Star Wars toys keep getting better with each new movie. Two years ago, when “The Force Awakens” introduced the cute droid BB-8, Sphero introduced their incredibly accurate working version of the droid. Star Wars toys are an integral aspect of the experience: many of us grew up playing with them. So with a new movie arriving this year, Best Buy will help ensure this tradition continues by giving away almost $4000 worth of Star Wars toys in this contest! Which one are you dying to add to your collection?

Star Wars toys are not just for kids

Star Wars toys were always the coolest thing around. When we were kids they were cool, and nothing has change: kids today still love them. Interestingly, adults still love them too. They are not just for collectors either. I’ve met many adults who either still have Star Wars toys from when they were a kid, or ones they’ve acquired more recently.

I have a shiny silver Millennium Falcon that I think is great. It sits next to my computer at Best Buy’s head office. I used to have this massive tie fighter (shown in the image on the right) at my desk too. Unfortunately, our office was recently rearranged and it had to be moved. If I was to choose one of the newest toys as a replacement it would definitely be the Propel Speeder Bike Drone shown in the image at the top.

Boost your Star Wars collection with one contest entry

Few people have the dedication, and the good fortune, to have a large collection of Star Wars toys. Enter this contest and that will change. We will give away 2 great collections of this year’s new Star Wars toys as shown here:


Each of these prize packages has intelligent droids, exciting and fun drones, and the just announced, augmented reality wonder: Jedi Challenges—I bet this will be the hottest new toy for Christmas this year!

How to enter

As with all contests on the Best Buy blog, entering is easy. You can enter only once. In a comment below this article, tell us which one of the Star Wars toys in this contest prize is your favourite and why (you must tell us why it’s your favourite).

What you can win

We will randomly choose 2 winners from all eligible entries. One person will be awarded Prize A shown above, and the other will be awarded Prize B. Each prize is worth approximately $1880.

This contest runs from October 20th until November 2nd, 2017.

Remember you can only enter once. With prizes this fantastic, I suggest you increase your chances by telling all of your friends and family to enter too, and propose if any of your win you share the prize! Use the share buttons below to easily post the contest on your social channels.

Good Luck!

Win Star Wars Toys Rules and Regulations


  1. Definitely the Propel Star Wars Speeder Bike Battling Quadcopter Drone! Imagine playing with all my buddies, that would be so cool.

  2. My Favorite is darth vader because it has nice details in the movie I love hearing his breathing voice

  3. The Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenges would be a big hit in my house. It would let my kids move around while playing video games instead of just sitting.

  4. The Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges would be a big hit in my house. Especially if Darth Vader is involved. He has been an active character in my house since my son discovered Star Wars.

  5. Sphero Star Wars R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid (R201FCA) is my favourite due to the voice recognition and LED lights is what I would love to have too

    Why? Learning to master the art of lightsaber duels would be pretty cool

  7. Light saber duels in VR against Kylo Red? Sign me up. The Jedi Challenges VR Headset is definitely #1 for us. My son would go bananas for it too. Daddy’s turn kiddo!

  8. The V-tech smart watch would be my favourite star wars toy as it has both practical and fun applications and best of all it is my favourite color ORANGE!

  9. The SPHERO STAR WARS R2-D2 APP-ENABLED DROID would be my favourite. I love the character and the Holographic Simulation feature allows you to explore the many secrets of the vast Star Wars galaxy. A great item.

  10. The STAR WARS BB8 RC would be my favourite. I always wanted my own droid and this is lifelike in size. It also has a follow me mode, along with voice recognition and remote control capabilities. I would love to try all the features.

  11. I’m a huge fan and would really like the LENOVO STAR WARS: JEDI CHALLENGES bundle. I played all the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight/Force Unleashed games, so being able to swing a lightsaber around, even in AR, would be awesome!

  12. I would love to win one of the star wars ship drones. I took Television Broadcasting last year and filming with a drone is something that’s really popular.

    I’ve been a fan of star wars since i was a little boy and it’s all i think about. I love every single movie that i know most of the lines in each episode. I even have a darth vader tattoo showing my love for this beloved franchise.

    In short, i would love to win all of it. Because star wars.

  13. My two sons (and of course myself) would spend hours with the Sphero R2-D2. How cool would it be to own your very own R2?

  14. I have been a Star Wars fan since the first movie in 1977 and it would be cool to add either of these prizes to my Star Wars collection

  15. I love any on the interactive droids. I’ve loved R2D2 since I was a little kid. This package would be amazing <3

  16. I would love the Sphero Star Wars BB-9E App-Enabled Droid. It looks like it would be so much fun to play with it and I know my son and daughter would love driving him around the house. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  17. UBTech Stormtrooper is pretty cool, and would be a lot of fun playing and learning with my children who are stormtrooper obsessed!

  18. BB8 would definitely be my favorite along with R2D2 , Thank you so much for the chance to be entered in this giveaway !

  19. Definitely the SPHERO STAR WARS R2-D2 APP-ENABLED DROID. Who hasn’t wanted their own R2 since they were a kid?!

  20. I like the Spin Master Star Wars BB-8 Interactive Droid because who doesn’t want their own droid!

  21. PRIZE A- Little bits star wars inventor kit for the win!! Would love to show my son to build/put together his 1st toy!! This will build a great bond between us and this toy will bring memories till he grows up because he is currently watching all the Star Wars movies. Star Wars will ALWAYS be the “in” thing and these gadgets will be great antiques 50 years from now.

  22. I am old school. It has to be the, Sphero Star Wars R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid (R201FCA) – White/Blue, for me. I wants it!!

  23. I have been a HUGE FAN OF STAR WARS since I was 4 years old!!! I AM THE GIRL THAT DRESSES UP AS PRINCESS LEILA FOR MOVIE PREMIERES!! Prize A or B would be a dream come true!! The prize pack B has the Propel SW Speeder Bike drone!!! This will keep me active outside even in the chilly weather creeping up and this is a thrilling experience to place my hands on!! would love to show all my cousins and nephews how AWESOME Best Buy is to buy these coolest gadgets the market has to offer!!!

  24. I would love to give this to my grandson for christmas. He has wanted one for a couple of years. Spin Master Star Wars BB-8 Interactive Droid.

  25. My kids would love the Propel RC Star Wars TIE Advanced Starfighter Battling quadcopter. At flying speeds of up to 35 mph, this fighter is FAST! Drones are the future!!

  26. The R2BT Robot looks awesome! Really one of the best things about Star Wars! I’d love to win it!

  27. Any of the Sphero toys would be the favourite in our house — the ability to program them using the sphero apps makes them more than just remote controlled toys!

  28. The Jedi Challenges would definitely be a Christmas gift my daughter and i would enjoy. We love interactive toys.

  29. I really like the Spin Master Star Wars BB-8 Interactive Droid. The Follow Me mode prompts BB-8 to loyally roll beside a person looks like a lot of fun to use on oneself or with family

  30. The Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is my favourite because, instead of fighting with my lightsaber in my imagination as I have for years and years, I could dazzle in Augmented Reality. How cool is that?

  31. The Sphero Star Wars R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid is my favourite because he’s always been my favourite and I love that it has vibrant LED lights

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