Arlo security cameras can help make any home more secure, whether you are home or away from home. The peace of mind you get while you are sleeping is nothing compared to the calm you feel while on holidays, still able to see your home with the app on your phone or tablet. They are a versatile and reliable way to be aware of everything happening near your home. This is especially true of the Arlo camera bundles, like the Essential bundle we are giving away in this contest. Learn more about how this bundle is essential for travellers, then enter for a chance to win one.

Why prowlers don’t like Arlo cameras

Last week, a neighbour posted on our community Facebook page that he had a prowler on his property the previous night. His dog was “yapping like crazy” he said and he saw the back of a dark figure running down his driveway. He had no idea who it was and could not give much of a description. I’m sure this particular prowler didn’t like that this property had a dog. However, they would have really hated if it had Arlo cameras capturing a crystal clear picture on video that could be instantly shared with neighbours and with the police.

The Arlo Essential camera bundle we are giving away gives better security than a dog for many reasons. A dog might bark, which might potentially scare off an intruder (but not always since brazen thieves might not care if a dog is inside the house). However, when the camera suddenly illuminates the area, the natural first thing to do is to look into the light. At that instant the thief knows they have been captured on video, and that video has already been sent to the cloud. There is nothing they can do at that point. Another reason that this bundle is better than a dog is because it comes with four cameras, for equally strong security coverage at multiple sites in or around your home. Lastly, this security is equally strong even if you and your dog are not home. While you are on holidays, your dog may be with a friend or family member. Your cameras, however, are placed at essential locations around your home: they’re wireless so you will move them around as you please inside and outside your home. You can access the footage, and share clear HD video of nasty prowlers, no matter where you are in the world.

Rethink what is essential for your next trip so you don’t forget anything

Forgetting is normal, it’s human—but it’s also frustrating! Preparation is the key to a vacation with everything essential taken care of. Will you be travelling somewhere this spring or summer? Check out our travel buying guide well before you leave to help you prepare. Our intention was to make it broad enough so that it could help as many people as possible. That article has five sections to help you focus on the many things you might want to consider before your next trip. You’ll noticed, that the last section is about home security: often this is the last thing people think about. Hopefully one lasting impact you get from entering this contest, whether you win the Arlo Essential camera bundle prize or not, is that you take care of home security well before your next trip. 

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in three different ways

  1. In a comment below, tell us which one you would rather have, a guard dog, an arlo camera system, or both and explain why.
  2. First visit the Best Buy blog Travel Buying Guide, then return here and in a second comment below this contest article, tell us at least two essential things mentioned in the buying guide that you think most people tend to forget before going on a trip.
  3. For another entry, visit the Arlo Essential camera bundle page at and find the “Specifications” section as shown in the image on the right. In an email to, with the subject line Arlo camera contest, tell us what is the missing information in the image here (what should it say instead of the question mark).

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we’ll randomly select one winner from all eligible entries to receive a new Arlo Essential camera bundle with four cameras included.

This contest runs from March 28th until April 11th.

Remember you can enter this contest in three different ways. Do you know anyone who will be travelling soon? Tell them to enter this contest and make a deal with them: if they win, they take two cameras and you take the other two!

Win an Arlo Essential smart home camera bundle Rules and Regulations

Good Luck!

Martin Renaud
Editor in Chief
Martin loves working with the talented editors and writers on the Best Buy Blog as Editor-in-Chief. During his spare time he is either working on his next novel, cooking up a masterpiece in the kitchen, or adding some smart tech to his new home on Mayne Island in British Columbia.


  1. What a choice. I’d love the dog for companionship but the Arlo Camera would work better for me.

  2. The two essential things mentioned in the buying guide that most people tend to forget before going on a trip is Power Bank and Travel Power Adapter

  3. The two essential things mentioned in the buying guide that most people tend to forget before going on a trip is Power Bank and Travel Power Adapter

  4. The two essential things mentioned in the buying guide that most people tend to forget before going on a trip is Power Bank and Travel Power Adapter

  5. The two essential things mentioned in the buying guide that most people tend to forget before going on a trip is Power Bank and Travel Power Adapter

  6. I would rather have an Arlo Security System as you don’t have to feed it or take it for a walk and clean up after it

  7. I would rather have a arlo camera than a dog
    cameras dont have pee/poop accidents, vomit, and are not easily fooled by a stranger with a yummy treat or steak.

  8. I would prefer both! Dogs are great companions and can keep you safe when technology fails. Plus you can take a dog with you.

  9. I would rather have the an arlo camera system instead of a guard dog for several reasons including (but not limited to)
    You don’t have to walk or feed the arlo camera system.
    If you go on vacation you can leave the arlo camera system; with a dog you have to have someone move in or send the dog to a kennel or friends house and then there is no monitoring of the house.
    The guard dog can’t describe the person or people who tried to break in but the the camera system you have a picture

  10. I would rather have an Arlo camera than a dog. A camera will protect your home while on holidays. A dog can’t be left alone.

  11. I would rather have both the Arlo camera security system than a guard dog since you don’t have to maintain the security system in the same way and it takes care of your home while you are away on a trip whereas a dog couldn’t be left there alone.

  12. I would rather have the Arlo camera system because I live in a complex where keeping a guard dog would not be ideal or allowed. I think because there’s also a small baby in the house, it’s a bit scary to keep a guard dog, even if they’re trained not to attack us or anything- better safe than sorry. I would love the extra security, especially with so many package thefts and someone ruining our backyard every summer 🙁 And when the little one gets older and wants to play or literally for any other reason, I’d love to have cameras for that extra security

  13. Both because the dog can keep you company and entertainment but the camera can provide the more security.

  14. I’m a huge dog person so I want a dog, but I would also like the cameras because the dog can’t tell me who stole the stuff outside just that it happened.

  15. Both because the dog can keep you company but the camera can provide the security when you take the dog with you!

  16. We would like – both. Arlo camera system for 24 hour security for the family and a dog for companionship.

  17. 2 things that I’ve seen people forget consistently when travelling to a foreign country are Luggage organizers and Travel power adapter.

  18. I’d like both since the guard dog can also be a companion and when taken on vacation with you the arlo camera system will be still be there to guard.

  19. Well, definitely would be the Arlo Camera System. Although, if we had a Guard “Cat”, that would make things interesting 😉 ha ha……but our cat would literally snuggle up to anyone breaking in, so pretty sure he would just let people into the house, even if we were sound asleep in the back! ha ha. So yes, we’ll choose the camera system 😉

  20. Two essential things mentioned in the buying guide that I think most people would forget before going on a trip would be the luggage scale and a power bank.

  21. Forgive and forget…
    1. To bring an extra battery for the camera and/or even worse the charger.
    2. A power adapter, as electricty outlets and voltage aren’t standard around the world.

  22. I’d like to have the Arlo system and a dog, but one that won’t chew off the cameras while I’m gone.

  23. Two essential things I think most people forget before going on a trip are a Travel Power Adapter (my wife just forgot one), and Power Bank. People tend to under estimate how much they use their phones while on vacation. All the pictures and roaming can deplete your battery fast.

  24. I would say a power bank and a water bottle are two items that people forget to bring for trips.

  25. I would love to have both. A security system to record intruders while my dog scares them away.

  26. I would rather have an an Arlo camera system instead of a guard dog. They poop everywhere, and eat your shoes when you are not around. Plus the costs overtime with a dog is never ending. An an Arlo camera system is a one time upfront cost that never requires vet bills to remove shoes from its stomach.

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