mysa smart thermostat for ac and mini split

Mysa smart thermostats have been around for a while, and I’ve been using them to control the electric heat in my home for a few years. I like the simple interface and the user-friendly app, so I was happy to hear they are now offering a smart thermostat you can use for air conditioners and mini splits. Installation is really simple because this Mysa for AC and mini splits  plugs into the wall without hard wiring and connects your portable or window air conditioner to your home network so you can control it via the Mysa app or voice control.

Here’s a look at the Mysa Smart Thermostat for air conditioners and mini-splits.

Features on Mysa Smart Thermostat for AC and mini splits

Unbox mysa smart thermostat for ac

The Mysa Smart Thermostat is a small, white thermostat that will replace the remote control for your air conditioner or mini split. It controls your AC via infrared signals and requires a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. It’s compatible with a lot of different air conditioners and mini-splits including Danby, Samsung, Hisense, Senville, and others.

  • Includes Mysa Smart Thermostat, USB cord and adapter, and mounting strips
  • Easy to install without hard wiring
  • Makes your portable AC, window AC, or mini split smart by adding Wi-Fi to your cooling or heating device
  • Does not require a hub and works via Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity
  • Gives you voice control via Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple HomeKit
  • Mysa app controls your air conditioner or mini split temperature, fan speed, and can set a schedule
  • Vacation mode and Geolocation feature can turn your air conditioner down when you’re not home
  • Tracks energy usage over days, weeks, and months

Setting up Mysa Smart Thermostat for AC

Mysa smart thermostat for window ac

The first step to setting up the Mysa Smart Thermostat is to find out if your AC is compatible. Mysa for AC and mini splits will work with any portable or window air conditioner with infrared remote control. It will also work with mini splits with infrared remote control. As long as you have a remote that controls the temperature or the fan speed of your air conditioner or mini split, you should be able to pair it with your Mysa for AC.

I plugged in the Mysa for AC and turned on my Insignia air conditioner. This Mysa doesn’t require hard wiring of any kind, so you just plug the smart thermostat into any wall outlet and put it on its stand or mount it on the wall using the included command strips. To pair it you’ll want to have your Mysa right beside your air conditioner.

I have an Insignia air conditioner but I didn’t see Insignia when I searched for it in the list of brands supported by Mysa. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t listed. The app walked me through the steps of pairing my remote with the app, so don’t be concerned if you search for your brand and it’s not there. The app will let you know if it will work by guiding you through the next steps.

I had to press one of the buttons on my remote control and wait about 30 seconds. The Mysa app picked up the remote control, added the Mysa to my home network, and just like that I had complete smart control over my air conditioner via the Mysa thermostat and app. It felt a little like magic. I had a non-smart device that was now connected to my home network, and I can control it from anywhere.

Testing Mysa Smart Thermostat for AC

Mysa for acMysa for mini split or air conditionerMysa app

With Mysa online and controlling my air conditioner, I put my old remote control away and have just been using Mysa Smart Thermostat. There is really no point in using the old remote anyway because Mysa controls everything from your phone or tablet.

Simple interface and clean design

I have always loved the look of Mysa smart thermostats. They are sleek and white, and have small LED screens and touch controls. There is also a manual button on the side of this Mysa smart thermostat and it has a button that controls the fan.

You can just tap the Mysa to turn the AC up or down and the AC responds instantly. You can also use the app so you don’t even have to tap the Mysa to control your AC.

Control your AC from anywhere

Mysa for AC and mini split

With Mysa controlling your AC or mini split heating, you can turn it on or off, change the temperature, or control the fan speed from anywhere you are. I’ve used it a few times to turn up the AC if I left it running and I was outside or away from the house.

In one case our puppy was inside sleeping on the couch and I was running an errand, but it was starting to feel really hot out and I knew my air conditioner wasn’t turned up high enough. I have a much harder time cooling my home if I don’t have the AC running in the morning before it gets really hot, and I know the living room would be getting muggy.

All I had to do was open the Mysa app and turn up the AC. It’s so great to have that option, and my daughter said when she walked into the room it was nice and cool and the puppy was still happily sleeping.

Mysa Smart Thermostat puts you on a schedule

My AC has a lot of different options, but there was no option to set it on a schedule. But when you use Mysa Smart Thermostat for AC, you can set a schedule for turning it on, off, up, and down, or turn on Vacation mode to keep your home cool without turning off your AC. You can also use Geolocation to turn it up or down when you leave the house and up when you come back.

There is a scheduling wizard in the Mysa app and it will walk you through the optimal settings for your AC. It’s so easy to use. I have three Mysas connected right now, two for baseboard heating and one for AC, and they can all run on their own schedules. Having your AC on a schedule will also save you on energy costs because you’re not turning it up and forgetting to turn it down or off.

View your energy use over time in the Mysa app

One of my favourite parts of Mysa is how you can view your energy use over time. There is a history of energy use over days, months, or year. Seeing how much energy I’ve been using for my AC reassures me that my power use will not drain my bank account. It’s actually extremely efficient now that it’s paired with the Mysa Smart Thermostat, and even though we’ve had it running during a recent heat wave, I know I’m not going to have a shock when I see my energy bill next month.

Should you choose the Mysa Smart Thermostat for AC and mini splits?

mysa plug in thermostat

I love how the Mysa Smart Thermostat can take a non-smart appliance like my air conditioner and let me control it from my phone. I don’t feel stressed about leaving the house with my AC running full blast or if I’m going to forget to turn it down at night before bed. I can even pre-chill the room before I go to sleep at night so it’s not hot and humid.

Once paired with the Mysa app I had full control of my AC via my phone. Now that winter is just around the corner, I’m really excited about pairing my Mysa with the mini spit we’re installing. A dual zone mini split like ours has two remote controls, so I can put one Mysa in one zone and another Mysa in another zone. Not only will it be more efficient than my electric baseboard heat, but I’ll be able to control it on my phone or use voice commands.

The Mysa Smart Thermostat for AC and mini splits is available at Best Buy right now.

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