This is possibly the greatest time to shop of the whole year. If you’re using the holidays and Black Friday to search for a new TV, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the number of sizing options available. Many of the TVs available are 65-inches or bigger, but it’s not simply a matter of ‘bigger is better’ in your search. If the TV is too big for a room, it might ruin the viewing experience. Here are some tips on how to choose a TV that will fit your space.

How to choose a new 4K TV for your space

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First: decide where you want the TV to go

Before you can choose your TV size, you need to decide where you want to put it. If it is on a stand or entertainment center, your TV will need to be smaller than the furniture to fit within that space. Make sure to take into account the TV stand legs, because they will likely stick out and take up more space as well. Similarly, assess whether your furniture or stand can handle the weight of a very large TV.

If you’re planning on mounting your TV, you need to consider the space and the distance of the TV from floor to ceiling and to the furniture (your sofa) in the room. Measure the room and space to ensure that it will fit.

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Consider viewing distance  

Think about when you go to the movies; the least desirable seats are the ones that are right in the front or right in the back. The big screen and the closeness of the seats can ruin the film. That’s why it is important to closely consider the size of the TV relative to the space.

In fact, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers has set standards to help you determine the best size of your TV. They recommend that the display should fill roughly 30 degrees of your field of vision. Don’t worry—you don’t have to do any complicated math. Just multiply your seating distance in inches by 0.625. That means if you want to place your TV 100 inches (around 8.5 feet) away from your sofa, then about a 65 inch TV would be the recommended size.

Remember, you can always hang your TV further away than recommended; it’s your house, after all. And if it’s time to upgrade your seating, you can see what’s available for comfortable viewing at Best Buy.

Quality vs. Size: set a budget

It probably goes without saying you will need to consider your budget when deciding how big you want to go. However, bigger doesn’t always mean better quality. You might want to get a smaller TV if it means you can get a higher-quality sound and better resolution. A 4K television or even an 8K TV will have a much more vivid video picture, so that means you can sit closer to the TV without compromising the picture’s quality. You could get a very inexpensive 65-inch TV, or go down to 55-inches, but get a higher quality brand or a model with more bells and whistles. Consider the best balance for your buck.

4K or 8K?

These days the majority of TVs for sale are 4K smart TVs. It’s possible to find lower resolution and ‘dumber’ TVs out there, but they’re not going to give you much in the way of longevity since world broadcast and video standards are on their way up. Choosing an older-style TV might mean it’s obsolete in just a couple of years, whereas choosing a 4K TV or even stretching up to 8K TV resolution will likely serve you well for a decade.

Keep measurements in mind

One key thing to remember is that TVs are measured diagonally. A 75-inch screen will be 75-inches from one corner to the opposite. The actual dimensions will be roughly 37 inches tall and 65 inches wide. It’s obviously important to know then that your 75-incch TV will only be 65-inches wide, as this will definitely factor into the space considerations noted above. Before you buy, double check the dimensions.

Because you will likely spend a lot of time watching your new television, make sure to choose one that will fit your room without overwhelming you.

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  1. These are great things to think about. Last week my TV died and I had to look for a new one, I went with the 4K LG NanoLeaf brand in a 55-inch model. It fit my desire for a 4K TV with a 120 hz refresh rate and as a plus it was within my budget!

    Thanks for all your tech updates Erin!

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