Ring Smart Lighting In Canada

Ring devices like Ring Doorbell, Ring Cams, and Ring Alarm all work great on their own, but when you add several different Ring devices together you can protect every part of your home. Now that Ring has launched its own range of outdoor smart lights and accessories, protecting the outside of your home will be even easier.

Ring Smart Lights are triggered by motion. You can install Ring pathway lights, spotlights, floodlights, and step lights. When you connect them together using the Ring Bridge, they will all sync and turn on whenever motion is detected. They are the perfect way to light up your home when you drive in the driveway at night, or they can flood your backyard with light if someone walks into your yard that shouldn’t be there.

Ring Smart Lights are available for pre-order right now. Here’s a quick look at the latest devices from Ring.

Ring Pathlight Smart LED Light

Ring Smart Lights Available in Canada

Ring Pathway LightThe Ring Pathlight Smart LED Light is the perfect way to light up your yard’s pathways. While it looks a lot like a standard pathway light, this smart light will light up when motion is detected and shine 80 lumens of bright light with 3500K colour temperature.

You can add multiple Ring Pathlights and connect them together using the Ring Bridge, and the Bridge will allow you to connect all of your other Ring devices to your path lights too.

Ring Bridge for Ring Smart Lights

Ring Bridge for Ring Smart LightsRing Bridge connects all of your Ring devices so they work together. It unlocks smart controls for your Ring smart lights, letting you receive notifications if motion is detected and adjust settings via the Ring App. With the Ring Bridge, you can pair or group your lights, and they can be set to all turn on when motion is detected.

Ring Bridge will connect your lights to your Ring Doorbell and Ring Cams, and it will activate them when motion is detected. It will also link your smart lights to any Alexa-enabled devices in your home so you can use voice control.

Ring Spotlight Smart LED with Ring Bridge

Ring Spot Light Smart Lighitng

Ring Spotlight Smart LightsA lot of people will take steps to improve their home security by adding motion-sensor lights outside their home, but Ring Spotlight Smart LED lights go one step further. They light up when motion is sensed in high traffic areas outside your home and shine 400 lumens of bright light with 3500k colour temperature.

You can pre-order a pack of two Ring Spotlight Smart LED lights that come with the Ring Bridge, so your lights will send you notifications, connect to your Ring doorbells, and work with Alexa-based devices for voice-control.

Ring Floodlight Wired and Wire-Free

Ring Pathway Lights and Ring Floodlights

Ring FloodlightRing Floodlight lets you flood an area outside your home with bright, white light. It will be available in a wired and wire-free version, letting you plug it in near an outlet or place it in an isolated spot far away from power.

Ring Floodlight Wired will give you 2000 lumens of bright light, while the Ring Floodlight Wire-free will offer 600 lumens when motion is detected. Whether you choose the Wired or Wire-free version, you’ll be able to connect your Floodlight to the Ring Bridge and enjoy smart notifications, device linking, and voice control.

Ring Steplight

Ring Steplight now in Canada

Ring Steplight Smart LIght

Want a way to see your stairs or deck in the dark? Ring Steplight is a battery-powered light that shines on your steps when motion is detected.

Just like all Ring Smart Lights, you can use the Ring Bridge with Ring Steplight and enable smart controls.

Ring Outdoor Motion Sensor

Ring Motion SensorThe Ring Motion Sensor pairs with the Ring Bridge to activate your Smart Lights, Doorbells, and Ring cameras when motion is detected. It’s a supplemental motion sensor for your Ring devices, and it will extend the range of your Smart Lights and other devices so they work even faster.

Take a look at all of the Ring Outdoor lights available for pre-order right now, and get ready for Ring devices to light up the outside of your home.

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