abra work from home headphone reviewWorking from home can be challenging, and it’s hard to feel like you’ve had a productive day if your headphones are dropping calls or they can’t block outside noise when you need to concentrate. I tested out the new Jabra Connect 5t wireless earbuds for flexible work environments, and they’ve been very helpful when working at home. I’m impressed with the long battery life, quick charge pad, and clear calls. They are one of the only earbuds I’ve tested out with buttons right on the earbud, and I love the ANC mode.

Here’s a look at Jabra Connect 5t wireless earbuds for working at home.

Features on Jabra Connect 5t earbuds

Jabra Connect 5t earbuds are truly wireless noise cancelling earbuds with Bluetooth Multipoint so you can connect two devices and switch between them.

  • Earbuds have a pair medium set of ear gels and 3 other sets you can use to customize your fit
  • 6mm drivers for clear audio
  • Hybrid ANC uses six inward and outward microphones to cancel noise
  • You can use one earbud at a time if you’d just like to have one in your ear for calls or video chats
  • Uses Google Fast Pair and Microsoft Swift Pair to connect to Android and Windows
  • IP55-rated construction is splash resistant
  • Offers up to 7 hours of battery life and 28 hours with the charging case
  • Includes a charging cable and a wireless charging pad
  • Buttons on the earbuds let you tap for voice assistant or take a call
  • Jabra app lets you customize your audio

Testing Jabra Connect 5t earbuds

Jabra Connect 5t earbuds are designed for working at home or in other flexible work environments. They have buttons on each earbud you can tap to take a call or access different features. You can also tap the earbud to access your voice assistant, which is great if you’re busy typing or multitasking and you want to make a hands-free call.

Customizing your Jabra Connect 5t earbuds 

jabra headphone review

I used the Jabra Connect 5t earbuds with the medium ear gels at first. After a few days, I switched to a larger set to improve the ANC mode. There are 3 extra ear gels in different sizes you can use to customize your fit.

While they do have Fast pair and Swift Pair for Android and Windows, I had no issues at all pairing them with my iPhone. I connected almost instantly. After downloading the Jabra Connect app I was able to customize the active noise cancelling and learn what the buttons on the sides of the earbuds do.

Taking calls and audio on Jabra Connect 5t earbuds 

Jabra appYou can take calls with one or both earbuds in place, and you can use your phone to answer or press the buttons on the side of the earbud. I’m so impressed with how they work for answering calls, ending calls, rejecting calls, and muting your microphone mid-call.

You just tap one earbud while your phone is ringing and you can pick up the call. I love how the buttons on the earbuds depress so you know you actually tapped them. I’ve used other earbuds with touch controls and have found myself tapping several times to answer a call.

The Jabra Connect 5t earbuds tap once on either ear and you’ve answered the phone. You double-tap again to hang up. You can also tap mid-conversation and mute your call. All of these settings can be customized in the Jabra app.

Calls are easy to pick up and they are very clear. I found the microphone works well. As I took calls during the day I asked whoever I was talking to if my audio was decent and they always said yes. I walked about 20 feet away from my phone and I stayed connected, and I’ve never dropped audio since using these earbuds. I also really appreciate how you can use these earbuds in single earbud mode. Sometimes you just want to have one earbud in so you can still be ready to take a call but you don’t want to block out the world. To activate single earbud mode you just put one earbud back in the case and the other in your ear. The controls work just like they would with two earbuds in.

Jabra Connect 5t earbuds are work-at-home earbuds meant for talking on the phone, but they also have also offer decent sound quality for music. They aren’t meant for anyone into high-fidelity audio, but you can customize your audio output when you’re listening to music to enhance the sound quality. You can even tap your left earbud and start streaming on Spotify.

Hybrid ANC on Jabra Connect 5t earbuds 

jabraFor someone like me who likes to work in silence but also has a very small house with no dedicated area to work in, I absolutely love ANC mode on Jabra Connect 5t earbuds. I can sit on the couch with people coming and going and I can work in peace and quiet. The Jabra Connect 5t earbuds have Hybrid ANC. You can choose complete ANC mode and it will block out all sound. To do so it uses 6 inward and outward-pointing microphones. Once it’s turned on, the silence is almost total.

My husband was sitting right next to me and he kept talking when I tapped it. I could see his mouth moving but his voice was gone. When you tap your earbud again you can activate Hybrid ANC. That lets in some audio while still blocking other noise. You can also turn ANC and Hybrid ANC on and off using the Jabra app. It’s so easy to use you can decide to block out noise and in a second all is quiet in your world.

Battery life and charging options

The battery life on Jabra Connect 5t earbuds is around 7 hours. I kept them in my ears for a full day and they did last approximately that long before they ran out of battery. It’s the perfect timing because most workdays average 8 hours and you take your earbuds out for lunch or breaks.

The storage case holds 28 hours of charge, so you can always put your earbuds back in the case and charge them without needing to plug the case in. I love the included wireless charging pad. You can put the storage case on it and it charges your case and your earbuds at the same time. There is a fast charge feature you can use too. A 10-minute charge on the wireless charge pad and you can listen for an hour before needing to charge again.

Jabra app and sound effects

Jabra app Jabra app Jabra app

The Jabra app is very user-friendly. If you have the ‘Always use’ location settings on the earbuds they will automatically connect with your phone when you open the case or you open the app. I love how you can use the music equalizer to adjust bass, mid-range, and treble. You can also use Music presets including Speech, Bass Boost, and Treble Boost.

By far my favourite feature in the app is the Soundscapes. You can choose different audio to mask the noise around you including Pink noise, White noise, and Diving. I love the Ventilation fan. It’s very soothing. There are also nature sounds including Rainy day and Songbirds. I like to listen to Songbirds in the morning and Rainy day at night. It’s very soothing and gets me in the right frame of mind.

The app also has a feature where you can find your earbuds. It will notify you of the last spot you used them and open a map that marks your current location and the location of the earbuds. You can use the map to walk right to them.

Should you choose Jabra Connect 5t earbuds?

If you work at home and you spend a lot of time talking on the phone or participating in video meetings, you really need a pair of Jabra Connect 5t earbuds. I’m impressed with the audio quality for calls, and music sounds rich and clear too. I’m a huge fan of white noise and I love the built-in soundscapes. They really add something to ANC mode. When it’s on and blocking all of the noise around me, I feel like I’m in a quiet, blissful cocoon that only plays audio I want to hear.

Jabra Connect 5t earbuds are comfortable to wear, have great battery life, and the included wireless charging pad is a huge plus. You can leave them in all day and just tap to take calls. Even if you’re not in a home office or work environment, they are so easy to use you can leave your phone in your pocket and just answer on your earbuds.

You can find the Jabra Connect 5t earbuds at Best Buy right now.

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  1. The ANC feature of the Jabra Connect 5t earphones is my favourite so I can work from home in peace and quiet!

  2. i would love the soundscapes feature as I think it would help me fall asleep and maybe not hear the constant ringing in my ears….would love to try them out for that anyways…

  3. I love that the Earbuds have a pair medium set of ear gels and 3 other sets you can use to customize your fit. Always great when earbuds fit just right!

  4. The one earbud at a time feature would make staying connected to several people at the same time so much easier

  5. I like the Hybrid ANC feature of these earphones – they are great to take with you while out on the road!

  6. The Tactile buttons are a welcome addition to the crazy touch sensitive buds/headphones of the recent generations.
    The touch doesn’t work properly in the cold and makes me yearn for buttons

  7. My favorite thing is that the IP55-rated construction is splash resistant. Since I would wear them while working in my garden that would help because there is usually watering of some sort going on.

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