Smart Thermostats, like the variety of them available from Mysa, keep your home at the right temperature and save you money. You might think that a smart thermostat takes control of your home, but the opposite is true. They actually give you new abilities to make your home more comfortable and more energy efficient. Explore some of the advantages of a smart thermostat, then enter for a chance to win a new Mysa Smart Thermostat for AC and mini splits.

What makes a Mysa Thermostat smart

The main reason why most smart home technology is deemed “smart” is the integration of it’s main functionality with a mobile app. This allows the device to connect with the user in a variety of ways. For example, you can use the Mysa app to control the Mysa Thermostat to make your home warmer or cooler. And you can do so from anywhere in the world! For example, if you are on vacation when the temperature changes drastically near your home, such that you think your pets might be uncomfortable, you would use the app to adjust the temperature in your home as needed.

Part of the “smart” functionality is the ability for the device to easily work with other technologies. Mysa makes a range of Thermostats for unique technology challenges. The prize we are giving away in this contest can control air conditions and mini-splits. If you have baseboard heating, there is a Mysa smart thermostat designed to work specifically with that technology.

Are smart thermostats great for every home

I get asked this question about many types of smart home technology, and I’ve seen many of these come and go over the last decade. I sent the Mysa Smart thermostat for AC and Mini splits to two reviewers (Shelly for an English review and Stéphane for a French review). Both reviewers were impressed. Shelly stated that she already has a Mysa thermostat for the baseboard heaters in her home and loves the convenience and the extra control over her home heating needs and home heating expenses. She loved how easily this new device connected with her Insignia air conditioner so she could make sure her home stayed cool during hot summer days if she was away from the home. Stéphane too like the simple set up and he commented on the beautiful design of the product too.

Obviously, the Mysa thermostat we are giving away in this contest would not work in your home if you did not have an AC or Minisplit to control. So that is the first answer to the question above. But there are smart thermostats for pretty much every type of home heating and cooling set up. I think my home is one of the rare types that could not benefit from a smart thermostat since we only have a wood stove for heating and windows to open for cooling down! My home has lots of smart tech, just not for temperature control. I would love if Mysa figured out a smart thermostat for my situation!

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in two different ways.

  1. In a comment below, tell us what type of heating your home has and what you like most about a smart thermostat solution in your home.
  2. Visit the Mysa Thermostat for AC and Mini Splits product page and go to the specifications section to find the information that is missing in the image shown here. Email that information to with the subject line MYSA CONTEST.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will randomly select one winner to receive a Mysa Smart Thermostat for AC and mini splits.

This contest runs from Oct 20th until Nov 2nd.

Remember you can enter this contest is two different ways. Tell your family and friends to visit Best Buy this month for great smart home contests.

Win a Mysa Smart Thermostat Rules and Regulations

Good Luck.

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  1. My house has electric heating; our current set up is okay but I feel like it can be improved upon and I feel this device could help.

  2. I have propane. I would like to control the temperature when away from home . I would also like to warm the house just before I get home to be nice and toasty.

  3. I have electric heating in my home and love the easy set up of the Mysa which will help save money for our heating cost

  4. I have natural gas heating in my home.
    I like the fact I can use the Mysa app to control the Mysa thermostat and do this from wherever I happen to be. This would be convenient while on vacation.

  5. My house is heated with natural gas. A setback thermostat allows me to automatically adjust the temperature for when we’re awake and when we go to bed.

  6. I have natural gas heating. What I like most about the smart thermostat is that you can use the Mysa app to control the Mysa thermostat to make your home warmer or cooler from anywhere in the world. This would be useful when I am on vacation and I can change the temperature in my home if there is a change of temperature outside.

  7. We have natural gas heating in our home. The ability to reduce energy consumption and heating costs are very important to me.

  8. We have natural gas heating in our home. The ability to reduce energy consumption and heating costs are very important to me.

  9. We have electric heating and I’d love the ability to control temperatures remotely and warm/cool our home more efficiently

  10. I have natural gas heating. I appreciate the simple set up and the beautiful design (since it is in a prominent location in our home)

  11. We have electric heat and the bill is getting quite high lately.
    This would be a great monitoring system, and the set up seems easy.

  12. We have baseboard heaters and propane. Planning to install a mini split soon. I like being able to control the heating when away from home.

  13. I have natural gas heating. I would love to be able to control my house remote for when i am away or travelling.

  14. I have gas heat . I like being able to remotely change the heat . Great when returning from a bush adventure .

  15. I have natural gas heating through my furnace. I would love a smart thermostat to control my bills, save energy and have my home be at perfect temp when we’re home and controlled when we’re not at home! Great way to monitor.

  16. I like the easy setup with the Mysa. I have electric baseboard heating and propane. Save on your heating bills.

  17. I have gas heating and would like the ability to control the temperature in my house using my phone, even when I am not at home.

  18. We have natural gas and don’t have a smart thermostat but would really be happy for one. We went away one year and came home to a freezing home. It was awful!!

  19. We have natural gas heating in our home. I like that I can change the temperature when I’m not home. The morning can get so busy and sometimes i forget to switch our heat on or turn it off and it can make coming home less than pleasant after a long hot day.

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