valencia home theatre seating review

A truly great home theatre has more than just a TV and some speakers. In order to really immerse yourself in your entertainment you’ve got to be comfortable. A new way to take your home theatre to the next level is to get high end theatre seating, the kind they have in special adults-only movie theatres. I’m talking about reclining seats, soft leather, and special cupholders and lighting to make it really feel like Hollywood movie night.
I recently had a chance to test out and review Valencia Home Theatre Seating chairs in my home for several weeks.

Preparing for arrival: Valencia Home Theatre Seating

Before the shipment arrives, it’s a good idea so prepare some space. The boxes are big and reasonably heavy, and most deliveries are curbside, meaning you’ll need some help to move them into the house and to your room.valencia home theatre seating review

How to set up Valencia Home Theatre Seating

The first thing you’ll do is unbox the chairs by opening the top flaps, then slowly turning the box upside down, by rolling it like a die. With the open box top safely on the ground, then you can lift the cardboard off the chair and recycle it. Inside are two pieces; the chair base and the back. Remove the protective cloth wrap then move the two pieces to your space.

The back attaches easily by sliding into two clips on the base. It’s in the right spot when you hear it click. Then you’ll connect a series of wires; these will control the lights and basic motorized movements. Follow the directions, which are shipped inside the chair’s armrest.

With all your wires in place, you can plug the chair in and you’re ready to go! Unboxing the chairs took the longest, setting them up took just minutes, and even folks that might ordinarily struggle with Ikea furniture will find these simple to put together.

Depending on the configuration you choose, you may next need to clip the chairs together using the small metal brackets underneath. These will hold the chairs side-by-side, if that’s the configuration option you chose.

Using & adjusting Valencia Home Theatre Seating

The controls for your seat are on one of the cupholders imbedded into the armrest. There’s Power, Lights, and several buttons for adjusting the various seating positions:

  • recline level
  • footrest up/down
  • lumbar support
  • headrest angles

Each of the power-assisted functions can be adjusted in small fractions, so if you only want a bit of lumbar support, you can have it. If you prefer max headrest support, you’ve got it. You can configure your chair to be perfectly comfortable for you.

Separate controls for each chair in the row

Each chair is controlled separately, even if you have a row of seating, so everyone in the family can find their perfect level of comfort, no matter their size.

Are Valencia theatre chairs comfortable?

The chairs come in numerous styles and colours. The ones I’m testing out are black versions of the Tuscany model bu Valencia Home Theatre Seating, which has a nice quilted panel.

These chairs are leather, and Valencia says they use only Top Grain Nappa 11000 leather. Valencia says this means that only the best quality leather is used for seating surfaces and armrests and that results in a more luxurious and more durable chair than the competition. It’s also easy to maintain.

Because the chairs are fully adjustable, they are supremely comfortable, letting you get every aspect of the seating position just right.

Adjust almost anything

The chairs are quite plush and feel well padded. There’s adjustable lumbar support that you control with one of the automatic buttons, and similarly you can angle the headrest until it’s perfect for you. The chairs are roomy too. Built with wood and steel, the chairs feel sturdy and durable, and the leather definitely doesn’t feel delicate or like it would rip.

The Tuscany chairs have armrests which double as storage compartments; just lift the top of the armrest ans there’s about as much room as in a car or truck console. Use it for things like remotes, cables, guides, and anything else you may want to keep handy. Also located in the armrest is a cupholder with soft LED lighting built in, and connected to that is a USB charging port in case you need extra power for your gadgets.

Speaking of lighting, this is another fun feature of these chairs; There’s LED lights also built into the base of the chairs to create a soft glow. It’s not too bright; it’s a good level so your focus can stay on the movie. And if you prefer you can turn them off at showtime.

Valencia Home Theatre Chairs operate silently

You might be thinking, motorized chairs? That sounds loud and annoying. The Valencia Home Theatre seating Tuscany chairs operate silently. There’s a low, soft vibration, but that’s all you can hear. You definitely wont be disturbing anyone if you make adjustments during your program.

Footprint in a room is minimized

These chairs also have an interesting feature that lets you place them relatively close to walls. The chairs don’t need a lot of space to recline, since they almost shift forward instead, meaning you can place them close to a wall, or with another row behind, and not worry about crushing legs, or scratching the wallpaper.

Overall review: Valencia Home Theatre seating

Overall I really enjoyed being able to test out these chairs in my home. They’re comfortable, and fun and give a real high end theatre experience to my space.
I like the soft leather, and love the LED lights. I found the chairs easy to operate, and really like that they move virtually silently.

If you’re looking for comfortable, durable and fun chairs for your home theatre or living area, I can recommend Valencia Home theatre seating.


Erin Lawrence
Editor TV and Home Theatre
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  1. Hello Wendy,

    My name is Jason and I’m on Best Buy’s Marketplace team. I reached out to the Seller on your behalf and was informed that they are unfortunately out of stock of the Tuscany model in a single seater. They expect to have inventory of this item in approx 60 days. We can contact you when it is available.

    Or if you want something more immediately, the Piacenza is available now and uses a Top Grain leather as well. It’s currently on sale for just $899.99:

    Sorry that we couldn’t immediately help you with the product that you wanted but I hope that this info was helpful.


  2. Hi, We are interested in purchasing two single Valencia power recliners rather than the attached two seat recliner that you demonstrate. Is this a possibility? In the video there is a single one, but I cannot find it on the BestBuy site.

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