Top 10 laptops for students

Laptops are a must-have for students. Portable and powerful, a laptop is simply a great tool to have whether you’re in the classroom, studying in the library, or participating in a Zoom class from your room. The most difficult part of choosing a laptop is picking the right model. A lot of that comes down to personal preference and program requirements, but to help you out here is a list of the top 10 laptops for back to school. As you go down the list you’ll see that that the processor, memory, and other components become more noteworthy, and as you’d expect, the laptops near the end of the list are priced higher than those at the beginning of the list.



It seems as though Chromebooks get more popular every year. And as they grow in popularity, the number of choices is increasing. The latest crop is more compelling than ever. They keep the key advantages of the platform (including security, battery life, the ability to run Android apps, and affordability), but many now feature 1080p displays and a much more upscale appearance.

ASUS Flip 14″ C433 Touchscreen Chromebook

ASUS Flip 14" C433 Touchscreen Chromebook
Processor: 2 core 1.1GHz Intel Core m3-8100Y
Ram: 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM
Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 615
Storage: 128GB eMMC
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 4.2
Ports: microSD card / 3 USB 3.2 Gen1, combo audio jack

The Asus Flip Chromebook delivers ample power and versatility for students of all ages. Adjust the screen for productivity using the full keyboard or “flip” the screen to watch movies or show presentations. The 1080p HD 14″ touchscreen display is perfect for viewing, selecting, and navigating. Use ChromeOS apps for documents, spreadsheet, presentations, and more. It is very light at 3.31 lbs and is only 0.6″ thick.

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 13.3″ Touchscreen 2-in-1 Chromebook

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 13.3" Touchscreen 2-in-1 Chromebook
Processor: 8 core 2.55GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon SC7180
Ram: 4GB
Graphics Card: integrated Qualcomm Adreno Graphic
Storage: 128GB
Connectivity: 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Ports: microSD card / 2 USB C

The Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook features a powerful Snapdragon processor and ChromeOS for great performance. Remove the screen to use it like a tablet. The 13.3″ touchscreen 1080p OLED convertible display is bright and responsive. It weighs 2.23 lbs and is only 0.27″ thick.

Laptops for productivity

The name says it all. If you are adding a laptop to the list of things you need to carry to and from school for a wide range of productivity applications then look no further. These powerful Windows based laptops are light, stylish, and versatile multitaskers. Be sure to to keep your new computer well protected while commuting, perhaps in a padded, laptop-friendly backpack so you have it for many years.

HP 15.6″ Intel Core i3 processor Laptop

HP 15.6" Laptop
Processor: 11th Generation Intel Core i3-1115G4
Ram: 8 GB DDR4-2666 MHz RAM
Graphics Card: integrated Intel UHD Graphics
Storage: 512GB
Connectivity: ethernet / 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2×2)(19a) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo
Ports: HDMI / USB C / 2 USB Type A / Audio jack

The HP i3 laptop is capable of running a wide range of programs for any level of student. It features the versatile Windows 11 Home operating system and an 11 Gen Intel processor. The large 15.6″ full HD IPS display provides ample screen for multitasking. It weighs 5.58 lbs.

ASUS VivoBook X515 15.6″ Laptop

ASUS VivoBook X515 15.6" Laptop
Processor: 11th Gen Intel Core i5-1135G7
Ram: 8GB DDR4
Graphics Card: integrated Intel UHD Graphics
Storage: 512GB
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), Bluetooth 4.1
Ports: HDMI 1.4 / 4 USB / Audio jack

This Asus Vivobook is sleek and powerful. Switch from one program to another with ease. The 15.6″ full HD display has space for multiple windows at once. Attend meetings with the built-in webcam while editing documents at the same time. It weighs 3.99 lbs and is only 0.77″ thick.

HP 15.6″ Intel Core i5 Laptop

HP 15.6" Laptop
Processor: 12th Generation Intel Core i5-1235U
Ram: 16 GB DDR4-3200 MHz RAM
Graphics Card: integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics
Storage: 1TB
Connectivity: Ethernet / 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Ports: HDMI 1.4b /  / 1 USB C / 2 USB A / Audio jack

This HP laptop features a 2022 12th Gen Intel processor capable of advanced processing speeds for demanding applications. Add to that 16 GB of memory and 1TB of storage for a future friendly laptop that will meet your needs today and into the future. It also delivers vivid colours with its clear full HD IPS anti-glare display. It weighs a reasonable 5.58 lbs.

ASUS VivoBook S 15.6″ OLED Laptop

ASUS VivoBook S 15.6" OLED Laptop
Processor: 12th Generation Intel Core i5-12500H
Ram: 16GB DDR4
Graphics Card: integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics
Storage: 1TB M.2 NVMe PCIe 4.0
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax), Bluetooth 5.2
Ports HDMI 2.0 / 2 Thunderbolt 4 / 2 USB A / Combo Audio jack

The Asus Vivobook features a high-end mobile EVO platform CPU that supports Hyperthreading for superior multitasking efficiency. It also has a brilliant full HD 15.6″ OLED display for brilliant colours and true blacks. Stunning to look at with its Indie Black finish, sleek 0.69″ thickness, and light to carry at only 3.99 lbs.


Premium laptops for multitaskers and gamers

Expect blazing speeds and superior components from a premium laptop. These Windows based computers will run the most demanding applications, and provide superior connectivity and versatility. They are sought after by people requiring a high performance laptop for school or work, and by people who want a laptop that will continue to perform at the highest level for many years.

HP 15.6″ Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptop

HP 15.6" Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptop
Processor: 8 core 4.3GHz AMD Ryzen 7 5700U
Ram: 16GB DDR4-3200 MHz RAM
Graphics Card: integrated AMD Radeon Graphics
Storage: 1TB
Connectivity: Realtek Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6, Bluetooth 5.2
Ports: multi-format SD card / HDMI 2.0b / 1 USB C / 2 USB A / Audio Jack / Display Port

The HP 15.6″ 2-in-1 Laptop features the newest AMD Ryzen 7 processor. The multitouch full HD display bridges the gap between your thoughts and the product on the screen, especially when paired with the included stylus. Additionally, the Gorilla glass covered display resists scratches for enhanced durability. Enclosed in Nightfall Black, this premium laptop only weighs 4.1 lbs and is less than an inch (0.72″) thick.

Lenovo Yoga 7i 14″ Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptop

Lenovo Yoga 7i
Processor: 12th Gen Intel Core i5-1235U
Ram: 16GB DDR5
Graphics Card: integrated Qualcomm Adreno Graphic
Storage: 512Gb
Connectivity: 8802.11AX (Wi-Fi 6E), Bluetooth
Ports: HDMI / 2 USB C / Display Port through USB C / Audio Jack

The Lenovo Yoga 7i combines a unique blend of some of the top features we’ve already discussed. It’s display is a 14″ “better than HD”, 2.2k resolution screen. This screen is also touchscreen for added convenience and it’s convertible so you can position it as a traditional laptop or use in tent mode for viewing content or showing presentations. In additon, this laptop has Dolby Vision and four Dolby Atmos speakers for the best movie nights. It weighs only 3.31 lbs and is only 0.68″ thick.

ASUS ZenBook Pro OLED 15.6″ Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptop

ASUS ZenBook Pro OLED 15.6" Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptop
Processor: 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700H
Ram: 16GB DDR5
Graphics Card: integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics
Storage: 512Gb
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6E(802.11ax)i, Bluetooth 5.2
Ports: microSD / HDMI / 2 Thunderbolt 4 / USB A / Audio Jack
The Asus Zenbook Pro presents the ultra fast 14 core 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor. Push the limits with this laptop and see the results of your efforts in brilliant 2.8k 15.6″ OLED display with up to 70% blue light reduction to protect your vision. And experience distortion free audio with the built-in smart amplifier with a Harman Kardon audio system. All this and it still weighs only 3.99 lbs and is only 0.69″ thick.

LG Gram 17″ Laptop

LG Gram 17" Laptop
Processor: 12 core 12th Gen Intel Core Processor i7-1260P
Ram: 16GB LPDDR5 5200MHz
Graphics Card: integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics
Storage: 1TB SSD
Connectivity: Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX211, Bluetooth 5.1
Ports: 2 HDMI / 4 USB

The LG Gram laptop includes the brilliant processing speeds of the new 12 Gen Intel Core i7 series with the fastest RAM so all of your applications open upon command. Get more done faster by opening more windows simultaneously thanks to the very large 17″ 2.5K resolution display. Integrated Wi-Fi 6E ensures this laptop can capitalize on the newest Wi-Fi bandwidth to stay connected now and in the future. Despite the massive screen size, it still only weighs 5.51 lbs and is only 0.7″ thick.

Beyond windows: explore a range of Apple laptops and gaming laptops 

The set of laptops above should help most people find the right laptop for general computing needs. However, Best Buy also carries a selection of new and refurbished Apple laptops that may be exactly what you are looking for. Apple laptops are equipped with a limited range of processors and memory configurations and tend to start at a higher price than the ones at the beginning of the above list. The newest Macbook Pros, for example, are equipped with the Apple’s impressive M2 processor, for fast computing, though they have smaller memory and storage than most of the laptops above.

In addition to the options already covered, there is another classification of laptop for specialty computing: gaming laptops. In addition to having brilliantly fast components, these laptops are also equipped to deliver faster response times and refresh rates. To do so they tend to include the newest high end video cards and displays. They usually also include enhanced keyboards and lighting effects. All of these features ensure that gamers stay immersed in the action so they can perform at the highest level. Of course, these laptops are also ideal for very demanding computing needs like complex computations or rendering video. If this is what you are looking for, check out our article on the Top 5 Gaming Laptops.

All your back to school needs are covered

Laptops may have a starring role, but students need more as they head back to school this fall. Whether you shop online or choose a safe, in-store experience, and whether your class is on campus or delivered through remote learning, Best Buy has everything needed for a successful school year.

Best Buy is one of Canada’s largest and most successful retailers, operating the Best Buy (, Best Buy Mobile, and Geek Squad ( brands.


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