If you want to be on time for every appointment you have during the next 12 months (and beyond), then take a look at a few of the items discussed below. These products are guaranteed to help you make (and keep) a New Years Resolution for better time management in 2016. All you have to do is to properly employ them. Read on for the full and complete list!

One way to better manage your time in 2016 is by getting yourself a watch. And I don’t just mean any old watch, I mean one of the many new Smartwatches that are currently available. Take, for instance, the Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch – In Stone Grey, which has the amazing ability to easily pair to your smartphone (via Bluetooth 4.0) to make all sorts of daily tasks a whole lot easier, right down to answering your phone.

Being able to quickly dictate a text message right into your wrist is definitely a time saving maneuver when compared ti the old, 2015, way of typing it out on your phone, and that’s just the sort of thing you can do with this watch. But that’s just one example of its capabilities. Others include the ability to download, store, and use a number of compatible (Android) apps to its 4GB of built-in storage space, the ability to use the Voice Control feature to manipulate the watch’s settings and interact with apps, and a whole host of additional features that won’t necessarily save you time, but are just plain cool to have, like the included fitness tracker! When it comes to picking up an all new smartwatch, I say, it’s about time!

Beyond just smartwatches, there are numerous other pieces of Wearable Technology that can also assist you with managing your time more efficiently. Consider, for example, the case of the Bellabeat LEAF Fitness Tracker – In Rose Gold. Among the numerous things that this device can do is monitoring your quantity and quality of sleep. The Bellabeat LEAF then uses the raw data to make suggestions for the improvement of your sleeping habits, thereby helping you to make the most of your hours of sleep. As we all are well aware, getting a good night’s sleep leads to better overall health and a more effective brain. And, if you’re thinking more clearly and feeling your best, it’s much easier to plan, track, and maintain a smoothly running schedule. We’ve all experienced the opposite of this, when we’re feeling drained and can’t quite think properly. The next thing we know, we’ve missed our bus or train and been late for an important event. It might just come down to not thinking clearly enough to accurately estimate our commute time, or we may simply forget about an appointment altogether. I don’t know about you, but I choose to feel better and always be on point over feeling drained, tired, and constantly lagging!


We all have places to go and people to see. This certainly won’t change in 2016. Part of keeping a New Year’s Resolution for better time management is making sure you get to meetings, appointments, parties, family dinners, flights, wherever, on time! So consider doing yourself a major favour and getting one of the many great GPS systems that are currently available to help you get around (both on time & without getting lost or caught up in a traffic nightmare). One very good option is the TomTom GO 600 6″ GPS, which not only looks great, but also provides an entire lifetime (that is, for the life of the product) of free map updates. You’ll never again have to drive with an outdated map, which can lead to all sorts of serious trouble beyond mere lateness. Other useful features of the TomTom include Spoken Street Names (so you can listen rather than look), Advanced Lane Guidance (so you won’t miss a vital turn or exit due to being in the wrong lane), and the easy to use Click and Go Mount (to keep your travels running quickly and smoothly). This GPS even includes a pre-installed map of Canada, the USA, & Mexico, so let’s hit the road!

Another fine example of a product that can really help with time management is the entire category of Planner Boards & Wall Calendars. One of the better examples of a Planner Board that’s currently available through Best Buy is the Day-Timer 120-Day Undated Wall Planner / Calendar, which is great because of its 4 full months of available planning space. It also features a convenient dry-erase laminate surface which allows for years and years of writing in important events and later erasing them once they’ve passed by. Simply fill out your next 4 months of important events and appointments and place this board in a convenient location where you can easily consult it each day. As each month passes, all you need to do is erase that section of the board and begin using it for a future month. With a tool like this at your disposal, you’d almost have to want to miss an appointment to end up doing so!

If you prefer Planners that are more of the portable variety, you may wish to invest instead in a stylish Day-Timer Time Management Bilingual Starter Set. This type of planner is not only capable of going anywhere and everywhere that you do, but, if used correctly, it can greatly assist you in keeping your day-to-day schedule organized and on track. Among its key features are 3 months of undated planning pages, a page marker / ruler, several multi-purpose lined note pages, a year’s worth of monthly tabs, and a handy phone & address directory, to name but a few. Moreover, the cover is made of durable vinyl and features a zippered outer pouch. You’ll stay fully organized in 2016 with this handy and attractive tool. Often, keeping your schedule running smoothly and on time is just a matter of planning and writing things down. With the Day-Timer Time Management Bilingual Starter Set in hand, that battle is already half won!

There you have it—five incredible tools that will help you to achieve better time management in 2016! Whether setting New Year’s Resolutions is really your thing or not, everyone likes to be on time and to maintain a smoothly running schedule. The tools I have outlined here can certainly help you to do that, on a number of different fronts. So, don’t be late to enjoy your 2016. Happy New Year!

Leonard Bond
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