In order to enjoy 4K TV shows you need a way to get that 4K TV into your home. While many newer TVs have smart streaming built in, some do not, or they don’t have all the streaming channels you might want. And of course there’s always the problem of wanting to access a certain platform’s 4K content (say, Apple TV), but not having it at your fingertips because your 4K TV uses another smart operating system (like Android TV).

A streaming device can help you bridge the gap.

Choose a 4K streaming device

A 4K streaming device can give you access to services like Netflix, YouTube and specialty streaming channels with 4K shows and movies.

It’s important to remember that to enjoy 4K shows, your entire home theatre ecosystem needs to be 4K-ready: you’ll need content that’s made in 4K resolution, a TV screen that’s 4K, plus a 4K Wi-Fi portal (available in many new TVs) or separate streaming device.

4K Streaming: Apple TV 4K

Apple TV’s new 4K model gives you an easy interface to access 4K movies and TV shows. With voice searching capabilities it’s also easy to navigate and having a small remote control inside the box is a nice touch too. Of course you can also control your TV with your phone via the Remote app.

The great thing about 4K Apple TV is its wide array of content: you can access shows from iTunes and apps like Netflix, Hulu, and ESPN.

You can even share photos and videos you take on your iPhone on the big screen.

4K Streaming: Sony Playstation

You know that Sony’s Playstation is an amazing gaming portal, but it’s also got 4K capabilities. The PS4 lets you stream 4K video to your 4K display using your Netflix subscription.PlayStation 4 Pro

Of course, 4K programming requires a separate subscription to a 4K-compatible content streaming service, a strong internet connection, and a compatible 4K TV. It’s a good option if you’re looking for a device that does double duty.

4K Streaming: Roku Ultra

The super easy to use Roku platform has a 4K streamer in its lineup too. With it, you can access a huge selection of entertainment across thousands of free or paid channels, including Netflix, Amazon Video, Google Play, HBO NOW and more.

Roku UltraWith Roku Ultra, you’ll get access to that higher resolution 4K video as well as more vibrant and colourful HDR picture quality.

For even more content options, use the USB port or microSD card slot to play video from memory cards and USB drives. You can also send video, music, and photos to your TV from your mobile device.

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4K Streaming: Google Chromecast Ultra

Google’s Chromecast TV platform has been very popular since its launch just a couple years ago. It works well and it’s quite inexpensive compared to other streaming devices.
It’s also super small and can hide behind your TV for a clean look.

Chromecast Ultra has support for 4K Ultra HD TVs with HDR for better colour, so you can get the most from your home theatre setup. If you’re not sure how to configure it, let Google do the work: Chromecast Ultra automatically optimizes your content for the best picture quality possible.

You can also access content from your mobile device, mirroring your Android phone or laptop on your TV. As Google says, “if you can see it on your phone, you can see it on your TV.”

With voice control too you can say things like, “Ok Google, play Chef’s Table from Netflix on my living room TV,” and sit back and relax.

4K Streaming: Nvidia Shield

Finally, there’s also the Nvidia Shield which lets you access all your Google content and smart home features with Google Assistant, share your Google Photos in 4K, and cast your favorite apps to your TV with Chromecast 4K.

In gorgeous 4K HDR you’ll find all kinds of great content to enjoy, plus with apps like Sling TV you can also see live TV and sports without the mess and stress of a cable box.

Thanks to the Google Assistant you’ve got voice control too: soon you’ll be able to add SmartThings Link to wirelessly connect lights, speakers, thermostats, and more.

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It’s easier than ever to get 4K content at home. Check out one of these 4K streaming devices today at Best Buy.

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