Peugeot salt and pepper mill review

How exactly does one review 18 salt and pepper mills? Well, as it turns out, there are steps. First, you start with an overwhelming panic: you only use two salt and pepper mills on a regular basis, and even then, it’s not daily. Then, you settle into the reality. Eighteen mills—it could be worse. And finally, you unbox everything and realize that you are living in a dream of Peugeot mills … and get millin’!

Slick, smooth black Peugeot mills

I’ve always been one to save the best for last, but with these, I couldn’t help myself. I was immediately drawn to the plain, glossy black Peugeot Paris U’Select mills. They’re a cornerstone of the line, and are available in a ton of different specifications: the 18cm Salt and Pepper Mills, 30cm Salt Mill, and the massive 40cm Pepper Mill, just to begin.

If you’re doing research online about Peugeot, try this trick when you’re searching: use the keywords “Peugeot Paris.” That’ll help bring up search results for Peugeot Saveurs, the brand’s original lifestyle branch. The Peugeot family began making tools and other household goods (like watches, crinolines, and irons) in 1810. Then, in 1840, they made their first coffee mill, and the peppermill followed. It wasn’t until 1905 that the sons of the family launched Lion Peugeot, the iconic car company (The Independent).

Peugeot Paris review

But back to these smooth, gorgeous salt and pepper mills.

If you want a great set of mills and you don’t want to think about it, stop reading this article here. The Peugeot 18cm Black Salt and Pepper Mills are absolutely my very top recommendations from the brand. They’re table-sized investment pieces that are flawless and well-made, with a smooth grind adjustment on the bottom of both. (You can select grind settings with the U’Select grind adjustment markings, as I have for these photos, or set the mills anywhere in between.)

Each piece is glossy and weighty, with taller options for side tables, restaurants, and other table settings. I would never have the occasion to use or display a 40cm mill, but I love it—its height is so stately and imposing.

Peugeot mills review pepper

Traditional wood Peugeot mills

If you want your salt and pepper mills to harken back to the times of Peugeot’s inception, the Antique Brown collection is absolutely where it’s at. The Peugeot Collection Antique offers a standard 18cm Salt Mill and Pepper Mill, as well as larger sizes: the 22cm Pepper Mill in Antique Brown is one step up, followed by the 30cm Peugeot Pepper Mill.

Peugeot Antique Collection salt and pepper mill review

The Collection Antique has a finish that’s a little more rustic than the brand’s modern, black mills, and the price point reflects that. But while they’re a little more affordable, these pieces are just as sturdy and well-made. What you’re sacrificing is an ultra-modern look, and the ability to see your grind settings. Instead, these basic wood mills let you adjust your grind by turning the top knob clockwise (finer) or counter-clockwise (coarser).

The salt and pepper mills that I grew up with looked a lot like these, down to the adjustment mechanism. Having experienced both kinds, I can pretty firmly say that I prefer the separate adjustment, but that’s just because I’m a visual person! This mechanism functions just as well, and is certainly more in-line with this classic look.

I love these mills mismatched: a 22cm Pepper Mill with an 18cm Salt Mill. It takes the question right out of “which is which?” with a bit of centrepiece variety, too.

Basic Peugeot mills for the table (salt, pepper, and a little extra) 

Peugeot Fidji reviewI really love the almost bulbous style of a classic salt and pepper mill set, but Peugeot mills come in a variety of designs. The Peugeot Oleron 14cm range is a great example of something a little different. These mills feature a clear acrylic base with a curved body and dark wood top, and the same classic top-knob adjustment.

The Oleron is special because it’s offered for pepper, salt, and chilli peppers—something that you don’t see in every range.

For a funkier design, these Peugeot Fidji 15cm Salt and Pepper Mills are finished in a matte black satin with stainless steel heads. Again, it’s a classic “twist to tighten”: just turn the lion-emblazoned top knob to adjust grind.

Mechanized mills

I’m a traditionalist: I like my salt and pepper milled by my own hands. It’s easy to overdo it with either, and I’m pretty attached to being able to very precisely control how much seasoning goes on my food.

But what’s old isn’t always what’s better, and I definitely think that’s the case for Peugeot’s Zeli 14cm Salt and Pepper Mills. They come in a stainless steel finish (with brushed chrome plating) and feature spice-specific grinding mechanisms.

Peugeot review

I’ve had arthritis for almost a decade now, and my joints aren’t always up to snuff. Even simple tasks like grinding pepper can be difficult for me when my arthritis is flaring up, so as much as I love the traditional look of the Peugeot Paris (and I love it), the Zeli makes a lot of sense for someone like me. You end up relinquishing a little bit of control in exchange for a lot less hassle—which is worth the trade-off for those who struggle with their grinding.

Even the filling of these is easier for me than standard mills are (as shown in the video), and they’re easy to grip. While the traditional Peugeot mills featured here would make a great housewarming gift, the Zeli is perfect for an ageing recipient. Your parents or grandparents may never think to buy themselves something like this, but it’s the type of kitchen accessory that makes the day-to-day immediately easier. The Zeli Salt Mill is finished with a white underside; the Pepper Mill, black.

Peugeot Clermont review

Classic, slim Peugeot designs 

Finally, the Peugeot Clermont is the perfect way to finish up this review. The Clermont is very similar to the Paris and Antique styles featured at the top of this post—but it’s a little sleeker. The design features an almost entirely smooth body in simple raw beech and chocolate-stained beech wood.

Peugeot Clermont 40cm review

The Clermont Salt and Pepper mills that are available at Best Buy are a little tall (22cm), but their height pairs well with their elegant lines. The same style is offered in a 40cm Pepper option, which finishes a pasta or steak just perfectly when serving.

Peugeot is the kind of company that is timeless for a reason. Each of their products is classically-designed and well-thought out, with adjustments on almost every piece so you always find the perfect grind.

Shop this entire selection of Peugeot mills (and more) online at Best Buy. 

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