jj cole backpack diaper bag.jpgWhile you might think you have everything you need (or want) for your baby, there’s always something worth eliciting an “ooh,” and “ahh,” an “I wish I had that,” or an “I didn’t know they made those!” With that said, here’s some great new baby gear online this May.

Diaper Bags

Just as with a purse, there’s no reason to stick to just one diaper bag. As discussed in a , it’s always wise to have at least two: one dressy one, and another, perhaps more unisex one for short trips. But even if you do only opt for a multi-use diaper bag to tote around wherever you go, make sure it’s a great-looking one. This JJ Cole Satchel diaper bag is super-fashionable with an eye-catching black and cream design that can match with any outfit; from a pair of jeans to a maxi dress. And it’s functional as well, with a total of 13 (yes, 13!) pockets for storing baby essentials, and keeping them separate. There’s also an insulated side pocket for a bottle, and a co-ordinated changing pad.

If you prefer a more muted, unisex design, there’s the JJ Cole Backpack diaper bag, which dad will love, too. As the name implies, it can be worn over-the-shoulder, hand-gripped, or as a backpack, and comes finished in subtle grey. This one has 11 pockets, a spacious interior, side pockets for a bottle, and a matching changing pad.


JJ Cole Diaper Changing Clutchjj cole diaper changing clutch.jpg

If you’re just running in for a quick trip to the grocery store, or brunch with friends, you could bring along this fashionable clutch, which unfolds to reveal a large padded changing mat, plus a hidden interior pocket to store diapers and wipes. The integrated handle allows you to easily attach it to your own backpack or purse, or even to a diaper bag. It’s also great if you’re at the mall, for example, and don’t want to lug the whole diaper bag into the bathroom. Hand hubby the bag, and just grab this clutch to complete a change.

Outdoor Gear

Now that the spring is upon us, the weather is getting better, and walks and picnics in the park sound far more appealing. Bring baby along and enjoy some relaxing time in the park with the JJ Cole Collections 5’ x 7’ outdoor mat, which comes in a stylish design, and folds into a sewn insert and comes with a strap for easy carrying. This means you can bring it along to watch fireworks, for example, at the beach, or for a local sporting event. The inner liner can be wiped clean, and the blanket is made of 100% polyester. The size is enough for the whole family to sit and enjoy some drinks, snacks, and outdoor fun.

Home Gear

jj cole collections outdoor mat.jpgSummer Infant My Size Potty

Potty training was, and admittedly still is, one of the most trying experiences with my son. During the worst of times, I would have been willing to try just about anything. And I’m not alone. This super-cool potty is ideal for the kids who respond better to a potty that looks like the toilet mommy and daddy use, but seem to dislike toilet seats that let them use the full-sized one. Essentially, it’s a mini replica of an actual toilet, finished in that same porcelain white, with a flush handle complete with a giggling flush sound, and built-in wipe compartment. The seat flips up for boys once they learn to wee standing up. The bowl can be easily removed for cleaning.

Live Clean Baby Calming Bedtime Baby Lotion

summer infant my size potty.jpgMy 4-year-old son has pretty sensitive skin, so it’s important for me to find lotion, soap, and shampoo that will not irritate his skin. I’ve found that the Live Clean brand is gentle enough for him. This particular cream is meant especially for use at bedtime, to help soothe baby’s skin and senses. It’s made from a 98% plant-based formula that includes a combination of coconut, safflower, and oat oil, along with other essential oils like lavender, chamomile, jasmine, and vanilla extract. And it’s free of SLS/sulfate, petroleum, paraben, and phthalate; and, naturally, hypoallergenic.

Ameda Single One Hand Manual Breast Pump

Nursing mamas may want to pump out excess milk to keep in the fridge or freezer for times when they’re away. This one-handed manual pump comes with two 120ml bottles for storing the supply. Mom can adjust the squeeze to control milk flow. And grab additional accessories to work along with it, like more bottles or freezer bags.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Stacking & Nesting Toy with Chime Ball

very hungry caterpillar stacking and nesting toy with chime ball.jpgOne of my sons favourite books when he was a toddler, and one he still sometimes pulls off the shelf today, is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This toy brings the concept to life with various stacking pieces in different colours and shapes, each with an image of one of those yummy items that caterpillar devoured before (spoiler alert) cocooning and becoming a beautiful butterfly. Inspired by the book, there’s also a fun chime ball as the head, which babies can play with on its own as well. It’s ideal for babies as young as six months.

Guess How Much I Love You Security Blanket & Soft Book

Tuck baby in for a nap with this super-soft security blanket and soft book that also comes with a hanging heart-shaped teether. Inspiredby the book of the same name, the blanket measurs 14”, and is made from soft polyester. The book emits kissing noises once you open it, along with an audible “I love you” that will have baby smiling instantly. Not only can the heart by used to help soothe sore gums, but the 7” spine of the book can also double as a teether. So this is a book baby can most certainly munch on!

Levana Shiloh 5” Touchscreen HD Video Baby Monitor

Boasting an ample 12-hour battery life and rapid recharging, this baby monitor lets you keep an eye on your little one while they’re down for a nap, or turned in for the night. It also monitors the temperature in the room, and you can set a feeding and nap timer. Connect up to four cameras, and view two at a time via a split screen on a single monitor. You can comfortably watch baby even when the lights are out thanks to the LED night vision. And it operates over the 2.4GHz wireless signal, which allows for added security, though you won’t be able to tap into the camera remotely.

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