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Hosting a housewarming party is a fun way to welcome your friends and family into your new home and show off your new space. If you’ve ever been invited to a housewarming party you know it’s tradition to bring a housewarming gift. The best housewarming gifts are those that represent what the recipient loves or what they need to make their house a home.

Here’s a look at a few gift choices if you’re headed to a housewarming.

What are traditional housewarming gifts?

If you were attending a housewarming party a century ago, you’d probably have brought a traditional housewarming gift of food or some other practical gift. Housewarming gifts back then were also symbolic, so you’d bring honey to symbolize the sweetness of life or plants to add life to your new home.

These days, a traditional housewarming gift is a small appliance or a gift basket full of goodies. Among the most common traditional housewarming gifts right now are toaster ovens or air fryers. It’s a small appliance that’s great to upgrade and will be very useful for the gift recipient.

Practical housewarming gift ideas

housewarming gifts cutting boards

It’s fun to wow someone with a unique housewarming gift, but for a lot of people, it’s the practical gifts that mean the most. There are quite a few practical housewarming gifts you can choose from.

Coasters are something that not everyone picks up, but if your gift recipient brought home new furniture as part of their move, they will really appreciate them. A cutting board will save new countertops from scratches, and cookware will help them cook more efficiently in their new kitchen.

What is the most common housewarming gift?

There is one housewarming gift that’s the most common out of all gifts; plants. You can put a unique twist on gifting a plant by picking up a smart garden. Smart gardening is really catching on, especially in condos and apartments. You can grow everything from strawberries to flowers in a self-contained, self-watering mini garden.

Housewarming gifts for people for first homeowners

housewarming home decorFor someone in their first home, the best housewarming gifts are those must-haves they haven’t had the time or the budget to buy.

Small appliances fall into this category, so if your gift recipient doesn’t have a good setup of kitchenware like flatware, dinnerware, or a quality toaster, they’ll love receiving one. Pressure cookers are also great housewarming gifts for first-time or new homeowners.

Wall art is a great housewarming gift for someone in their first home, and any type of home decor from lamps to area rugs will be really appreciated when the gift recipient hasn’t had time to fully decorate the space yet.

Gifts for vacation homes or small homes

housewarming gifts for vacation homeIf the person throwing the housewarming party is hosting it because they’ve just bought a new vacation home or they’ve moved into a small home, this type of space calls for a different kind of housewarming gift.

Some vacation homes won’t be visited that often, so smart lights are a great gift option. You can turn them off and on from an app when you aren’t there, and they add a layer of security to a vacation home.

Technology gifts are great for vacation homes and small homes. If your friends have a TV but need something to stream media, a Chromecast is a great gift. It’s small, inexpensive, and they can leave it in place so it’s there when they visit their home. Chromecast is also great for small homes where space is limited as it just plugs into the back of the TV and doesn’t take up any space.

A portable Bluetooth speaker is also a great gift for someone living small or in a home they only visit occasionally. They are small but still offer great sound, and you can take them with you everywhere.

What will you bring as a housewarming gift?

Housewarming parties are fun, and bringing a housewarming gift is a great way to show someone you’re thinking of them during this big change in their lives.

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