Bluetooth speakers take on many forms. From tiny handheld devices to more common tablet top speakers, these are now the most popular accessories to smartphones and tablets. The boombox form factor, which turns the speaker into a large yet still mobile sound system, is the next level.

Monster’ SuperStar RAVEBOX Bluetooth Portable Boombox is a modern version of the boomboxes of decades past and is similar to other Monster boombox style speakers. Boomboxes were all-in-one radio, cassette players, with massive speakers and batteries that could power these musical beasts indoors and outdoors. They provided music for outdoor parties, barbecues and break-dancing showdowns. Monster’s RAVEBOX is the largest and latest of the bunch and has a few interesting tricks up its sleeve.

Monster SuperStar RAVEBOX Bluetooth Portable Boombox brings a new type of device into the world of Bluetooth speakers. Out of the box, it becomes apparent that the RAVEBOX is ‘portable’ in name only. This thing weighs over 16 pounds and feels really dense and hefty. You could carry it on your shoulder Boombox style, but you’ll likely need to book an appointment with your chiropractor soon afterwards. This speaker looks a lot like some of the subwoofers people install in their cars.

The Monster SuperStar RAVEBOX Bluetooth Portable Boombox actually looks more like a cannon, or a weapon wielded by a Decepticon and that’s even before you plug it in. Once it is powered-up, there’s an oscillating light crystal that takes whatever music or sound is playing and converts it into pulsing, flashing lights. So, yes, basically a mobile disco complete with lights and sounds for getting down.

Pairing the Monster Superstar Ravebox is easy

Pairing to any smartphone is dead easy by NFC or using the simple pairing process of pressing the Monster logo until it is in pairing mode. You also have the option of plugging in an external device such as an MP3 player, a CD player or a cassette. This versatility is a great feature. While streaming services and MP3s on devices are the norm, many of us have amassed collections of music on various mediums and being able to hook-up old school analog sources to a modern speaker is truly worthwhile.

Since this is basically a big battery and speakers, you can also use it as a charger for your phones or tablets thanks to an included USB port.

Designed with V-Sound technology and an impressive subwoofer, this boombox offers better sound dispersion and booming bass so everyone can hear your music. The bass literally vibrates anything that’s nearby and if you put it on a carpeted floor you will get that clubby thump-thump-thump bass feel, which is remarkable for an all-in-one speaker. 360 degree audio helps ensure sound and detail catch a wider space.

Monster superstar ravebox controls

The Monster SuperStar RAVEBOX Bluetooth Portable Boombox can become the centerpiece of any party and provide enough audio to fill a small house or even a portion of a backyard. The build is rugged and hardy, it will survive placement on any surface. This boombox works best when placed near a wall (to bounce the sound and the lights).

It is a speaker and a portable disco

With one switch, the Monster SuperStar RAVEBOX Bluetooth Portable Boombox goes from speaker to mini-disco. The light kaleidoscope pulses in sync with the beat of your music. I found it accurately changed tempo and style depending on what sort of music you are playing, just like a club.

If you want some frenetic dance music, the Monster SuperStar RAVEBOX Bluetooth Portable Boombox will shower you with pulsing light and various effects. Same for hip-hop, club bangers and EDM cuts. I put my Spotify dance playlist on cross fade and it was like there was a DJ and lights engineer inside the speaker. I see younger users flocking to this speaker in terms of loudness and the coolness factor. Older users might be put off by the size and loudness of the speakers.

There’s a lot going on here. First there speed and brightness of the lights matches what is playing (and apparently the loudness) and there are variations in patterns. You do need to be in a dark room to really appreciate what the Monster SuperStar RAVEBOX can do, although it does add some more energy indoors and outdoors.

As expected, certain types of music seem to benefit more from the lights component of the Monster SuperStar RAVEBOX. Generally upbeat and loud music gets more action with more light effects while slower, more sedate types of music like classical, jazz and R&B simmer down a bit.

For people who have a lot of parties, or who want a great sound companion to take to the cottage or the beach, the Monster SuperStar RAVEBOX is something worth looking at. The audio is loud and can fill up a large area indoors and outdoors.

Monster superstar ravebox

Features that stand out are the Indoor and Outdoor EQ Modes. The rechargeable battery for up to 12 hours of continuous listening. Waterproof and splash-proof design, which will perform wonderfully even in a torrential rainstorm and  the bi-Directional Driver Design with full range drivers in angled 360⁰ orientation plus the Down-Firing Integrated Powered Subwoofer.

Other conveniences include NFC For Quick Pairing with supported smartphones and tablets (no more hunting around the Bluetooth settings). USB Charge Out for quick charging devices while on-the-go.

A.5mm Aux-In, to connect any Audio Source and 3.5mm Microphone Level Input makes the Blaster a portable PA system which is great for tailgate parties or emergencies. Plus the Integrated handle makes the whole kit and caboodle easier to carry.

12-hour battery life

Monster SuperStar RAVEBOX serves the needs of users who want a sound system that’s good to go. Not only does it provide loud and thumping audio you can feel, it is one of the only speakers in this class that boasts a 12-hour battery and some crazy and festive lights that add another dimension to accompany the sound.

If your camp, go outdoors a lot or simply need big sound in a multi-functional package, the Monster SuperStar RAVEBOX may be a good investment, regardless of whether you’re into the lightshow or not. Monster, after all, has really mastered portable audio solutions for today’s users and their modern take on the classic boombox is unlike anything else out there.

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