baby3-OptimizedIf you have a little one or are expecting a new addition to the family then you’ll be needing to do some shopping to get ready for the summer season up ahead. I remember the baby days and all the baby necessities I packed along in the diaper bag during outings. On top of packing a diaper bag, you have to have your car packed with the right baby accessories too. There’s nothing more stressful then being away from home with a baby and finding out you’re missing something.

With my sons I spent one summer in the first trimester of pregnancy and another in the last trimester, which means mine and my sons summer clothing varied as well as the baby needs I needed to pack along on outings or trips.

Summer fashion for mom and baby

Right now our weather here on the West Coast has been fluctuating like crazy, one day it’s 30 degrees out and I’m over dressed, and the next day it’s a downpour and I’m soaking wet and freezing.

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I remember when I was pregnant during the summer months I was always hot. I lived in tanks like this JoJo Maman Bébé Secret Support Maternity Tank Top. They’re super comfortable and the perfect basic piece to start an outfit. You can dress them up with a nice skirt and some accessories or wear it with a basic bottom for everyday wear. It’s available in a large variety of colours as well which is nice because some days when I was pregnant I just felt a little “blah” and wearing a nice vibrant colour can be a nice mood pick me up.

Another summer must have for expecting moms is a flowy sundress like this JoJo Maman Bébé Maternity & Nursing Wrap Dress. Wrap dresses are so versatile and will take you through your entire pregnancy and beyond. The purple colour is nice and vibrant and it’s machine washable which is always a bonus.

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When I think back to when I had my first son I remember always worrying was he too cold or too hot. During summer I think he lived in his little short onesies like this Boské Kids Boys Spencer Organic Pima Cotton Knit Romper. I love organic cotton for baby clothes because it’s been grown pesticide free and the fabric is so soft on their delicate baby skin. Cotton is also very breathable, perfect for summer to help avoid heat rash.

Of course your little one will need swim wear to get through the hottest months of the year. I may or may not have put my oldest son in a speedo that my mother-in-law brought back from Italy. Luckily he doesn’t remember those days, and I promise not to show the pictures on his wedding day, although he did look so cute.

I love that the swim suits for babies today come with a UPF rating to help protect from harmful UV rays, and these one piece suits like this Baby Banz Boys 1-Piece Short Sleeve Rashguard cover a lot of skin to help avoid too much sun exposure.

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Luckily I have nieces a plenty, so I also get to shop for girls bathing suits too. How adorable is this Baby Banz Pineapple 1-Piece Swimsuit? Pineapples seem to be very fashionable right now, so your little one can be sun safe and look adorable.

The material of this suit also comes with the UPF protection of 50+

to protect newborn baby skin and is machine washable which makes it easy to care for and less work for new parents, because let’s face it, time is precious when you have babies.

 Accessories for on the go

When the weather is milder and the suns out it’s nice to be able to spend days outdoors. I remember when my boys were little I loved taking them out for walks, hikes or to play at the park. The bonus was that these outings always seemed to make them tired and they would nap and sleep at nights so much better.


A baby must have is a carrier like this Mountain Buggy Juno Multi-Position Baby Carrier. I absolutely loved carrying my sons in a front carrier, and they loved it too. It always made me think they were like little koala bears attached to me.

This carrier really has it all for both mom and baby. You can carry your little one 4 different ways, front face in, front face out, back carrying, and hip carrying, so you’ll be sure to get plenty of use out of it. I also love the hands through connection pouch so you can cuddle your baby or hold on to them for extra support if you’re out for a hike. The padded shoulder straps will give you comfort if you’re wearing your little one for long periods of time, and all the straps are adjustable so the carrier will grow with your child. I remember walking to pick up my oldest from kindergarten, all uphill, with my second son until he was about 18 months old.


Another must have to get you through the summer months with your little one is a versatile stroller. This phil&teds Sport Inline Stroller can accommodate 1-2 newborn babies and up to 2 toddlers. It’s great for different terrains as well, so whether you’re just going for a stroll on the sidewalk, or taking your little one for a trail walk or run, this strollers three air filled “kerb pop” tires will make sure your baby is riding in comfort.

One of the coolest features of this stroller is the auto-stop pressure break system. This means that as soon as the stroller handle is released, the stroller breaks will engage. This will give moms peace of mind and keep your baby safe. The padded shoulder pads in the five point harness will also keep your baby safe and comfortable, and they are adjustable to grow with your baby.

This summer if your plans involve fun day trips, camping or vacations with your family, now is the time to start thinking about all the baby accessories you’ll need to make these outings successful and with the least amount of stress.

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