A number of different factors can affect the quality of one’s sleep. If you’re like most people, you probably sleep soundly enough most nights, but overall could use a more consistently restful slumber. To help improve the overall quality and consistency of your sleep, the focus of today’s blog is smart home sleep technology and other useful products that combine to contribute to a great night’s sleep. This list includes items that can help enhance your sleep’s restfulness both directly (aiding in the sleep itself) and indirectly (by giving you peace of mind while you doze).


Smart Home Sleep Technology


When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, few considerations could outweigh the value of a good quality pillow. For this reason, today we explore the qualities of the ZEEQ Smart Pillow. I haven’t experienced one of these pillows for myself yet, but just consider its many features and benefits: Tencel botanic fabric (which is a natural, hypoallergenic fibre that possesses moisture-wicking and heat-regulating and properties); A memory foam pillow core (for the ultimate in comfort); A built-in sound system that lets you (and only you) listen to whatever you want as you sleep or just lay back and relax (there’s even a built-in timer to automatically turn it off after you’ve fallen asleep); And special motion sensors that track the quality of your sleep through the night (via your movements) and then send the collected data to a special app (called the REM-Fit App) for you to analyze on your iOS or Android based smart phone. That’s quite a mouthful for a product that is, after all, just a pillow. But I guess that maybe saying “just a pillow” doesn’t quite do this thing justice. Particularly when considering its built-in snore alarm that vibrates when a certain predetermined snoring sound level is reached (thus prompting you to change your sleeping position to stifle the snoring), and its ability to work with other smart home devices to create IFTTT scenarios. Honestly, the features of this amazing pillow just go on and on. I’m half tempted to pick one up myself and give it a go!


Another smart product that will help you sleep better at night is the Nightingale Smart Sleep System – 2 Pack. This brilliant system is designed to conceal potentially disruptive sounds (whether in your room or coming from outside) that could keep you up at night. Moreover, it blankets your bed chamber in soothing sounds that will help you to sleep better. In clinical testing, the Nightingale Smart Sleep System helped users to fall asleep 38% faster than when they weren’t using the system. As if this wasn’t already impressive enough, the Nightingale is also compatible with popular smart home ecosystems like Connect with Nest and Google Home, and it can work with with other smart home products (like Philips Hue Lights) via IFTTT functionality as well. The product I linked to above is the premium edition, meaning it includes 2 Nightingale systems in one box. This allows you to use both devices together to blanket a bedroom of up to 300 square feet in glorious (and soothing) ambient sounds. If your bedroom is smaller (150 square feet or less), you may find that a single Nightingale system works just fine. However, I have read various user reviews suggesting that 2 systems is highly preferable for the best possible effect, which is why I included the 2 pack here.


If peace of mind throughout the night is key to your ability to get a good night’s sleep, you’ll also want to pick up a specialized toxin detector such as the Nest Protect Wi-Fi Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm. Detectors such as this one can absolutely, 100% save your life and the lives of everyone under your roof. When it comes to toxins like carbon monoxide, there’s really no fooling around. You can neither smell this deadly gas, nor otherwise detect it—and your lungs will just feel like they’re breathing breathing normal, refreshing air. Many times, people begin to get light headed and lose their ability to think properly when exposed to carbon monoxide, and by the time it’s taken its effect, it’s too late to realize that you’re in trouble. This is why a carbon monoxide detector is so important, to say nothing of the value of a quality smoke detector in case of a house fire. Moreover, Nest Protect is truly the ideal system. The great thing about the Nest Protect is that it’s smart enough to know the degree of the problem that’s occurring. In other words, if it only detects a small amount of smoke or carbon monoxide, it’ll let you know what’s going on without sending everyone in the house into a blind panic. However, if the circumstances are of a more dire or emergency nature, Nest Protect will let you know that as well, with full red light flashing and audible alarm. Other features of Nest Protect include easy and convenient connectivity with your smart phone, connected safety inspections, constant monitoring of its battery level, and easy installation, just to name a few.

Finally, what better source for peace of mind while you sleep at night than a home security camera to keep watch over your home and property? Consider this 4 piece NETGEAR Arlo Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Security System, for instance. Boasting 4x720p cameras and a ton of great features, this Arlo Security System can protect your family both indoors and out all through the night. Among its best qualities are the fact that each camera is 100% wire free, they offer wide angle (130 degrees) views of everything in their field of vision, they’ve got an all-weather design that assures you of great outdoor performance any time of the year, and they even provide convenient motion alerts if movement is detected by their all-seeing eye. Better still, their night vision capabilities make seeing in the dark an absolute breeze for these cameras, so if there’s anyone foolish enough to trespass on (or in) your property, you’ll easily catch them in the act.

Clearly there’s more to getting a good night’s sleep than simply laying your head down. With today’s smart home sleep technology (and related) products, peace of mind and a good night’s sleep—every single night, is finally close at hand.

For more great sleep technology solutions, visit Best Buy’s Sleep Tech page and be sure to take it easy!

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