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When summer hits and the kids are out of school, it’s time to dig into projects you didn’t have time for in the busy school months. Upgrading your kid’s room is a great place to start. Whether you’re renovating your baby’s room as he or she moves into toddler-hood or you’re upgrading your pre-teen to a grown up space, Best Buy will be your go-to for upgrading your kid’s rooms with everything from kid’s bedroom furniture to cool kid’s bedroom accessories.

Here are a few different types of kid’s bedroom furniture you can choose. Take a look and get inspired kid’s bedroom renovation this summer.

Upgrading your kids room with a new bed

race car kid's bedroom furniture

The first step to renovating your kid’s bedroom is to choose a new bed. There’s never been a better time to upgrade your kid’s bed because there are so many different styles to choose from; some standard and casual like the beds you grew up with, while others are unique like treehouses or play-house themed bunk beds.

Toddler beds give them room to grow

A toddler bed is the perfect transition bed when you’re baby has outgrown his or her crib, and choosing a new toddler bed is a great way to kick off a kid’s bedroom upgrade.

bunk beds kid's bedroom renovation

You can choose from styles with side rails, styles with a trundle bed underneath, or a toddler bed with your child’s favourite character.

Kid’s beds with comfort and style

Who doesn’t want to walk into their bedroom and see a race car bed? Kids beds come in many styles, so if you have a boy you might want to tuck them into a race car or fire truck. If you have a girl, she may love an upholstered bed or a bed designed for a princess.

Bunk beds are perfect for two

If you’re planning on renovating a kid’s room and you’d like to put two kids to a room, bunk beds are a great choice. The latest bunk beds are solidly constructed and have railings for safety. Some styles of bunk bed will also feature a third trundle bed for sleep overs or have a double on the bottom and a single on top.

No matter what style you choose, kid’s beds can be found in all types of materials including wood, MDF, plastic, or metal.

Upgrade your kid’s dresser and get storage to spare

Paw patrol toy boxStorage is a must when upgrading a kid’s bedroom. You need space to store their clothes, toys, and other mementos. Having enough drawers makes putting away laundry easy too.

There are many different types of kid’s dressers. You can choose a tall dresser that will fit neatly into a small space, a wide dresser if you have room to spread out, or a toy chest that’s designed specifically to hold toys.

Whichever style of kid’s dresser you choose, be sure you take the time to anchor the dresser to the wall. Heavy dressers will tip if pulled on, and kids might think of the drawers as stairs.

Add a kid’s nightstand for extra storage

A nightstand is the perfect spot to hold a book, lamp, and a special photo or two. Choose a nightstand for your kid’s room and keep it close by the bed. Your child will learn to reach over and turn off his or her own light or use the drawer to store some special items.

You can mix and match your kid’s furniture, so don’t feel committed to one style or colour. Best Buy has everything available from rustic to contemporary, so choose pieces you love even if they don’t match perfectly.

Kid’s bedroom touches to make the room their own

Kid's desk setDeciding on a theme, choosing kid’s furniture, and adding a coat of paint are all great ways to renovate your kid’s room, but it’s the little things that make a kid’s bedroom renovation come together.

Kid’s table and chairs make a bedroom cozy

A small set of table and chairs is a great way to add a cozy little nook where your child can read. You can also add a club chair in their favourite theme or a book shelf to hold all of their favourite bedtime stories.

A bedroom vanity gives you storage and a mirror

Adding a vanity to a kid’s bedroom is one of the ways you can customize their space and give them more storage. You can find toy vanities designed with a favourite theme or antique style vanities with lights and a pretty mirror.

Add an extra closet or bookcase to your kid’s bedroom

unique bunk bedsStorage cabinets with sliding doors let you hide away kid’s clutter and keep the bedroom neat and tidy. You can also add a full sized bookcase to store trophies, souvenirs, and books.

A desk gives them a place to grow into their homework

They may not have a lot of homework now, but the years fly by quickly. By dedicating a small area in your room for reading, study, or homework you ensure your child has a quiet space to think. Adding a study desk and chair will give them the space to focus.

Don’t forget about the walls

wall decals for kid's roomsWhen you’re renovating you want things to look fresh and new. If you’d like to bring some life to your kid’s walls without committing to any one colour or style, just add a wall decal. There’s a lot of different styles to choose from, so choose one style now and another later when your child has grown.

Summer is finally here and if you’re ready to tackle your kid’s room, these ideas will help you on your path to a new space for your child. Check out all of the amazing kid’s bedroom furniture on Best Buy right now.

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