Today’s blog is all about bicycles. More specifically, we’re exploring what types of bicycles are available at Best Buy. With Springtime well underway and Summer right around the corner, now is the time to begin thinking about getting outside and getting some exercise on your bicycle. However, there are still many among us that don’t yet own our own bicycle. If you are a member of that group (as am I), then after reading today’s article, you should have some pretty good leads on what your next bike might be. Read on if you’re ready to get out and get riding!


Mountain Bikes

If you’re the type of cyclist that enjoys adventurous riding, you’ll probably be eyeing a rough and tumble mountain bike—maybe something like this men’s Titan Glacier Pro 48.2 cm 21-Speed Mountain Bike. These types of bikes are so tough and durable that they’re capable of going practically anywhere, and the Titan Glacier is no exception. With its 21-speed gear system, 19″ dual suspension steel frame, front disc and rear V-brakes, 26″ alloy wheels and crank arms (not to mention handlebars), and an adjustable seat that’s built for comfort through any circumstances, this rough and ready bicycle is primed and prepared to meet any challenge head on, and win! If you enjoy riding through foothills, tackling back woods trails, or blasting full speed ahead to the top of the nearest mountain, the Titan Glacier or any of its ilk is exactly the kind of bicycle that you need. This bike isn’t just for anyone. You need an adventurer’s spirit, reasonable conditioning, and a full day off from work to make the most of this supreme riding machine. If you think you’re up for that kind of a challenge, then this bike is your perfect off road companion.



Perhaps you’re more of the easy going type—cool, calm, and laid back? If so, possibly the most straightforward kind of bicycle that Best Buy offers (and the best choice for you) is the standard cruiser, of which the Titan Docksider 43.1 cm Cruiser Bike is a very fine example. This particular bike is a lady’s model with an 18″ steel frame, 26″ alloy wheels with front and rear alloy hubs, and a very comfortable spring-loaded seat that’s both extra wide (for added comfort) and fully adjustable to suit the height of the rider. As a single speed bicycle, this model is perfect for going on a pleasure cruise all around your local neighbourhood or just for getting some solid exercise on a nice Spring day. I wouldn’t necessarily advise using it for riding up large hills (since it has no gear down option), but on a nice flat road it’s sure to provide a very pleasant ride.


Electric Bicycles

If you have a lot of hills in your area, maybe you could use a little uphill assistance? This is just one of the areas in which an electric assist bike can be a serious benefit to anyone with a love of Springtime cycling. Among the many great electric bicycle models currently available at Best Buy is the Goccia Holiday 53cm 7 Speed Electric Bike. With this bike you can either do all of the pedalling yourself (regular bike style), or rely on the pedal assist feature to help you get up those nasty hills. The pedal assist feature employs the power of a 36V battery to help make the pedalling easier. Alternatively, you can go full throttle in electric mode so that you don’t have to do any pedalling at all, which is great for those times when your love of exploration has taken you just a little too far from home and you don’t have the energy to get back.

Other great features of the Goccia Holiday are its 7 different speeds (with 4 different power levels), its convenient inclusion of easy to control front and rear lights, it’s ability to carry a rider of up to 249+ pounds, and its top (assisted) speed of 32 Km/h (which is sure to get you back home in plenty of time for supper), just to name a few. If you’re thinking about testing the waters with an electric assist bicycle this Spring and Summer, Best Buy has numerous other models as well, so there’s sure to be something for everyone.


Bikes for Kids

Finally, we must include something for the younger folks to ride. For those ages 7 and up (or measuring between 104cm and 165cm in height), there’s this very cool recumbent bicycle called the Mobo Triton Ultimate 3-Wheeled Cruiser. Recently, recumbent bikes have been becoming more and more popular among cyclists in general, as apparently they place less pressure on the rider’s back during use. This particular model features the standard recumbent ergonomic seat design that allows you to assume a natural sitting position while pedalling. It also includes dual joystick steering (featuring hand caliper brakes), a 3-wheeled design, and a low centre of gravity. With such features in place, this bike is far more stable and less likely to tip over than your standard 2-wheeler. In fact, it’s a really great way for new cyclists to learn how to ride. It can even carry a total weight of up to 485 pounds (not that it would ever need to), so you know it’s built sturdy and strong!


How to Buy a Bike at Best Buy

If you’re considering getting a bicycle from Best Buy, there are a couple of things you really ought to know beforehand. First, you’ll need to order your bicycle online, as that is the only way to purchase a bicycle from Best Buy at this time. Second, there may be some assembly required when you first receive the bike. This is usually the case with bicycles that have to be shipped to the customer—they generally come in a cardboard box and will usually need at least a few of the bits and pieces to be assembled by the recipient. Although bicycle assembly is typically not a big or difficult job, it’s good to know about it ahead of time as the phrase “some assembly required” may be off-putting to some.


And that’s the story for bicycles at Best Buy. If you’re thinking about getting out and enjoying the weather this Spring and Summer on a brand new bicycle, you certainly can’t go wrong by visiting Best Buy online and checking out their complete selection of available models first. Enjoy the hunt your your perfect model, and happy riding!


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