Airselphie Airpix Aerial Camera

If you love documenting life’s good times, then perhaps you could use a flying camera to help you capture those moments? Maybe you’ve already been thinking of picking up a capable selfie drone that you can take with you virtually anywhere? If so, then today’s blog is definitely for you. It’s all about the Airselfie AirPix Quadcopter Drone with Camera, which is now available for preorder and will be landing at Best Buy on May 6th. This impressive little drone is sure to put flying cameras on your radar if they weren’t there already. Read on for all the details and specs of this amazing aerial camera.

Meet the Airselphie Airpix Aerial Camera

The first thing you’ll notice about the Airselphie Airpix Aerial Camera (particularly if you check out the photo immediately below) is just how tiny this quadcopter drone is. In fact, this drone can easily fit in your pocket, making it fully portable, and yet it can still shoot brilliant 12MP photos and equally impressive 1080p HD video. And, thanks to a special smart phone app that you can use it with, you can edit those photos like a pro and share them with friends and family on social media. In fact, you can even livestream your footage on YouTube or facebook if you like.


Airselphie Airpix Aerial Camera

As for flight features, the Airselphie Airpix is well equipped in that area too. In fact, it has a very cool auto-fly feature that self-launches at the press of a button, meaning it’s easy for virtually anyone to use. Smooth air flight stabilization is another great feature that will allow you to get smooth video and images with every flight. And with a maximum flight altitude of just 18.29m, you won’t have to worry about flyaways with this flying camera (though using it outside in windy conditions may prove troublesome). 18.29m also just happens to be the range of this unit’s transmitter.

The ideal use for a drone like this is probably indoors at parties, family gatherings, and the like—pretty much any event where you want to document the festivities with photos and video. But beware, the flight time with the Airselphie Airpix is just 6 minutes, which isn’t really unusual for such a small drone, but it does mean that you’ll have to get your photos quickly. Luckily this flying camera will help you out in that area with a feature called Capture Me facial tracking. This feature means that the camera will stay focused on the subject of your shot so you won’t have to waste precious flight time making adjustments.


Though lacking a few of the highly advanced features of today’s professional photography drones, the Airselfie AirPix is certainly an impressive little unit. At a fraction of the cost of one of its professional counterparts, this drone packs enormous value into its tiny frame. I would say that a drone like this is not a replacement for a larger flying camera, but an excellent companion device to be used in tighter quarters such as indoors/in small rooms. With it you can get footage and photographs of family and friends at all your future gatherings.

The Airselfie AirPix Quadcopter Drone with Camera may be a very small camera, but it makes a very big impression. You can preorder yours now at Best Buy!

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