Best Buy wants you to experience the convenience and security of the modern home.  We custom-built a Best Buy Smart Home at the National Home Show in Toronto, and many Canadians were able to experience that event last March.  In our smart home demo we installed many of the best smart home technologies that are available right now at Best Buy Canada. These technologies include security products August locks that automatically unlock when you arrive at your home; lighting solutions like Philips Hue to add responsive colour to suit your music, or your mood; and even smart thermostats that know to reduce the temperature of your home when you are away and increase the temperature just before you arrive, saving you money on heating cost. Connecting all of these technologies are the latest in routers from TP-Link.


We realize that many Canadians were not be able to see it for themselves so this article will try to give you all the information you will need to create your own smart home.

Smart Home Basics: Choosing the right technology for your needs

Energy and Resource Management
door lock.JPG
Security and Access
philips hue.jpg
Lighting and Control

gs.JPGGeek Squad Smart Home & Security Setup      

Setting up a smart home
home theatre.jpg
Home Theatre Help
Mounting a TV blog series


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Smart Thermostats
Make your home more secure
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IP Camera helps care for sick dog

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Check out the huge selection of smart home technology:

                                                         from security options

                                                         to lighting & switches

                                                         to home networking  

                                                  available at Best Buy Canada   

Best Buy
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  1. I can’t even begin to imagine how quickly home automation is going to blow join the next couple years. I am currently trying to update my home and my parents, but it gets difficult trying to stay consistent with the brand of products and especially trying to show them how much easier it will make things in the long run. The difficult part with it all is that full automaton of a house costs easily couple thousand dollars and hsving the house fully integrated is the only way to truly enjoy the evolution. I want to help make their lives easier and more secure. My family doesn’t understand yet that it is not just a fad or stupid extra piece of junk and that while yes, it can be a long process but once set up you there are unlimited uses. Charge a phone at every outlet, control the power on devices all from your phone or tablet, check in on your house, pets and children when at work or vacation, turn lights on or off and brightness up and down so it appears someone is home, lock the doors or unlock remotely and as soon as you walk up to the door, allow guests one time passes, turn off and on appliances such as  washing machines, ovens down to the electric fireplace. Imagine being notified when your dog in stressed via their heartbeat or even checking in on a sick puppy whole stuck st work. Thermostats that learn and take care of heating and cooling based on your preferences. Walk room to room while phone is plugged in upstairs having the conversation follow you by Bluetooth from room to room. There are things that people haven’t even gotten to the point of thinking about that I’d love to be one of the first to test these ideas out but find out difficult to grt what’s needed at current costs. 

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