tracy-mother-kobo.jpgYou know how they say opposites attract? I’d say that’s definitely the case with me and my husband. He grew up Roman Catholic and has a real chip on his shoulder when it comes to doing things the easy way. He believes a dollar saved is a dollar earned (read: he’s frugal), it’s better to skimp on heat and air conditioning when possible and discomfort is not necessarily a bad thing. I disagree wholeheartedly! 

I like comfort. Is it so wrong to crave a good Downton Abbey binge-watching session on the lap top in 300 thread count sheets?  I think not. In fact, I think as busy moms, surrounding ourselves in comfort is a worthwhile pursuit.

But how do you do it on a beer budget? Pretty easily.

tracey-downton.jpgIt can be as simple as investing in a good set of wine glasses (no I don’t have a problem … I  don’ t think). These days you can get outdoor glasses that look so good you’ll want to use them inside. The best part is if you have wild kids or crazy friends, they don’t break. Drink up!

Teetotallers need not worry. A nice cup of tea can make you feel like you’re living amongst the  Downton set…above stairs. Get yourself a lovely tea set and don’t hesitate to use your good stuff. You can’t go wrong with a good cup and some quiet time to reflect.

Living indulgently for me has a lot to do with cultivating some me-time. Nothing makes me feel as lux as curling up in the corner of my favourite room and tucking into a good book. As long as noses only need to be wiped periodically and I keep a multitude of snacks out on the kitchen table, I can read uninterrupted for hours.  

I’m old school in the sense that I still love the feel of a real book. I’m new school in my love for e-readers. When I want a new title fast, I order it from my Kobo and dig in. We also travel a few times a year and it doesn’t make sense to pack a 700-pager, so the light-weight Kobo makes a lot of sense.


And for the single moms out there, firstly I salute you. Secondly, you need not wait for anyone to crown you as queen bee. Grab a few items for yourself online at a reasonable price to make your me-time more lux.

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