Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 announcement April 2021

If you love the vintage feel of shooting with real film, Fujifilm’s new Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 is the instant Fujifilm Instax camera for you. It comes with updated light exposure settings and a specialized selfie mode, and its unique finish looks like textured vintage leather.

This elevated instant camera delivers the creamy, high-quality results that you know and love from Fujifilm, but it comes with a new twist. In the Mini 40, you’ll see more even exposure than ever before in Fujifilm Instax’s vintage line.

Fujifilm Mini 40 comparison

The Fujifilm Instax 40 instant camera

The new Instax Mini 40 is an updated take on Fujifilm’s vintage-look Instax Mini 90. These models bring a retro vibe to the brand’s line of instant cameras, with a more luxurious finish than the brand’s other models. Covered in pebbled faux leather, these vintage-inspired designs are easier to grip and have a more serious look than their bubbly, pastel counterparts.

The Mini line is all about capturing “mini moments” for a big impact. This model is no exception. It features simple controls, automatic adjustments, and is compatible with 62mm × 46mm instant Mini film for quick, easy captures as moments happen.

Fujifilm instax mini 40 vintage look camera

Fujifilm’s updated selfie mode

Fujifilm recently updated their selfie mode, so longtime users may see an improvement when they compare their Mini 40 to older models. This one-touch selfie mode is controlled on the Fujifilm Instax Mini 40’s retractible lens. To use the selfie mode, press the camera’s power button to pop out the lens. Then, pull gently on the lens barrel to click it into selfie mode.

This camera’s selfie mode is great for taking photos of yourself and friends, which is made even easier by the built-in, convex selfie mirror. However, it’s also perfect for other close-up shots from 0.3m to 0.5m. Paired with this model’s updated auto exposure function, you can get great results in every photo—even closeups. The update makes it easy to upgrade the look of your favourite memories, from selfies during your peak experiences to vignettes of your favourite spaces.

How the Mini 40 compares to older Fujifilm cameras

Fujifilm 40 instant camera

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 is most similar to the Instax Mini 11. The two cameras have identical technical specifications, and their design (portrait, with a front shutter button, flash, and viewfinder clustered together in the upper corner) is largely the same. Where they differ is their outer shell and product weight. The pastel-coloured, matte plastic Mini 11 models weigh 293g. The faux leather-covered Mini 40 model weighs 330g.

Like the Mini 11, the Mini 40 features an auto exposure function that pairs perfectly with its selfie mode. This automatic exposure works with the camera’s high-performance flash, helping you achieve brighter, more balanced photos. Its electronic shutter works from 1/2 sec to 1/250 sec to brighten dark backgrounds, and both the shutter and flash adjust automatically for the surrounding light conditions.

I covered this exposure update in my Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 review, where you can see how much better it performed than the Instax Mini 9. The updated design was more successful than previous models at illuminating my background with shutter speed and flash, with an effective flash range from 0.3m to 2.7m. It also captured a crisper foreground, making it the perfect choice if you want to step up your instant photography game.

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Images courtesy of Fujifilm. 

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