LG AI Picture Pro

Out of the big TV brands, LG took a step forward this year with an innovative processor upgrade that uses an AI deep learning algorithm to improve your viewing experience. Today I’m going to take a look at the a9 Gen 4 AI processor that powers LG’s newest TVs, and give you a few of the highlights of LG AI Picture Pro and LG AI Sound Pro so you’ll know exactly what you get when you’re upgrading.

Which 2021 LG TVs have the a9 Gen 4 AI processor?

With the LG a9 Gen 4 AI processor on board, you won’t just have a smart TV; you’ll have a TV with AI intelligence. Now in its fourth generation, the a9 Gen 4 AI processor uses a deep learning algorithm that optimizes the picture and sound quality on LG TVs.

Most LG’s 2021 TVs will have the a9 Gen 4 AI processor 4K on board, with one of the exceptions being the LG 8K OLED TVs. Those TVs will still have an a9 processor, but that processor is designed to process 8K images.

LG AI deep learning gives every image an upgrade

a9 gen 4 processor

With the a9 Gen 4 AI processor onboard, your TV is trained to recognize and process large amounts of data. It uses an AI algorithm based on millions of data sets that have been gathered from real-world content. With data available from around the world, the a9 Gen 4 AI processor can instantly recognize, detect original image quality, and enhance each picture so it looks the best it possibly can.

You can think of the a9 Gen 4 AI processor as the ‘brain’ behind the TV, and that’s a pretty apt description because this type of processor really does mimic how your brain works. It can process the data in real-time, so there’s never lag or delay when you’re watching your LG TV. For more information on TV AI processing and deep learning, take a look at my post on Sony’s latest processor.

LG AI Picture Pro

The a9 Gen 4 AI processor uses AI Picture Pro to present the best possible colour, clarity, and detail for everything you watch. It also has a few unique enhancement features you might not know about.

Face, body, and object enhancement

AI Picture Pro does an instant analysis of the data presented and will detect faces, bodies, and other objects in the image. Once it understands what it’s seeing, it will apply instant enhancements so every detail is vivid and as real to life as possible.

Scene enhancement

Thanks to the a9 Gen 4 AI processor, AI Picture Pro has Scene Detection. Instead of you picking up your remote and changing your display to brighter, brighter, or darker based on what you’re watching, LG TVs can recognize those scenes and adjust itself accordingly. It can recognize whether a scene is a building, scenery, or a night view. Scenery gets upscaled with enhancements for detail and colour, while night scenes will be enhanced for brightness and detail.

LG AI Sound Pro

LG AI PIcture Pro a9 Processor

As I mentioned before, the a9 Gen 4 AI processor optimizes both image and sound. AI Sound Pro takes care of audio enhancements, and just like AI Picture Pro, it’s enhanced by an AI algorithm. On an LG TV, you’ll get sound enhancements like Virtual 5.1.2 up-mix. This enhancement brings out the vibrant details in your movie soundtracks so you can hear every whisper, trumpet, or sound effect.

Dialogue is upscaled with Clear Voice, enhancing whoever is speaking so it comes through loud and clear. There is also Auto Volume leveling so your audio remains steady despite any dips and jumps on the video, and Auto Genre selection instantly recognizes and improves sound for movies, sports, and animation.

Who wouldn’t be excited about the latest LG TVs? With the a9 Gen 4 AI processor on board, every movie, home video, and TV show will look spectacular. You can find LG TVs on Best Buy right now.

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