. The HT2150ST can deliver up to 2200 lumens. This enables the projector to deliver a visible image even when light is present in the room. Projectors with lower lumens have a harder time operating with ambient light and leads to a very washed out image. The quality of the image on the HT2150ST does decrease as more light is present but it still delivers a very useable and clear projection.

The built in speakers are surprisingly good

The performance of the built in speakers will depend on the location of the projector. While testing this projector, it was placed quite close to the seating area. The speakers sounded quite loud and clear at this location. If it’s mounted on a ceiling or further away, it can be harder to hear. This is due to the limited output that these 10W speakers are capable of. Fortunately, the audio output on this projector provides an opportunity to connect a more robust audio system for increased audio performance. The cooling fans produce audible noise, but it’s mostly negligible when accompanied with sound from a movie or video game.

Final thoughts on the BenQ HT2150ST

The BenQ HT2150ST is a home theatre projector that is capable of delivering amazing picture quality for gamers and movie enthusiasts. The vivid colours, impressive brightness, and contrast, deliver an immersive viewing experience. If you are looking to create a home theatre, this projector can easily transform your space with a large projection that no traditional television can come close to in size. Even in smaller spaces, the short projection throw can deliver a very large display. The only downsides are limited picture quality in very bright rooms and a lack of built in streaming options. The BenQ HT2150ST is a great option for those looking to invest in a space dedicated to an immersive home theatre experience.

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