A bedroom is a sanctuary, somewhere you can go in your house, close the door, and just breath a sigh of relief. That’s why bedrooms hit the top of my list for when I’m deciding on rooms that need a makeover.

We recently moved out of an 11-year-old house complete with beautiful bedrooms I put a lot of time, thought, and elbow grease into. Each of my children’s rooms had a theme that I worked long and hard on, and when they walked into them at the end of the day, they were happy to be there.

That’s what I’m striving for as we renovate the house we bought. Because we’ve had to downsize the bedrooms are smaller, completely bare, and when the walls finally go up, will be in need of a complete makeover. I find the hardest part of the process is putting together the materials and coming up with inspiration so I can do the best makeover on the space I have.

I’ve done more than a few makeovers on bedrooms, so here are just a few of my tips on doing the best bedroom makeover for the space you have.

A few ways to find your inspiration

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Can you imagine if planning bedroom makeovers was as quick and easy as they are in online games? I’ve only seen these redecorating games for girls and boys bedrooms, but just click around and play a few of them with your kids and they may help you come up with a few ideas for furniture placement or how to do a theme room.

It’s fun to use these online games as inspiration, but Pinterest is the place to go to when you’re ready to take your bedroom makeover seriously. Just enter your keywords like “master bedroom ideas” or “kid’s theme rooms” and you’ll be treated to a treasure trove of photos, ideas, and websites you can go to for ideas.

If you have a tablet, you have to try the home décor apps you can find on the app store. Using them you can re-arrange your furniture, paint your walls, and add those little things that make a bedroom your sanctuary can help you get from Point A to Point B with your bedroom makeover.

10381187.jpgSource out your materials

Once you have a design idea down pat, it’s time to find the materials you’ll need to make your bedroom makeover a reality.

                      Start with your bed

There was a time my bed consisted of a mattress on the floor. Although I would decorate my bedroom with some of my favourite photos and lighting, it would never look the way I wanted because my bed was literally on the floor.

Adding a bedframe and a decent mattress is the foundation of any bedroom makeover. There are so many different kinds of bedframes, there’s bound to be one that would work perfectly for your bedroom. If you like sleek, contemporary designs, you could try the Jacky Thomas Contemporary Queen Platform bed. It comes in all shades from grey to black and white, and you can use it as a basis for almost any type of bedroom makeover.

If you like wood-style headboards and bedframes, try the Davis Transitional Queen Bedroom Set. It’s the perfect set for a country-style master bedroom or a girl’s room, and with white you can branch out and use colour everywhere else.

As far as your mattress is concerned, think about this: if you’re spending all of your time doing a bedroom makeover, do you really want to make it beautiful then sink onto your lumpy old mattress? A makeover is the best time to replace an old mattress, and there are a lot of mattress options you can choose from.

Just on a personal note: I highly recommend shopping for and having a mattress delivered right to your house. I did it a few years back and they brought my mattress straight into my bedroom, so I avoided all of the stress of having to get the mattress home from the store or arranging for delivery through a store.


Now that you’ve got your bed …duvet.jpg


The real fun can begin! My favourite part of a bedroom makeover is walking into a newly painted empty room with nothing but an idea. I rearrange furniture for the best spot and start adding the little things that make a bedroom your sanctuary.

For a master bedroom, there are a lot of different choices for bedding. One of the more popular seems to be an all white bedroom, with white sheets, blankets, and a fluffy white duvet.

The all white theme is popular in kid’s rooms lately too, and keeping the walls white and accenting with bright, bold colours is a big trend in bedrooms. If you’re doing a kid’s bedroom makeover, there are so many great bedding sets you could choose to liven up a blank room, from Angry Birds to Cars, and are just a few. If you want a minimalist girl’s room, the Maholi KIDS Fly Butterfly Duvet set is just the thing.


angry-birds.jpgIt’s the little things

When doing a kid’s bedroom makeover, don’t forget that the little things will really make the room perfect for them. Character pillows are a huge hit, cozy blankets should line the end of the bed, and there should be at least one lamp in the room to create a soothing bedtime atmosphere.

For a master bedroom, extra pillows really add a welcoming feeling to your bed, and the bonus is you can look forward to sinking right into it them at the end of the day. Bedside tables work for storage but they’re also the perfect spot to hold lamps, your smartphone or tablet, and your glasses when you’re about to fall asleep, and you can find the perfect nightstand for kids too.

And now that we all have smart houses, every bedroom makeover should include one or two smart devices. I love wireless speakers you can use to stream a white noise app and smart lightbulbs so you can dim or turn off the lights right from your smartphone.

It would be nice if you could just point, click, and create the bedroom of your dreams, but a good bedroom makeover requires a lot of thought, planning, and the right materials to make it perfect for you. The good news? Bedroom makeovers are a lot of fun too.

You can find everything you need to create the best bedroom for you or anyone in your family by taking a look at everything bedroom on

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