As telecommuting becomes more and more a viable way to do business, a good home office setup is now essential for lots of workers. But, to be really efficient when you are in your home office, you really don’t want to have some impromptu area in your kitchen or at the edge of the dining room table. You need a real office where you can shut out the rest of the world, get down to brass tacks, and get the work done. So, to help you get that ideal work space in order, I have some tips for how to set up a productive and comfortable small office space.

Choosing a desk for your small office

The most important part of any office is your desk. You’re a professional, so setting up shop on some rickety old card table in the corner just isn’t going to cut it. You need a real functional desk. Of course, space is always a consideration when setting up a small home office. Sure, having some big honkin’ heavy desk worthy of a Fortune 500 CEO is impressive…but, who are you trying to impress – the cat?  This is a home office, after all. And most of the time, you’ll only have limited space for furniture, so you’ll definitely need to choose wisely.

If you have a small office room, the Contemporary Computer Desk (in Taupe) offers a clean-looking and functional desk, with a spacious desktop and a couple of storage drawers. It’s a pretty basic desk, but it’s got a nice modern design, plus it can be configured with the drawers on the left or right. It’s the ideal small desk for your small office.

For medium to larger spaces, you may want something like a nice “L”-shaped workspace that fits really nicely in a corner. The Bestar Hampton 1-Drawer L-Shaped Corner Workstation, 3-Drawer Corner Desk (in White), and Broderick Contemporary Corner Desk all come to mind as ideal corner desks. All three desks offer lots more workspace, however the Broderick’s design is more open-concept, and doesn’t feature any storage drawers.

Of course, who wants to spend the day sitting behind a desk – when you can stand as well? “They” whoever they are, say that it’s really bad to spend an entire day sitting. So, they recommend what’s called a “standing desk.” These desks allow you to move the workspace up, so you can essentially stand at your desk and work. The Connexion Contemporary Standing Desk with Credenza is an electric-powered height-adjustable desk that lets you raise or lower the work surface to suit your needs, all at the press of a button. It’s also pretty stylish, scratch and stain resistant, plus it offers a pair of utility drawers and a file drawer for lots of storage.

What’s the right chair for a home office?

The next most important piece of furniture in your small office space is your desk chair. Even if you opt for a standing desk, you’re still going to be spending half the time on your butt. So, having a good office chair is essential to being productive and efficient at work.

You’ll find a lot of options out there when it comes to standard but comfortable swivel desk chairs, such as the TygerClaw Mid Back Mesh Task Chair or Bestar Spider Polyester Task Chair. These two chairs have mesh backs for breathability and support, as well as tilt and swivel functions. For a more traditional look in a similar design, you may want to look at the TygerClaw Leather Manager Chair. Its adjustable lumbar support helps keep your lower back in a comfortable position, and it’s stylish as heck.

Alternately, you may prefer something with a higher back, like the Bestar Eleganté Synthetic Leather Manager & Executive Chair, or the Monterey Manager & Executive Chair, both which offer a modern take on a classic chair, with a contoured back and synthetic leather upholstered seat that provide cushioning support and comfort. Personally, the higher backed chairs are more my preference, both for how they support my whole back, and for how they look like a Captain’s chair from Star Trek. But I’m a geek. Sure me.

Small office filing cabinets

You’re also going to need some place to put all your files, papers and whatnot, as well. I know it’s a small home office that maybe only you’ll get to see, but that doesn’t mean you can leave your work strewn across your desk all helter-skelter and disorganized. You, dear reader, need some storage that goes along with your office décor.

The Folio 3-Drawer File Cabinet is small enough to slide under compatible desk, or it is stylish enough to sit on its own in the corner. It features three spacious drawers for your files or equipment, and it locks, so your stuff is secure when you take a break from the grind. Another option is the Interface Contemporary 2-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet, with an elegant design, two spacious drawers, plus the filing cabinet is on wheels, so you can easily move it around your small home office.

Other home office necessities

Once you have your main small office trinity of desk, chair and filing cabinet, you’ll have to consider other needs for your workspace. You will definitely need a computer. But, will it be a portable laptop that you can bring to meetings outside the office, or a nice desktop with large monitor to power through the big projects? Depending on the work you do, a tablet may even do the trick. But whatever you need, Best Buy has tons of options for you there, as always, with options for every need and budget when it comes to Computers & Tablets, Monitors, Desktops, Laptops, Drives and Storage, and Networking.

Hey, but let’s not forget the little stuff you’ll need for that small office, as well, such as office supplies, telephone, and lighting. Once you have the essentials, you can then add personal touches to make the space all your own, such as a bookshelf, nice area rug to tie the room together, some wall décor, and nick-knacks or a plant or two.

Do you have a small home office? What were your essentials? Did I miss something important for a small office? Check out the Best Buy office furniture section and let me know in the comment section what you consider essentials for a small office.

Steven Hill
I am an award-winning writer, freelance journalist and blogger who is a self-confessed geek and tech lover. When not playing the latest video games or salivating over the newest gadgets, I enjoy cooking for my family, mountain biking or snowboarding the deep powder on Whistler Mountain.


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