What do you get the person who has everything? Tough question, but if they have a smartphone—and chances are they do—checking that name off your holiday shopping list just got easier. Mobile phone accessories offer virtually unlimited gift ideas with options to fit any budget. They range from high tech to high fashion and everything in between. Here are some suggestions for holiday gifts that are certain to make their mobile phone even better sure to please.

Bluetooth headset.jpgBluetooth Headset

While some people use their smartphone for texting, web surfing, snapping pics or playing games—anything but talking—there are a lot of people who also use their smartphone as a phone. To have a verbal conversation. 

Bluetooth headsets make that experience on a mobile phone a whole lot better. The latest Bluetooth models are unobtrusive (a combo speaker/microphone slips discreetly over an ear), comfortable to wear and offer advanced technology like noise cancellation to eliminate background noise. They’re wireless, so the smartphone doesn’t have to be in hand for a call, and offer hours of talking on a charge.

If you have a mobile talker on your list, you can bet a Bluetooth headset will be appreciated, especially if they have a phablet (trust me, holding a nearly tablet-sized slab of glass up to your ear for a phone call quickly gets old).

JBL Pulse.jpgWireless Speakers

While I’m on the topic of Bluetooth, there’s another great use for this wireless technology: streaming music. 

Smartphone manufacturers include a basic built-in speaker (sometimes even stereo speakers) on their devices, but they’re pretty basic—fine for alerts, not so hot for playing music or when used as a speakerphone.

Bluetooth speakers to the rescue, one of the most requested gifts this year. Whether you’re looking for a basic wireless speaker to enhance conference calls, a compact battery powered portable for tunes on-the-go, or a high-powered replacement for a home stereo system, you can find a Bluetooth speaker to do the job. 

The big names in consumer electronics all have their own Bluetooth speakers—Beats, JBL, Bose, Sony and Samsung to name a few—and the cool thing is you don’t have to worry about compatibility. It’s hard to find a smartphone that doesn’t support Bluetooth and because this is a universal standard, your choice isn’t tied to a specific brand. Easy gift giving that makes a smartphone even better!

There are hundreds for Bluetooth speakers to choose from, but one that’s caught my eye lately is the Pulse by JBL. Good sound, decent battery life and a series of programmable LED lights that means the person who receives this as a gift doesn’t just become a smartphone-powered mobile DJ, they’re a complete mobile disco.


When it comes to sharing music, a Bluetooth speaker is great. But there are many times when someone just wants to listen to music (or watch a movie, or listen to an audio book) on their smartphone by themselves. Fortunately, most smartphones come with ear buds.

headphones 2.jpg

Unfortunately, most of those earbuds are on the lower end of the audio quality spectrum.

But that’s good news for you, because it means you can add earbuds or headphones to your list of gift ideas. On-ear, over-ear, in-ear, noise-cancelling, Bose, Beats, Monster, Sennheiser, Skullcandy—there are hundreds to choose from which means there’s a perfect pair out there for any smartphone owner on your list.

You can even choose Bluetooth headphones for a listening experience without the annoyance of wires. 

Case.jpgProtective Cases

Another great gift for the smartphone owner in your life is a protective case. 

The cool thing about these cases is that they’re essentially accessories. They can be easily switched depending on need, mood or even to match an outfit. My wife has two go-to options she alternates between for her iPhone: a sparkly one that shows off the gold trim of the phone, and a bulkier protective case with a built-in battery that extends the time between charges to three days.

I usually end up with four or five different cases for any smartphone I own. If I’m camping, I want some pretty serious protection, a rugged case like an Otterbox Defender. When I want to go minimalist and reserved, I usually snap on the Apple Leather Hard Shell.

You can find smartphone cases in every colour—of combination of colours—imaginable. Some have team logos, some offer additional features (like that battery case I mentioned earlier) and there are also options from top fashion designers like Kate Spade.

The point is, smart phone cases make great gifts and just because someone already has one, that doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate another.

And a Whole Lot More

When I say “a whole lot more” I’m not exaggerating. I don’t have anywhere near enough space to cover all the smartphone accessories that make great gift ideas. Here are a few more examples of the sort of options you have when gift-shopping for a smartphone owner:

  • A smartphone app-enabled toy like a remote-controlled car, boat or even a drone—because video games are just the start of the fun you can have with a smartphone.

PArrot Drone.jpg

  • Someone who uses their smartphone to snap photos might be interested in a Wi-Fi enabled inkjet printer, capable of printing high quality photos directly from their mobile phone.
  • Screen protection is welcome insurance for the most fragile part of a smartphone, the display. ClearPlex is a great option that’s customized for their smartphone and includes installation.
  • Wearables like smartwatches and fitness trackers are hot this year. If you want a gift that makes their smartphone better than ever, pairing it with a wearable is a great way to do so. 
  • The great fear of many smartphone owners—especially the hardcore users who seldom put their mobile phone down—is running out of battery power. Portable battery packs (many small enough to slip in a purse or even attach to a keychain) make sure power is never a concern. A car charger means every road trip is an opportunity to recharge instead of yet another cause for battery anxiety.


And the list goes on. It doesn’t matter how difficult someone on your holiday gift list is to shop for, if they use a smartphone your job just got a lot easier. 

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