Refresh your living room

In our busy schedules, every bit of time we get to spend with our families is precious. The home is where many of us will build bonds that last a lifetime, and the living room is the perfect place to make it happen. From family game nights to Saturday morning cartoons with the kids, a comfortable living room or den gives each of us the chance to build special moments. It’s easy to refresh your living room with just a few small tweaks, altering it ever so slightly to change and grow with your family.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time (nor money) to update your living room. Each of these swaps is an affordable way to refresh your home in under an hour.

Refresh your living room with a rug

Refresh your living room with a new rug

One of my favourite ways to update a living room is by adding or changing out an area rug. These often-overlooked textiles work hard to tie the whole room together, and even though most of us aren’t looking down, rugs are always at the periphery of our vision.

The right rug connects each piece of furniture in your living room to create a cohesive whole, and rugs offer some practical benefits, too. Their soft, textile finish absorbs sound, which can enhance your movie-watching experience. They also feel great beneath your feet, and really amp up play sessions for your household pet (my household’s favourite perk!) Rugs offer more grip beneath your feet than hard floors, so adding one to your living room will not only make it look like a brand new room, but can make it feel like one, too.

Another great way to refresh your living room is by deep-cleaning a carpet that you already have. This is especially important for white and cream-coloured rugs, which darken slowly with regular use. A good carpet cleaner will help you brighten your rugs right back up, leaving your living room feeling new and clean once again.

How to use lighting in a living room refresh

Living room arc lampAnother simple swap to make your living room feel brand new is to change out your light fixtures. Make sure you have soft glow LEDs or smart bulbs in your overhead lights, then add tabletop or free-standing floor lamps to the room. Multiple light sources will make the lighting in your room feel more organic, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Arc floor lamps are a popular way to add light to your living room in the form of a statement piece. These large lamps draw the eye in, but their gentle slope creates a softer line. They’re a popular pairing for both contemporary and midcentury aesthetics.

One of my favourite ways to make my house feel fresh again is to swap out different light fixtures around the house. It’s so easy to do, and it doesn’t cost a thing! I’ll move a table lamp from our guest room to our bedroom, or take a floor lamp in my office and tuck it into a different corner of the room. In our living room, where we have mostly in-ceiling lighting, I’ll tweak our Philips Hue light recipes to better suit the season.

Choose living room decor that can be swapped

Living room decorMy partner and I both have home offices, so we spend a lot of time in the house. Making a small change here or there to refresh our living room helps keep us from feeling too boxed-in, and I love the way it can alter our moods and habits.

If you like to refresh your living room on a frequent basis, selecting movable décor pieces really helps to keep costs down. It’s a trick that works for more than just lighting. I like to move around décor items like vases, coffee table books, and throws.

I have this one super-soft grey throw that I love. It’s cooler-toned than most of our living room decor, and when I first tossed it onto the couch, it totally changed the look of the room. In an instant, our couch became less of a huge monolith sticking out in the room. The soft texture and light grey tone of the throw helps break up the solid colour of the couch, making the whole room feel lighter.

We’ve since re-purchased the same throw in a rich merlot, which is perfect for trading for the grey whenever I want a new look for the living room.

Once you find a piece that works for your home, don’t be afraid to invest in it and try it out all over the house. It’s a great way to keep your living room feeling fresh and inviting for every member of your family.

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