throw-a-halloween-partyHalloween is one of my favourite times of year, and although I love haunted houses, scary corn mazes, and pumpkin patches, my biggest reason for loving Halloween is because it gives you the chance to throw a great party.

A few years back I threw a massive Halloween party for all of our friends. I decorated every inch of my house and yard, and although it took me an entire month of preparation to pull off, it was worth every minute. There’s really nothing as fun as throwing a Halloween costume party.

If you’re going to throw a Halloween party this year and you need some spooky ideas, here are a few ideas I used at my own party.

Set up a spooky barFinal touch skull ice bucket

Whether you’ve got beer on tap or you’re serving up a fruity blended beverages, the main attraction at any Halloween party will be the drink bar you set up.

After adding a tablecloth, orange lights, and some spider webs, I found a witches cauldron at a local craft store and filled it up for with punch and dry ice. The dry ice wafted over the entire table, and it gave the bar a spooky look.

Final Touch Skull shotglassesYou can go one step further by adding some great Halloween décor. How about a set of spooky Brilliant Skull shot glasses or the Final Touch Skull set of shot glasses to set the tone? Then add in the Brilliant Skull decanter and the Final Touch Skull Ice Bucket and you’ve got a scary and fun table for your Halloween party. I might just love Halloween more than the next person, but I’d leave the decanter and ice bucket out to use all year long.

sugar skull floatIf your party is outside you have even more Halloween bar options. Even if it’s too chilly to swim in Canada, you can float the Sugar Skull Inflatable pool float in the pool. Add some battery operated tea lights or load it up with small buckets of dry ice and you’ll create great atmosphere. You could also lay it out beside your bar inside and fill it with dry ice to keep your bottles and cans cool.


Pirate gobletsDon’t forget about the kids

Do you remember those parties your parents had where you’d have to go to bed before everyone got there? Because our friends usually bring the kids along to any gathering, I like to include the kids in a little pre-party before they go to bed.

You can set up a kid’s table with snacks and drinks just for them. I’ve used a Halloween pirate theme with gold doubloons, mini-chocolates, and I whip up cool punches the kids can drink in Final Touch Pirate’s Potion cups. My kids are always trying to get me to let them put their apple juice in a fancy glass, and because these are leaded crystal I think they qualify.

wilton halloween mini cakeEvery occasion is better with cake, and you won’t have to share your pumpkin when you have the Wilton Jack-O’Lantern mini cake pan. You can get the kids to decorate their own pumpkin cake with icing and candy. Or, make Halloween cookies for everyone with the Wilton Halloween cookie cut outs.



anatomical skeletonKick up the scary a notch or two

Halloween is about being scared, and there’s nothing scarier than having a few anatomical models lying around the house. Take skeletons for example: you can choose to stay small with the Walter Products Desktop Skeleton or go all out and get a full size Walter Skeleton to put in the corner of the room.

If you’d like to do things on a smaller scale you could add a Walters Classic Human Skull, a Walters Foot Skeleton model, or string some lights on a ghostly Walters Hand Skeleton.

anatomical handHalloween parties are easy to throw because the decorating is half the fun. I hope these tips will help you when it’s time to do a little Halloween entertaining of your own this month.





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