Philips Hue have revolutionized home lighting. We all grew up with few real lighting options in our home. Light on the ceiling, switch on the wall. On or off. In a few cases it may have had a dimmer switch, but that was rare. That light in the lamp brightens a room with the flick of a switch. That’s been a simple, convenient way to illuminate dark spaces inside and out. However, Philips Hue has increased the convenience exponentially. Increase the flexibility of home lighting, and even made home lighting fun! Enter our Philips Hue lights contest and find out for yourself how easily you can transform rooms in your home with Philips Hue.

Imagine what you can do with Philips Hue 

I’m amazed at some of the creative applications people have found for Philips Hue. They installed light strips under counters and furniture for cool, colourful effects. They’ve added Philips Hue outdoors for safety, and for fun during festive days: go orange at the end of October, red and green in December!

People have also taken advantage of how other smart tech “plays nice” with Philips Hue. So you can control your lights using any smartphone since it works with Android and Apple products, or control with your voice using Google home or Amazon Echo—as I wish all tech was!

Importantly, Philips Hue is not just a colourful add-on to your existing “normal lighting.” In fact, you may be surprised that most of those ordinary lights in your home can be replaced with smart, multi-functional Philips Hue lights. Imagine you walk into the kitchen at 2:00 in the morning and you simply say, “Alexa, turn kitchen lights on at 20%,” and you have soft lighting as you let the dog outside. Or you drive home and as you approach the driveway, your outside lights, and inside light, turn on automatically!
Philips LED Mirror prize in Philips hue lights contest at Best Buy

Explore what’s possible with Philips Hue

This Philips Hue lights contest will give 4 lucky winners the opportunity to explore how Philips Hue can transform their home. Each winner will a prize package that includes a selection of 4 new Philips Hue lights for their home. The prizes include wall lights, ceiling light, table lights—there’s even an outdoor light strip. Some of the lights enable you to choose from a whole rainbow of colours; others are designed for soft or bright illumination. And there are a variety of styles in the prize list, including a Philips Hue Integrated LED Smart Wall Mirror.


Entering this contest is really easy but you can only enter once. First, explore the variety of Philips Hue lights available at Best Buy. Then, in a comment below this article, tell us which Philips Hue light is your favourite and where you would put it in your home.


At the end of this contest, we will randomly select four winners who will each win one of four Philips Hue prize packages (see Rules and Regulations for prize details). The total value of all prizes is over $3250.

This contest runs from Nov 29th until December 12th, 2018.

Remember you can only enter once. However, increase your chances to win new Philips Hue lighting by making a deal with friends and family: if you win they get to choose one item from your prize; if they win, you get to do the same.

Win Philips Hue lights Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck!

We frequently have many contests running at Best Buy so check out the “contests in progress” page for more great contests to enter.


  1. I just love the Philips Hue Being Pendant White Ambience LED Smart Suspension Fixture. It looks so smart and classy, and I would love to use it for the perfect dinner party lighting, especially for the holidays. Slightly bright and cooler white for daytime and then warmer and dimmer as festivities continue into the evening. Wonderful addition to a special evening with family and friends.

  2. The Hue Ascend Wall Lamp would go great in my bedroom for reading books (especially to my kids) or working on my laptop or tablet. I could adjust the shade and dimness according to the task and it would be wonderful to do it from something so sleek and modern looking.

  3. I really like the White Ambiance Fair Dimmable LED Smart Suspension Fixture in Aluminium. I think it would look really neat over our dining table.

  4. I would use the Smart LED Outdoor Light Strip to make the front of our house more festive for the holiday season

  5. The Philips Hue Adore White Ambiance Integrated LED Smart Wall Mirror is super sleek and would look amazing in my foyer!

  6. Philips Hue Adore White Ambiance Integrated LED Smart Wall Mirror is awesome. I would love to see it in my main bathroom.

  7. I would love the Philips White Ambiance Hue Wellness Table Lamp. I would place it on my bedside table. I cannot think of a more pleasant way to be woken up than by the gradual increase of light emanating from this lamp that imitates natural sunlight!

  8. I love the Philips Hue Adore White Ambience Integrated LED Smart Ceiling Light. I would surely install this in my living room. I’m currently seeking to install Philips lights in various areas of my home. I love that when we are away I can press a button and just like that my house is bright, great for the dog! Happy Holidays!

  9. Gotta say I really like the Philips Hue Play Smart LED Light Bar Kit its one of my favorites and such an easy way to add some background lighting would love to add this to my background on my desk when filming

  10. I would like to spruce up our living room lighting with the Philips Hue A19 Smart LED Light Bulb Starter Kit with Dimmer Switch

  11. The floor lamp would go nicely in the living room since the one we have is partially broken and doesn’t always work.

  12. The outdoor light strip is my favorite. I’d set it up on my mom’s deck to really help spruce up the whole atmosphere back there!

  13. Wireless dimmer switch is my favourite I would put it in the family room, as we use this room the most.

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