Now is the time of year for Spring cleaning, and with Spring cleaning often comes minor (and sometimes major) renovations. Whether you’re looking to redecorate your home entirely as part of a larger renovation, or you merely want to add a few new and interesting furnishings to your home’s existing layout, today’s blog article (all about Smart Décor & Furniture) is sure to spark a good bit of inspiration to help you get started. Once you’ve discovered the kinds of interesting items you can adorn your modern home with, you’ll not only be prepared to update its existing style, but you’ll also be able to enhance its overall intelligence. And that’s because today’s most stylish décor is smart décor, meaning that from now on your most interesting furnishings will be your connected furnishings. Not quite sure exactly what I mean or what such a renovation entails? Read on to learn all about it!


Why Consider Smart Décor?

Whether or not you ought to consider adding smart décor to you home is likely to be determined by whether or not you’re already embracing smart home technology more generally. In other words, if you enjoy smart home products and have already started developing your connected home, then it absolutely makes sense to add smart décor into the mix. If, alternatively, you haven’t quite ventured into the world of smart home products yet, you may not see much point in beginning your journey specifically with smart décor. If you’re just now starting out with your own connected home, it might make more sense to begin with other types of products such as smart home security items and smart voice assistants. You can always add smart décor into the mix once your smart home setup really starts to take off.


Popular Smart Décor Furnishings

The first piece of furniture I want to discuss is without a doubt the most impressive coffee table I have ever seen. It’s the Sobro Smart Coffee Table with Refrigerated Drawer, and its numerous features are truly impressive! This coffee table can not only keep your food and drinks cold (in its roomy and fully temperature adjustable refrigerated drawer), but it can also stream your favourite music or TV audio through its dual Bluetooth speakers, charge up your devices via its 2 USB ports and 4 standard (110V) power outlets, and create the perfect party atmosphere with its underside LED lighting.

That’s right, this amazing coffee table has all of that and more. Its refrigerated drawer (powered by a built-in compressor) can hold up to 32 cans of your favourite beverage—keeping them cool and ever ready for consumption so you won’t have to waste time traveling back and forth to the kitchen. What’s more, the Sobro Coffee Table also looks great, with its tempered glass top and availability in 3 attractive colours (black, white, and wood). Measuring 109.6cm long x 44.5cm high and with a depth of 58cm, this coffee table is the perfect size for any living room, games room, or den, and its built-in storage drawers provide an ideal location to store your various remote controls, magazines, gaming controllers, whatever!


Another interesting option is the Meural V2 27 Inch Digital Canvas Frame, which is a beautiful and dynamic picture frame that allows you to display everything from the world’s greatest works of art to your own personal photos. I reviewed one of these frames for the blog a few months ago and was highly impressed with it. Unfortunately, the version I reviewed (floating Lightbox design) now seems to have been discontinued, but you can still learn a lot by reading my review, and other framing styles are still available (such as the black, white, and walnut frame versions). In any case, the Meural Digital Canvas offers some absolutely incredible features, such as access to many many thousands of works of art and photography (last I heard, there were over 30,000 works available). Of course, you can always display your own photos as well if you like. And when you do, these images will be displayed in 27 inch Full HD glory (1080p) at 300 cd/m2 brightness using Meural’s TrueArt Technology for a truly lifelike appearance. Even in a brightly lit room, your art will look organic and lifelike, making for a spectacular viewing experience every single time. Imagine how impressed your guests will be!

Other features of the Meural Digital Canvas Frame include gesture based controls (i.e., waving your hand to change the image you’re viewing), app-based control via the dedicated Meural App (freely downloadable to your smart device, providing instant access to heaps of new art work), and auto-rotation functionality (basically meaning that you can easily switch the orientation of your frame to display works of art in either portrait or landscape mode). To top it all off, the Meural Digital Frame is durably made from sustainably sourced poplar hardwood for great beauty and a long lifetime of use.


Finally, let’s take a look at the Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm Smarter LED Light Panel Kit—a set that includes 9 RGBW Smart LED panels, 1 controlling device, and various other components (such as panel linkers and a power supply unit). What’s really great about this kit is that it senses whatever music you’re listening to and turns your Nanoleaf lighting into an amazing audiovisual display that rocks out to the music in truly impressive fashion. In other words, with this kit you can bring a club-like atmosphere directly into your home, which is perfect for those times when you might like to host a great party with music and dancing (then again, maybe you’d prefer to just keep the good times to yourself?). Whatever the case, Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm includes both voice and app-based control (as well as time triggers) with which to set its whopping 16.7 million colour palette to rocking and rolling. The Nanaoleaf Smarter Series App (which is compatible with both iOS and Android based devices) allows you to create stunning light shows and audio visual effects that will simply blow your mind. Once you install the Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm Smarter LED Light Panel Kit in your home, listening to your favourite music will never be the same again!


And that’s our look at some of today’s finest smart décor with which you can decorate your home during this year’s Spring cleaning/renovation. I really wanted to include a smart Bluetooth mirror that I tested a few months ago as well, but unfortunaely it seems to have been discontinued. It was very cool because it had an amazing anti-fogging feature, played music, and even allowed you to make a Bluetooth phone call while shaving or applying your makeup. It was pretty awesome, and is definitely the sort of smart décor item that one should keep an eye out for at Best Buy. You never know, it may yet come back.

To keep your options open and a frequent eye out, visit Best Buy online today for all of your Smart Décor and Furniture needs.