Do you have a rec room in your home? If you do, then lucky you! But if you don’t, or if your existing room is in need of some minor renovations, then reading today’s blog is a keen use of your time! And that’s because today it’s all about redoing (i.e., updating) your rec room for 2019 with great new games that are sure to make your rec room the place to be in your home. Read on for several useful suggestions and to begin planning your own rec room upgrade now.


Rec Room Renovation 2019

The first suggestion I have for your games room redo is a must have in any rec room worth its salt. It’s the standard of rooms both good and bad, and of pubs and activity centres everywhere. It’s a good old-fashioned dart backboard (didn’t see that one coming, did you?). In fact, it’s the handsome Hathaway Dart Backboard, and it’s ready to protect your wall from holes due to stray darts while simultaneously classing up the place with its sophisticated and stylish design. Let’s face it, if you already have a rec room, you probably already have a dart board, but unless you have a backboard, your walls have likely already suffered the consequences. And if by some chance you don’t already have a dart board, get one of those too and really bring home that classic rec room feeling.


Another suggestion I have for you, I have because this is Canada, and by golly we love our hockey! Thus, why not take the competition up a few notches with this amazing Hathaway 41″ Breakaway Dome Hockey Table? I had a much less cool one of these when I was growing up, and I absolutely loved it. In fact, when me and my friends couldn’t be outside doing the real thing due to nasty weather conditions or some other stumbling block, we were most likely inside playing table top hockey. Of course, we never had the luxury of a clear, shatter-proof, polycarbonate dome when we played, but that’s exactly what this model comes with. The dome swings open when necessary (such as for cleaning), and you’re guaranteed never to lose the puck again when someone makes a wild, straight up in the air shot. Add to all of that a pair of high quality 3/4 inch hockey pucks and an electronic scoreboard with LED lighting and classic hockey sound effects, and you’ve got one first-rate table hockey game!


Third up on my list of excellent rec room options is the gorgeous Hathaway Augusta 96″ Billiard Table. This traditional billiards table measures 8 feet in length and offers high quality materials such as its solid maple hardwood top rails (with inlaid diamond sites) and tournament-style fast-action K-66 gum rubber cushions.

This table also features a beautiful burgundy “maple veneer” top covering, colour-blended deluxe shield pockets, and amazingly detailed legs offering exceptional table stability in the form of transition plate technology.

Also included here are all the necessities you’ll ever need to enjoy the beloved game. This includes a pair of 57-inch cues (made in 2 pieces), 16 regulation balls (precision made to a size of 2.25-inches), one racking triangle, one aluminum bridge head, one bridge stick (also 2 pieces), one rail brush, and some felt-matching cue chalk.

Enjoy this table for hours on end as you hone your skills and have a great time with friends.


Another fun item to consider for your upgrade is a rec room classic—the Foosball Table. These tables have been extremely popular for a very long time, and Best Buy has an excellent selection of them. The one that really caught my eye was the Hathaway Dynasty 54″ Foosball Table, which is a sturdy and attractive model that’s sure to look great in any rec room. This particular table also features 13 (ABS) players per team (in a 3 goalie configuration) who are skewered upon chrome-plated half-inch steel rods with contoured ABS grips adorning one of their extremities (for easy handling and control) and rotating on E-Z spin bearings that make moving your players a breeze. Also present are built-in goal boxes, abacus-style slide counters for keeping score, and a pair of foosballs. Although I have never owned a foosball table myself, this is certainly the sort of example that I would like to have. It’s just the kind of table that a proper rec room deserves!

Before we move on to the next complete section, I think it bears mentioning that many people would likely enjoy either a nice selection of board games, or even casino games, in their rec room. If this sounds like you, there’s an absolute heap to pick from simply by following either of the above links.

And the beauty of these kinds of games is that they require neither an acre of space to enjoy, nor a permanent setup like a billiards table. Of course, you will need some kind of a table to play them on, but any old table will do, and it will serve you well for a multitude of different board and casino games.


Finally, what rec room would be complete without a sporty, fold-up, ping pong table? The Hathaway Victory 108″ Ping Pong Table is just the thing if you want to work up a bit more of a sweat than darts, billiards, and board games afford.

This particular apparatus comes complete with a first-rate table assembly, a blue net and posts, a pair of ping pong paddles, and 3 bouncy balls. In fact, this table is designated “Tournament Grade”, meaning it adheres to the International Table Tennis Federation’s highest standards for an indoor table tennis setup. Very cool!

Additional features include an independent and adjustable system for stabilizing the legs, 5 inch locking wheels that keep the table firmly in place during play yet allow for easy movement when it comes time for storage (not to mention that the entire table folds up to store in less space), and a specially treated playing surface (with 20 layers of coating) that provides consistency and uniformity to every bounce of the ball. Table tennis, anyone?


While we could certainly go on, I think that there’s enough here to chew on with respect to planning your next big rec room upgrade. Find these and many other great Rec Room Games and amenities at Best Buy Canada online today.


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