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Being the thrifty shopper that I am, when I was pregnant, I was determined not to spend too much money on new clothing that I’d only be able to wear for a limited time. “I’ll just wear large-sized and stretchy items” I told myself. By the time I had reached about 5 months and my tummy had grown to an unmistakably pregnant size, reality sunk in. What I thought was a clever idea just wasn’t going to work. The “regular” clothes a few sizes too big were either ill-fitting, uncomfortable, or just didn’t look quite right.

There’s a reason that maternity clothing exists—it conforms properly to the areas of the body that are growing, it’s extra comfortable and offers added support where you need it. And lately, it can also be ultra-fashionable, too.

Every mom should have a few staple maternity wardrobe items in her closet—a dress for formal occasions, dressy tops for work, leggings and jeans for everyday wear, and summer dresses for keeping cool during the warmer months.

JoJo Maman has a pretty extensive selection of items to meet these needs. And, along with a maternity fit, of equal importance is that they can also help make mom feel good because she knows she looks good, too. Expectant moms don’t have to be frumpy—they can rock an awesome outfit just as well as the next gal.


What’s great about this maternity tunic, aside from the fashionable and cute floral design, is that it can be dressed down or up, with leggings or jeans, heels or flats. It’s made of silky, comfortable polyester. And while it is technically maternity wear, you can still wear it afterwards, perhaps as a beach cover up. (I’ll make a confession—I have a few nursing hoodies that I still wear at home just because they’re so darned comfortable!)


Summer Dresses



Great for heading to the office or attending a formal occasion, like a summer wedding, these polka-dotted summer dresses are ultra-cute. Made from 100% linen with a cotton lining, this one is sleeveless to keep the mama-to-be cool, and features a bias cut skirt.

This one also offers a fashionable polka dot pattern with a flattering, deep V neckline. Made from 100% cotton, it can be worn after pregnancy as well, thanks to the cinch waist that can expand to fit your shape. Pair it with boots and a shawl for the colder months.

Belted Tops

topWho ever said an expectant mom can’t wear a belted top? These casual belted tops accentuate the growing bump in the best way possible, and would pair perfectly with jeans and ballet flats.

This one boasts a classic Breton striped design, in candy cane (or Canadian?) red and white, and is stretchy, made of 95% viscose and 5% elastane. It’s also great for wearing during the few months after pregnancy as your body is adjusting back to its regular size.

If you’re into more muted patterns, this navy version is a bit more conservative and laid back in design. Made of 100% cotton, it can also easily be worn after birth.

Skirt & Camisole for the Office

camiJust because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t dress up for that big meeting at the office. This attractive navy and white striped pleated maternity skirt pairs perfectly with this basicwhite camisole. The interior band of the skirt fits beneath the camisole, but helps support your baby bump. Made of 100% cotton, it is designed to stretch as your baby (and belly) grows. The camisole, also made from 100% cotton, is adjustable via side ties, which means you can also wear it after birth. And the pattern on the bottom allows you to dress it up or down.skirt

Tank Tops

A few tank tops are a staple for any pregnant woman’s wardrobe. They are perfect for lounging at home, wearing in the summer, and for layers during the warmer months – any woman who has been pregnant knows that you tend to run hotter than usual, so layers are a must. Tanks are also great for breastfeeding later, since they offer easy access for baby.

tankThis model from Jojo Maman Bebe is a perfect basic option to keep in your wardrobe. Made of 95% viscose and 5% elastane, it has wide straps and an internal shelf bra for light support if you want to go without a full underwire bra underneath. It’s also great for bedtime.

This tank is a little dressier, with thinner, adjustable straps. And it’s actually a nursing top with clips that open to make it even easier to breastfeed baby, particularly if you’re not wearing a bra underneath. I found both tanks and bras with these clips to be lifesavers while breastfeeding my son, making it easy to unhook and feed if you’re out, without having to expose anything, and being able to clip it back quickly.


I practically lived in leggings, or jeggings (leggings made to look like jeans) when I was pregnant. They are ultra-comfortable, stretchy, can be dressed up or down, and can be worn with just about anything – boots, flats, and sandals all make great footwear pairings. jean skirtThese jeggings have the staple wide jersey waistband that you can hide under the shirt and over your bump, or fold it under if you find that more comfortable. It would perfectly pair, in fact, with the tunic mentioned above.

Jean Skirt

Every woman should own at least one jean skirt—it’s just one of those rules of fashion. And that goes for the pregnant ladies as well. This one has a wide jersey waistband for extra bump support and a stretchy fit no matter which trimester you’re in. It’s dark jean wash (made of 67% cotton, 31% polyester, and 2% elastane) and is ideal to wear with the aforementioned white tank, or one of the belted tops.



True, once you’re in that final month of pregnancy, likely the only thing you’ll want to wear to bed is that XXL sports jersey your husband has had sitting in the back of his closet for years. But for the eight months prior, there are plenty of ways to look fashionable, even while you sleep or snuggle up in bed with a good book or TV.

These comfy pyjama pants have that same wide jersey waistband as the jeggings and the skirt, along with an adjustable drawstring. They are made from 100% soft cotton, and make perfect house pants for after-birth lounge days at home, too.


Pair the pants with this equally comfortable, matching pyjama tank which has the same drop down clips as the aforementioned tank top for nursing. And there’s no reason you can’t continue to wear this long after giving birth.


Extra-confident moms might be all up for rocking their bikinis and putting their pregnant bellies on display. And that’s awesome. If you feel more comfortable covering up, though, you can look at some of Jojo Maman Bebe’s great bathing suit options. I find halter tops to be most flattering, and this tankini has a great design that accentuates the belly, and comes with the matching briefs. If you’d rather not draw more attention to your growing belly with such a colourful design, take a look at a basic black full-piece, which has ruched side panels that expand to accommodate as you grow.

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