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DC Comics Pixel Pals come to Best Buy

As a lifelong DC Comics’ reader, there’s never been a more exciting time to be a fan. With movies like Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad, and video games like Injustice, DC’s Universe has exploded into the mainstream. If you’re passionate about DC like me, there’s a new way to show our enthusiasm for the world to see!

With PDP’s brand new line of DC Comics Pixel Pals you can display your enthusiasm for all things DC. These collectible pixel-art figures will brighten up your living room, bedroom, or office with their stylish light-up glow. Pixel Pals are a series of 8-bit inspired figures celebrating beloved icons of pop culture. To my delight, I was given the opportunity to try out five new DC Comics Pixel Pals on the blog!

DC Comics Pixel Pals

Here is the list (with BestBuy.ca links) of the new Pixel Pals I tried out:

In terms of dimensions and weight, all Pixel Pals figures are approximately:

  • 16cm (6 in.) high
  • 11cm (4.2 in.) wide
  • 9cm (3.5 in.) deep
  • 200 grams in weight

In order to use the light up feature you’ll need two AAA batteries, as they’re not included. Pixel Pals are recommended for ages 14 and up.

Pixel Pals The Joker

Unique light-up collectibles

More and more these days I love building up my collection of figures to display on my living room shelf. From amiibos, to Skylanders, to the latest LEGO Dimensions toys, I enjoy collecting them all. Pixel Pals are the perfect addition with their gorgeous retro 8-bit presentation and ultra-stylish designs.

What really sets Pixel Pals apart though is their ability to turn into luminous nightlights. Using two AAA batteries and flipping a switch at the back you can light up the figures with dazzling colour. This makes the figures ideal to use as a decorative accent or light on your night stand. They’re fun to admire and look at, and can double as neat lamps too!

Stylish design

Pixel Pals Wonder Woman

As a gamer, it’s easy to appreciate the pixel art designs as well. Each figure is comprised of hundreds of individual pixels that all light up when turned on. From Joker’s green tie and orange shirt, to Superman’s flowing red cape, all the important character details are included. During my unboxing of these figures I was surprised at just how tall they are, and how sturdy they feel.

In terms of build quality, Pixel Pals are made of ABS plastic, the same type used to produce LEGO bricks. It gives them a strong casing to survive small bumps or drops should they happen. But of course the figures look beautiful, so do your best to be very careful. If you’re a collector, keeping them inside the packaging is another option. Speaking of packaging—it includes the character’s logo and colours, and overall the boxes look great.

Pixel Pals Superman

One tip I have is to use a decorative placemat should you want the figures directly on your shelf. That way you’ll avoid scratch lines on the base of the figure, and on your shelf too. When turned on, Pixel Pals do emit a tiny amount of heat but nothing you should be too concerned about. Also be aware that since they use AAA batteries, you’ll need to keep mindful of how long they’re lit up.

Now that I’ve gone over what Pixel Pals are, let’s take a closer look at the five new DC figures!

Pixel Pals The JokerThe Joker

Figure #: 014

The Joker is one of the most notorious supervillains, so it’s quite apropos he has an evil eye and smirk. The attention to detail on Joker is superb, from his green necktie, to his orange shirt, to his yellow flower.

The real treat though comes when you light up The Joker. His hair’s two shades of green add nice volume, and his piercing red smile gets highlighted. You’ll also notice his navy shoes will pop out and separate from the purple of his outfit.

Joker is also the only DC Comics Pixel Pal that looks to the left (the rest are right-facing.) This lets you place Joker and Harley Quinn side-by-side if you enjoy seeing them all couple-y. The duo look great together, so if you plan on getting one, I highly recommend buying the other as well!

Pixel Pals Harley QuinnHarley Quinn

Figure #: 015

While Harley Quinn is a relatively new character compared to the likes of Joker or Batman, she’s quickly become a fan-favourite. This version of Harley wears her iconic red and black jester outfit, complete with a diamond pattern. The diamonds appear as square pixels, so you’ll have to use a bit of imagination though!

I like the overall look of Harley Quinn, however, I wish there were a bit more details on her face. The white make-up takes away from her eyes and gives her a pale, washed look. It’s better when you light her up, though, as her grey eyes pop out from all that surrounding white.

Pixel Pals The FlashThe Flash

Figure #: 027

The Flash has long been one of my favourite DC Comics superheroes, and he’s faithfully recreated here. This 8-bit version of Flash features his signature mask wings, yellow boots, and lightning bolt chest symbol.

Lighting up Flash is a real joy as his red suit becomes really vibrant, as does his yellow belt and white eyes. The Flash looks ready for business with his macho pose, another aspect I really like. Supervillains, beware!

Pixel Pals Wonder WomanWonder Woman

Figure #: 028

The warrior princess Wonder Woman is one of the best looking of the bunch. There are plenty of small details on her, including her metal bracelets, blue star shorts, and golden tiara.

All these colours really pop out when you light her up, and she looks fantastic sitting next to her super-powered pal, Superman. The only part that’s missing is her Lasso of Truth, but I guess it’s hard to fit every last detail in using only pixels!

Pixel Pals SupermanSuperman

Figure #: 029

Superman, being one of the most iconic superheroes of the bunch, really stands out with his flowing red cape. He’s got all the features you’d expect, like the centre S-logo, blue outfit, and short black hair. Speaking of his hair, I enjoyed the subtle touch of having a lock of hair fall over his forehead.

Lighting up Superman lets you see his primary colours of blue, red, and yellow with some nice vibrancy. Overall he’s a pretty safe character—Superman looks pretty much how you’d expect him to.

Final thoughts

Overall, the DC Comics Pixel Pals are undeniably awesome. With so many models available, you can pick up all your favourite characters from the new line. They would also be amazing holiday gifts for the superhero fans on your list. Pixel Pals look amazing in a variety of places, from your nightstand, to your display shelf, to your personal office space. If you need a good stocking stuffer, Pixel Pals could be it!

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