ipad%20hdx_zpsy14qndgt.jpgZAGG is the leading mobile device accessories company known for their InvisibleShield line of protective screen protectors made from various materials and geared to protect tablets, smartphones and now even wearables. ZAGG’s latest line of InvisibleShield products are available exclusively in Best Buy stores nationwide and on BestBuy.ca

Layers of durability and scratch resistance

ZAGG offers high-quality accessories and products for mobile devices. While they are known for their keyboard products for tablets as well as their iFrogz smartphone cases.

One of their biggest and most iconic products is their InvisibleShield series of screen protectors which add layers of durability and scratch resistance to various products.

InvisibleShield screen protectors come in various types of materials and are geared for scratch and shatter-resistance but also focus on enabling great viewing angles and optics under various conditions. 

A range of solutions and materials

Some solutions, like the HD Glass, offer high-grade glass than enables touch-sensitivity while blocking UV light for better viewing under even the brightest outdoor conditions.

“As a leader in protective films for handheld electronics, ZAGG is always looking to include new and creative features to our flagship product, the InvisibleShield,” said Kent Wuthrich, executive vice president of product management and development for ZAGG. “We are very excited to introduce our Blue Light Eye Guard filter and antimicrobial surface through our partners at Best Buy.”


Exclusive to Best Buy, three new lines of ZAGG InvisibleShield HD products are coming to Best Buy which will be available for various smartphones, tablets and other devices, the new InvisibleShield lines are:

  • ZAGG InvisibleShield HD Glass protects with durable, high-grade tempered glass that provides a smooth, precision-touch sensitivity and a crystal clear image. It also includes Blue Light Eye Guard that helps block blue UV light, which can be harmful to eyes, and when viewed in the hours before bed, can interfere with sleep. The Blue Light Eye Guard maintains HD clarity and preserves a crisp, natural look.  
  • ZAGG InvisibleShield HDX Defense combines the scratch protection of the InvisibleShield and adds advanced, 3X shatter protection for a device screen. The film features antimicrobial additives that help reduce the buildup of microbial growth on the surface of the screen protector.   
  • ZAGG InvisibleShield HD Clear is an ultra-clear and ultra-durable protective film that combines military grade scratch protection with advanced clarity that preserves every pixel. Featuring advanced clarity, the InvisibleShield HD Clear provides 100% light transmission with self-healing Nano-Memory Technology.

en-INTL-L-ZAGG-Invisibleshield-Screen-Nokia-520-C9F-00141-mnco.jpgFor users looking for convenient protection without the bulk of a case, the ZAGG InvisibleShield screen protectors are ideal for maintaining extra layers of protection, better viewing qualities as well as resistance to scratches and cracks that might result from wear and tear.

A good investment for field and multlple users

This is a good investment for devices that will see a lot of field use, be handled by various users or clients and that are expected to work in various conditions and climates.

The ZAGG InvisibleShield line can be found exclusively at Best Buy stores nationwide and on BestBuy.ca, and will be available for the latest smartphones and tablets.

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  1. I’ve got the initial InvisibleShield on my iPhone 6 and wouldn’t go back to any other style of screen protector after that one. I might just make the upgrade to the HDX Defense if/when the other one starts to show signs of wear.

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