Let’s get real: audio equipment is usually something relegated to “for him” gift guides. I’m not sure why—music is genderless, after all—but it’s something that I see again and again. I’m of the camp that believes everyone deserves a great pair of wireless headphones, though, so here are a few picks for her!

The first thing that you’ll notice about this gift guide is that these headphones aren’t all in pink. (Okay, or white, or silver, or purple). As someone who isn’t a pink-lover, it’s endlessly frustrating to me when products are sold in gendered colours. On the flip side, though? Hand me something in rose gold and I’m yours.

On-ear wireless headphones for her

According to AudioGurus, what makes on-ear headphones so popular is their portability. They’re significantly smaller than over-ear headphones, making them easier to pack and carry with you. Because of their on-ear styling, they also allow more environmental noises in, letting you hear more automobile noises, crosswalk signals, etc.

I’m a wireless earbud kind of person (these ones, specifically), but on-ear headphones would totally be the way I’d go. A wireless option would make them comfortable and easy to get around in, and I definitely feel safer on the streets when I can hear a bit of the sounds around me. I mean—have you ever tried crossing a street when you couldn’t hear the cars? It is terrifying. 

These Beats by Dr. Dre Solo3 wireless headphones offer an unforgettably bright experience in magenta and orange. They connect to iOS devices via Bluetooth, and their rechargeable battery offers a whopping 40 hours of use. (The bigger battery is definitely a perk of choosing on-ear headphones over earbuds!) On-ear controls let you take calls and fiddle with your music, and the cushioned cups look pretty comfortable. The Solo3s have a folding design for extra portability.

Beats by Dr. Dre offers a similar style in their Studio3 Skyline, which adds Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling (Pure ANC) technology to block external noise. It’s something that I’d miss, but a definite upgrade if you spend a lot of time wearing headphones in a noisy environment like a bus or plane.

Over-ear wireless headphones for her

For over-ear options, Skullcandy offers a product that’s wildly well-rated. Over 800 people have reviewed these headphones online at Best Buy (at time of publication), and they get 4.5 stars out of 5 overall. The Skullcandy Hesh 2 Over-Ear Sound Isolating Wireless Headphones are really budget-friendly, with a design that’s a little bit grungey.

The Hesh 2s are wireless with built-in Bluetooth, and their ear pads are made from synthetic leather. 50mm neodymium drivers give the audio a deep bass, and additional sound-isolating technology keeps external noises out. You’ll get a lot less battery for your buck (these last for only 15 hours on a single charge), but the price difference between these and a brand new pair of Beats is huge.

This last pair of wireless headphones for her offers more generalized technology, which I think sets them apart. The Bose SoundLink II Over-Ear Wireless Headphones with Mic can be paired to up to two devices at once—which means you can connect to both your tablet and your smartphone. Taking a study break in the library with a bit of Netflix on your iPad? Cool, you’ll still hear the notifications on your phone. Watching a lecture while waiting for an email from your prof? You’ll get those both; no worries.

Not only can these wireless headphones pair with up to two devices at a time, but it keeps your audio perfectly synced for up to 10 meters. You can set them up with Bluetooth, or tap your NFC-compatible device to automatically pair. The battery offers 15 hours of charge, which isn’t a ton—but it can give you up to 2 hours on a 15 minute quick charge, too. The SoundLink IIs come with an HD Voice microphone and easy to touch on-ear controls, and they fold down into a fold-flat design (with case!)

Your on-ear and over-ear headphones don’t have to come in pink if they’re for her, but if you want them to, they can. Best Buy offers plenty of options for both!

Shop on-ear and over-ear wireless headphones online now at Best Buy. 

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