I’ve reviewed a good number of hoverboards over the past couple of years, but I’ve never before had the opportunity to try out an electric scooter. That all changes today as I’ve got 2 new electric scooter models to show you. There’s the XPRIT Foldable Electric Portable Folding Kick Scooter w/ 6.5″ Wheels and the XPRIT Folding Electric Kick Scooter w/ 8.0″ Wheels. There aren’t a ton of differences between these two scooters, so much of what I’ll say about one will also apply to the other. I’ll explain things as we go along. Let’s get started.

Travel in Style with an XPRIT Electric Scooter

Shown here is the 6.5″ model

If you’d like to become a part of the modern wheeled world by hopping aboard a brand new electric scooter, you’ve certainly come to the right place. The two scooters we’re looking at today (6.5″ and 8.0″ tire sizes) are fun and easy to use, and they’re readily available at Best Buy Canada right now.

These scooters share a number of the same features. For instance, they both have a fold-away design that’s highly portable (and storable), they both have an impressive eight-hour battery life (with built-in LED power level indicator on the handlebars), and both feature a bright LED headlight for riding at dusk or after dark.

Both models are also very solidly built (from a sturdy aluminum alloy) and feature a powerful 350W motor that can achieve a top speed of just under 22 Km/h for each scooter. This, of course, is somewhat dependant on the weight of the rider. In my case (being about 220 pounds), I’m technically too heavy for the 6.5″ model, though well within the maximum weight limit of the 8.0″ model (more on these limited below). Still, I do think that both models might have achieved a faster speed in testing with a lighter rider on board.

From an aesthetic standpoint, both models look very similar—and really cool! The board section, handlebars, and overall design in each case is nearly identical, and they also both have a kickstand for when you need to step off the scooter for a while (see photo above).


They also both charge very easily in about 2-3 hours time via an included charging adaptor (photo at left). Note: The charging adaptor for each scooter is exactly the same and plugs into the scooter just below the board near the back end (next to the on/off switch).


As for differences between these scooters, the 6.5″ model has a maximum weight capacity of roughly 200 pounds, while the 8.0″ model can handle riders weighing up to 264 pounds. I think that this is owing in large part to the 8.0″ model having a very prominent front spring (fork) suspension system to absorb the shock of the extra weight—particularly when going over bumps (photo of springs at right). Both models are also very easy to ride and can transport you approximately 20 Km on a single battery charge (once again, rider weight will factor into the scooter’s maximum distance performance).

Assembly and Testing

We’ll begin with the assembly process for these XPRIT electric scooters (even though there’s very little assembly involved).

What it mostly amounts to is unfolding and securing the folded up scooter and attaching its handlebars. Admittedly, on the 6.5″ model they do have to be threaded through a few other bits and pieces (the break, the accelerator, etc.) and a few (four) bolts tightened, but the only tool you’ll need to get it up and running is the included Allen/hex wrench (shown at right).

The 8.0″ board is even less complicated than that: Its handlebars screw in individually, and all of the other bits and pieces (accelerator, etc.) are already firmly in place before you even begin. Super easy!

Though there wasn’t anything difficult about getting these scooters together and ready for use (aside from a slight issue getting the Allen wrench to fit the bolts on the 6.5-inch model), where the real fun began was when I took to the mean streets of Burnaby to test these bad boys out.

I actually found that my secret parking lot testing location was completely empty (I also took a ride in my back lane), so I got to work seeing how fast I could make these things go—and they’re fast!

Although I’m above the max weight limit for the 6.5″ board and well under for the 8.0″ board, I think they both got pretty close to their 22 Km/h maximum speed.

In fact, the speed actually took some getting used to at first, and the faster I went, the harder it became to steer.

Even so, both scooters were super easy to ride, and I managed to come through all of the testings without any incidents or accidents.

For that matter, I don’t doubt that just about anyone else could easily and confidently handle these scooters as well. After just a few minutes of practice, it becomes as easy as riding a bike.

The board section of each electric scooter is nearly identical

I also found that these scooters are capable of going up a slight incline. I tried them on a fairly steep hill at first with no luck, but later I got to try them on an incline that I would estimate as being about 10-15 degrees, and although they did slow down a good bit, there was ultimately no stopping them.

XPRIT Electric Scooter
The red lever/trigger on the left is the brake, while the one on the right is the accelerator

As for the accelerator and brake levers, they’re both easy to use and work very well. Truly, pretty much everything about these scooters works very well, and I suspect that most people will likely have as much fun with them as I did.

If your objective is to use them for getting to work, the gym, or anywhere else you might need to go (within reason, that is), I think you’ll be quite happy with these XPRIT electric scooters. They’re very impressive machines!

Examining the Video Evidence

I’ve put together a brief video overview to show you these XPRIT electric scooters up close and in action. Most of the footage you’ll see is of the 6.5″ scooter as the two models look and behave so much alike. Please take a few minutes to watch the video so you can get a better idea of what it’s actually like to ride these scooters:

Final Thoughts

There really isn’t much to complain about with either one of these XPRIT electric scooters: They’re easy to set up, easy to ride, and a whole lot of fun. In fact, I had an absolute blast testing them, and I found them a good bit easier to ride than any of the hoverboards I’ve tested in the past. This is mainly because with scooters you’ve got something to hold onto, and that makes them a lot easier to balance on. In fact, if balance is an issue for you, an electric scooter just might be the perfect alternative to a hoverboard. You really can’t go wrong.


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