Sound bars are pretty much mandatory when you get a new TV. They’re not upsells. They’re necessary devices to get proper audio quality. That’s because as TVs get thinner and thinner, it’s impossible to build in speakers that have any depth and resonance.

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Sound bars come in all price ranges from inexpensive to premium, and there’s endless choice, so how do you know which one is a good bet for you? Use others’ experience to guide you. These are the top picks for sound bar options as rated by Best Buy customers.

Sony HTCT800 Bluetooth Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Average Best Buy rating: 5/5

You’ll get improved audio quality with booming bass thanks to this Sony sound bar that comes with a wireless subwoofer. The Sony HTCT800 sound bar is a 2.1-channel 350W system that supports 4K video and wireless streaming via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

This sound bar has Sony’s S-Force PRO Surround technology, which mimics theatre-style surround sound.

Here’s what Craig T from London, Ontario had to say:
Sep 05, 2017
The sound bar “exceeded expectations. Great sound, great switching between types of sound (movie, sports, music). Rich bass and enough power.”

Fluance AB40 High Performance Soundbase

Average Best Buy rating: 5/5

Fluance AB40 Soundbase

The Fluance AB40 sound bar is less a bar and more a platform. Made to be placed on furniture, and with the TV set on top, it’s wide and flat so it blends in to the room, while still providing top quality sound.

Fluance says the AB40 High Performance Soundbase provides “truly convincing surround sound.” This sound bar, or sound base has Fluance 3D sound technology which creates an immersive listening experience that sounds bigger. The Fluance AB40 also has another distinct difference; it’s made of wood. The AB40 uses engineered wood for a warmer and more natural sound.

This is what Al from Montreal has to say:
Feb 24, 2017

The Fluance AB40 is, “perfection. Design, Ultimate audio (low-mid-high). The second best to none. Go for it, before it is gone.”

Samsung HW-K360 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Average Best Buy review: 5/5

Samsung’s HW-K360 flat sound bar is a sleek, wall-mountable design with 130 watts of power. This sound bar can be paired with other components to create a dynamic 4.1 channel audio system. Plus the HW-K360 supports Dolby Digital Surround Sound for rich, full sound that can give you a more realistic audio experience.

Here’s what Brandon from Coquitlam, BC thinks:
Sep 20, 2017
“Great buy for price. Works as described and quality sound.”


George from Cote Saint-Luc says:
Jan 19, 2017
“Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a quality product at a very affordable price.”


And Floyd from Toronto had this to say:
Aug 1, 2017

“All good — was a bit apprehensive about what the sound quality would be — but am very pleased. The ability to manage treble/bass/subwoofer levels helps a lot.”

Magnavox MSB4560 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Average Best Buy rating: 5/5

Another 5-star reviewed sound bar is the Magnavox 2.1 sound bar with wireless subwoofer. Connect it to your TV, Blu-ray player, gaming console, or even stream music from your smartphone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth. It supports Dolby Digital audio and offers pre-set sound modes if you want to customize your listening experience.

Here’s what Cheryl from Simcoe, Ontario wrote in her review:
Sep 18, 2017
“Love it! Like being at the theater watching my shows and movies. I have my music playing from my iPhone it is amazing… just love it!!! Sound is amazing! Would highly recommend it!”

Sonos PLAYBASE 5.1 Channel Sound Bar – Black

Average Best Buy rating: 5/5

Sonos is known for its high quality, easy to operate audio systems. The PLAYBASE is no different. Read my review of the Sonos PLAYBASE here.

Like the Fluance, this sound system is a slim, flat base, rather than a bar and it sits underneath the TV, on top of a piece of furniture.

I can’t make a single complaint about the sound of the Sonos Playbase after testing it. It easily fills a room with sound and everything from crashing action scenes to the tinkle of broken glass is crisp clear and enjoyable. We enjoyed the Playbase so much in our home that we’ve actually started talking about upgrading our rather antiquated home theater system to a Sonos 5.1 system.

Pierre from Montreal also raves:
Jun 4, 2017

“WOW! Try it and you will be in love with it.”



Consider this a shortlist for where to start your sound bar shopping at Best Buy. Use the experience and wisdom of previous buyers to guide your purchase.



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