Griffin-iPhone-5-5s-Waterproof-Case.jpgLet’s face it, smartphones and tablets are severely limited by their lack of water and snow resistance. No matter how beautiful or well-constructed your device is, all it takes is a dip in water or an unfortunate tumble down a snow bank to render it useless.

If you engage in winter sports, have a very active lifestyle, or are simply clumsy with your things, getting a rainproof and snowproof case to protect your device isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity.

Accidents happen and once winter rolls around, there are more variables in the air than we care to deal with. Most smartphones can’t take water or snow, some even have embedded sensors that will show technicians if they’ve been immersed or dunked in water. This will void your warranty and cost a lot of money to fix or, most likely, replace.

LifeProof fre Smartphone Cases 

10382999.jpgFew brands have the reputation and customer loyalty enjoyed by LifeProof. Their cases make it possible for devices to face everyday hazards head-on with a case that’s waterproof, drop proof, and scratch proof.

The hard shell offers streamlined access to all exterior functions, including Touch ID and volume control, while the built-in screen shields the vivid retina display touchscreen.

The fitted shell keeps your devices waterproof, snow proof, dirt proof, and shock proof while a built-in scratch-resistant screen protector keeps the device’s touchscreen accessible

An anti-reflective optical-glass over the camera lens keeps photos crystal-clear. Best of all, LifeProof cases aren’t overly bulky or heavy and manage to straddle the line between protection and practicality.

OtterBox Defender Rugged Case


OtterBox Defender offers the ultimate in protection from the bumps and scrapes. Made of durable synthetic rubber with an internal foam cushion and built-in screen protector, it keeps your prized possession safe from impact and your touchscreen free of dust and scratches.

These are rugged cases with built-in screen protector guards against drops, bumps, dust and scratches.

Plus a durable synthetic rubber slip cover wraps around the internal polycarbonate shell to absorb and deflect impact away from the device inside Includes shield stand for added touchscreen protection during transport.

I like the two-level protection offered by OtterBox Defender, which is widely accepted as the go-to case for using mobile devices in rugged conditions.

 Griffin Survivor Rugged Cases


Griffin’s Survivor line of rugged case are made with with shatter-resistant polycarbonate, shock-absorbing silicone, and feature a built-in screen protector, this Survivor case will protect your devices from extreme environmental conditions, namely dust, sand, rain, shock, and vibration.

Most cases include hinged plugs to seal the dock connector, a headphone port, switches and volume control. Unique to the Survivor line is the Integral Display shield which deflects wind and rain at a parameter of up to 200mm per hour. For really extreme conditions blown sand and dust are blocked by sealed ports at a parameter of 18m per second. 

Pelican Fitted Hard Plastic Rugged Shell Case

10297433_1.jpgWith the Pelican ProGear Vault case, you can take your iPad mini on-the-go with confidence. The impact-absorbing case offers screen protection and a protective seal against water and dust. When opened, it allows you full access to your device, and can be converted into a stand for easel viewing.

Ideal for tablets and smartphones, the Pelican cases feature a rubber edge seal  that effectively blocks out rain, snow and dust. For tablets like the iPad and iPad mini, an aircraft grade aluminum hinge holds the cover for multiple viewing angles.

Many of these cases meet Military Specifications Test Standards (MIL-STD 810G) for a 4 ft. (1.2m) drop.

Finally, these cases provide IP54-rated water resistance,  for momentary immersion, and wind-driven rain.

These are just some of the rainproof and snowproof mobile accessory cases available at Best Buy.


Gadjo Sevilla
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