Roland TD-07 KX Electronic Drum setElectronic drum kits are very popular for many reasons. They are a great way of either learning the instrument or simply taking care of your chops at home. The main advantage is that all of this is possible without disturbing the neighbours. Roland has been a long-time favourite amongst drummers. The V-drums series have always offered superior feel, sound and options compared to the competition. Looking at the current models, the TD-07 range is the first step up from the entry-level TD-1 line. It has 4 different configurations. I’ve received the TD-07KX, which presents an excellent bundle for beginners and experienced players alike.

I’ve filmed a short video demonstrating some of the sounds, as well as documenting my initial impressions of the TD-07KX.

Excellent features

Roland V-Drums are highly regarded and the 07 series is a great example of how the company produces excellent value for your money.

Part of the 07 family

TD-07 Kick TowerThe TD-07 line has 4 different configurations, depending on your needs and budget. All four bundles have the same time-tested, adjustable tension Roland mesh type heads, the 07 series module and a sturdy sound dampening stand. The DMK is the basic iteration. A two-zone 10 inch snare is the main feature. The toms are 8-inch single zone PDX-6 models and the cymbals are the single zone 10 inch CY-5s (which allow you to choke your hits). The hi-hat is a CY-5 coupled with a simple pedal, while the kick pad is a small trigger that attaches to the stand and is wide enough to accommodate double pedals.

The TD-07KV has a separate kick tower, offering a more realistic rebound, and larger CY-8 cymbals which provide more playing surface as well as more natural movement. The TD-07KX, which I received, has broader pads. First of all, the snare is a lot bigger at 12”. The toms are also the PDX-8As, which have the same size as the snare for the first two bundles. You additionally get an extra crash, so you have more tonal options.

The TD-07KVX is the fully loaded configuration. It mainly features upgrades on the cymbals and hi-hat. The former are a CY-12C used for the crash and a CY-13C for the ride. Both allow for triple zone playing (bell, bow and edge). The latter is a 12” inch hat and is stand mounted. You’ll need to bring your own stool and kick pedal for all models, as well as a hi-hat stand for the KVX.

Mesh Heads With Large Snare

Large 12" snareThe TD-07KX’s main feature is the large 12” snare and 8” toms. This extra playing surface really enhances the experience and brings it closer to the real thing. The additional leeway you get helps with dialing in your technique and will translate well to an acoustic drum set. The mesh heads provide adjustable tension. If you already have a preference, you’ll be able to set them to what you are used to. If you are just starting, you’ll be able to experiment and find what works better for you.

Powerful Module With Editing Options

Simple, but powerful drum moduleThe TD-07 module is loaded with 143 different instruments and 25 preset kits. These range from various acoustic kits to classic electronic options originally manufactured by Roland, such as the 808. You’ll also have access to various effects and percussion sets. With the individual instruments, you can create your own ideal combinations and save them to any of the 25 available user slots.

Editing is very powerful. You can swap individual pieces from the preset kits as you see fit. Every element is also editable, thanks to tuning and EQ options. Furthermore, you can tweak the tone to your liking with the transient editor and a large library of effects. My favourite features are the overhead and room adjustments. These add a lot of character and spaciousness to the sound. They adjust the stereo feel and reverberation which makes the whole experience more enjoyable and realistic.

Additional Options

Multiple connexionsOne of the notable features on board the module of the TD-07 is the Bluetooth audio connection. You can stream audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled devices. This is really convenient because you won’t need to fiddle with aux inputs and extra cables.

Also, the excellent Roland drum coach is built-in. This is a terrific tool to work on your rhythm, which is an obviously important skill for drummers. There are several modes to hone in on your precision. The first one is called Time Check. It’s simply an analysis of how precise you are to a reference click. It’ll help you tighten up your technique. You even get a score at the end to let you know how close you were to the exact tempo.

The quiet count is one of the best ways to work on your sense of time. It mutes the click for a user-defined number of bars (up to 4 measures) and lets you know how close you were at the return of the metronome. The other modes offer accelerating tempos and rhythms to fine-tune your technique.

Additionally, a USB port provides a connection to your computer for easy recording or using different sound libraries.

Great Sound and Feel

The TD-07KX offers excellent value, thanks to its great sounds, features, and realistic feel. The mesh pads are one of the best on the market and this particular bundle has large surfaces to work with. This provides a very enjoyable and authentic drumming experience, without the hassle of the loud volume. The numerous editing parameters make it an awesome tool for many situations, from practising different styles, to recording your own drum tracks.TD-07 with mesh heads

Beginners will greatly benefit from learning on a quality product such as this. The excellent feel will translate into good technique that can be brought over to an acoustic kit. Its many features will also future proof the purchase, giving you an instrument that you can grow with. For current drummers, this is an excellent alternative to a drum set. Your technique will be well preserved and you’ll be able to practise in environments that don’t allow loud instruments.

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Nikolai Olekhnovitch is a professional guitarist from Montreal. The experience and musical versatility he acquired during his music studies and involvement with diverse musical acts come in quite handy when reviewing various instruments. When he is not on the road performing, he’s exploring martial arts and seeking out the perfect espresso.