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The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2 reveal on October 20th unveiled a vibrant world of customization and collaboration. With new editions of existing products like their Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Buds2, Galaxy Watch4 and a hands-on look at their One UI 4, Galaxy Unpacked 2 showed off a mix of fun and functionality.

Here’s a summary of everything that was unwrapped at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2.

Galaxy Z Flip Bespoke Edition

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2 – Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Watch 4: Bespoke edition

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is already host to a healthy suite of features, including a 6.7” Infinity Flex Display, a Dynamic 2x 1080×2636 AMOLED display, dual 12 MP Ultra Wide and Wide Angle Cameras and even an available 1.9” Super AMOLED Cover Screen Display when your phone is closed. More information about the Galaxy Z Flip 3 can be found at this blog.

The Bespoke edition allows you to take your colour preferences a step further through 5 different colour panels, 2 different hinge colour options and 49 total colour combinations. You can then customize those panels and snap a case over it to create that fully “you” look.

If you’d like to take it a step further with your Galaxy Watch 4, a Bespoke Edition is also available featuring 12 different watch strap colour and composition (leather or sport) possibilities.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Watch 4 Bespoke Edition will be available to order on on October 20th.

Samsung Galaxy Maison Kitsuné Galaxy Watches

Samsung x Maison Kitsuné collaboration

A collaboration between Samsung and Paris-based Maison Kitsuné was also revealed during Galaxy Unpacked 2. This collaboration sees Maison Kitsuné’s fox come to life in special editions of the Galaxy Watch4 and the Galaxy Buds2.

A new colour hue (Moonrock Beige) was specifically created for the Watch and the Buds, and the collaboration doesn’t stop there! Maison Kitsuné is also a record label and has created a custom playlist to match the look and feel of these new products, and users will also get access to a phone theme by purchasing either product.

For more information about the classic Galaxy Watch4, please have a look at Ted Kritsonis’ review. Ted also reviewed the Galaxy Buds2, which can be viewed by clicking here.

Both Maison Kitsuné collaborations will be available in limited quantities to Canadians on

Samsung One UI 4

Samsung One UI 4 Video reveal

Samsung also provided a further video reveal of the One UI 4, which is slated to be released on October 26th to bolster the suite of features available with Android 12. The One UI 4 beta has already revealed great features like your ability to customize the look and feel of your user experience, including colour themes, your home screen and more. One UI 4 also comes with a better picture in picture and split screen experience, as well as new features for your video calls. At Galaxy Unpacked 2, we got to see the fun side of One UI 4.

In the video demo, a young artist is inspired by her high school basketball team and works together with a friend to design video signs for the next game. Using her different Samsung devices (which work in tandem as a multi-screen display,) she takes her ideas and her friend’s graphics and puts them together in one. She then shares her ideas out, which the students display on their devices. It’s quite a neat reveal video which you can see here.

At the heart of this entire experience is you, the user, in Samsung’s overall message and desire to create (as they’ve said themselves) “Technology that works together to make life easier.” While the October 20th reveal focused on Mobile, the entire ecosystem includes all of Samsung’s Smart Devices, all of which communicate back and forth through the Samsung SmartThings app.

If you’re interested in the traditional Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Buds2 and Galaxy Watch4, they’re all now available at Best Buy. Comment below and tell me what your favourite part of Unpacked 2 was! I’m really interested in seeing and hearing more about what One UI 4 is capable of!

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  1. Loving the whole concept of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, especially the photo features. Everything you need in this phone. No more carrying camera for wide angle shots

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