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Over the past few months, it’s become the norm to work at home. As anyone who has telecommuted for a while knows, it comes with its own set of distractions. To be efficient during your work hours and to be able to concentrate, you’ve probably already realized that working at your dining room table isn’t going to something you can do long term. It’s always best to have a spot that is dedicated just for work. Because no one knows what will happen this fall and beyond, summer is a great time to set up your own productive small office space.

Plan your small office space around your desk

Sit to stand desks small office spaceThe center of your small office space will be your desk. It’s what will hold your laptop, paperwork, and printer, and it’s where you’ll do everything from work on projects to attend zoom conferences. Because a desk is so important for a home office, you want to choose the right size and shape for your space. If your desk is too large you may not be able to function in the room it is in; too small and you may not be able to get your work done.

There are a variety of desks to choose from. Some of the more popular desks for home workers are the sit to stand desks that let move your desk up and down depending on whether or not you want to spend time standing. There are also contemporary desks that complement different types of home decor, or standard office desk with hutches you can use for storage.

If you have a large room the sky will be the limit to how big your desk can be. A large ‘L’ shaped desk gives you space to spread out if you have a lot of paperwork, and some people like to put two desks together to give both you and your partner or kids a place to work

Choose the right chair for working at home

office chairs work at homeWhile you might be tempted to use a chair from your kitchen, having an actual office chair means you’ll sit comfortably for a lot longer. There are so many great options for office chairs, and the one you choose will depend on a few factors.

Chairs that swivel and roll make it easy to maneuver around the room, so if you find you’re back and forth between a printer or dual monitors, you may want a chair with wheels.

Office chairs with lumbar support help ease back strain when you’ve been working for a few hours, and some have mesh backs for breathability. If you expect to be seeing clients in your home office, you may wish to choose an office chair or chairs with style. There are many different types with high backs, synthetic leather style, and extra padding for comfort.

A chair mat is a must-have if you have carpet and a desk chair with rollers. It lets you cruise across the floor with ease.

Add a filing cabinet to your small office space

storage for home office Paper files are a fact of life, even as we all manage our work environment all online. You’ll always have contracts, receipts, and more to file away, so having storage for all of these bits and pieces is important.

You can find 3-drawer filing cabinets that are small, have spacious interiors, and have locks if you’d like to secure your paperwork when you’re not in your home office. 5-drawer mobile cabinets with wheels are also a great option, with slimmer drawers and an easy-to-move body that can roll around the room with you.

You can also choose wall cabinets, storage shelves, or bookcases for books and other personal mementos. Having wall storage means you can personalize your small office space with all of your favourite souvenirs, collectibles, and photos.

What else do you need for your small office space?

I’ve covered the three main pieces you’ll need in your small office space, but what else do you need to productively work at home?

Upgrade your tech

While a computer, printer, and monitor are all must-haves, you may also want to add in a tablet for multi-tasking and extra storage drive to back up all of your work data.

lamps for working at homeOrder your office supplies

Office supplies are a must-have when you’re working at home, and you’ll want to be sure you load up on printer ink and paper so you don’t run out. It’s easy to order office supplies online before you need them, and you can have them shipped straight to your door so you don’t have to lift heavy boxes of paper or toner.

Make your office a place you want to spend time in

Having adequate lighting in your small office space is important. You’ll need a good overhead light and a table lamp so you can feel productive, even if the day is really gloomy. You might want to consider using smart light bulbs to change colours or brighten up the room if it feels dark. That change in colour can help with motivation to get moving and be productive when you’re working in a solo home office.

To make the room really cozy, you can also add an area rug to a hardwood floor. It helps it not feel cold on your feet during early morning teleconferences.

Shop for office furniture online or in-store

With the lull that summer brings, now is a great time to sit down and plan what your work life will look like over the next few months. If you need to pick up office furniture, Best Buy has everything you need to set up your small office space.

Whether you’re purchasing a desk, chair, or new computer, it’s safe to shop at Best Buy. You can confidently shop in-store or online, knowing the staff is up to date on the latest precautions and safety measures.

Read about how you can shop with confidence at Best Buy, and then check out Best Buy’s Back to School hub and office furniture section to get yourself set up for a productive fall.

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