guzzie and guss serien lightweight stroller uprightOne of the items every parent needs is a stroller. But any parent of a toddler-aged child will tell you that what we also need are two strollers: a durable one with a bassinet attachment and a frame that works with a car seat adapter, and a lightweight stroller for specific outings and older kids, like the guzzie+Guss Serien Lightweight Stroller.

For example, while I used my expensive stroller for daily walks downtown with my son when he was a baby, or trips to the mall where I could click his car seat right into the base, I brought along a simpler umbrella stroller when we were headed to amusement parks, travelling, or once he was 3 or 4 and it was only needed when his little feet got tired of walking. It was lightweight, easily collapsible, and I felt more comfortable leaving it unattended while we jumped on a fun ride, or gate checked it at the airport.

I had the chance to check out the guzzie+Guss Serien lightweight stroller, which fits this bill for the latter. How does it work?

Here is short video showing the stroller: (sorry for the audio issues)

The Look of the guzzie+Guss Serien Lightweight Stroller

guzzie and guss serien lightweight stroller aqua blue

The guzzie+Guss Serien lightweight stroller comes in

light grey and aqua blue, which might skew it more towards parents of boys, though it’s perfectly suited for both baby boys and girls.

There’s comfortable padding on the back and seat, and buttons on either side of the footrest can be adjusted downwards for resting your legs, upwards so a child can prop his feet up as if he’s in an ottoman chair, or even all the way up to fully secure a small baby inside. The upwards positions only work for smaller kids, of course. My five-year-old would not be able to sit with his legs straight out.

guzzie and guss serien lightweight stroller with boxIt has a five-point harness that keeps baby protected inside, and is easy to clip around baby via a single push-button in the centre. Both the shoulder and waist straps are adjustable to accommodate your child as he grows. The stroller can be used for babies aged six months and up, and with kids up to 50 lbs.

The mesh undercarriage compartment is large enough to hold mom’s purse and/or a diaper bag, but that’s about it. That said, for daily outings, that’s probably all you need to bring along. But note that you won’t be able to pile tons of items under the stroller.

Set-up and Use of the guzzie+Guss Serien Lightweight Stroller

Packed in a long, lightweight box, the stroller pretty much comes fully assembled. All you need to do is unfold it, pop on the front wheels, which easily click into place, clip on the canopy, and you’re off to the baby races.

While opening the stroller was simple, figuring out how to collapse it was a bit more difficult. Eventually, I got the hang of it. You need to use your hand to release the stretcher guzzie and guss serien lightweight stroller back knobbar at the back, then push up with your toe on a black knob to allow it to squeeze together. Then, push it forward to collapse it for packing away. If you’re wearing thin or open-toed shoes like sandals or flip flops, you might need to use your hand to help guide the black knob up instead of your bare foot to avoid hurting or scratching your toe. But a hand is likely required to release the stretcher bar anyway, so be prepared to bend down every time you want to collapse the stroller. Once you get the hang of the process, it’s super easy, and the stroller folds up neatly for popping into a trunk, or storing away at home. What might have been a nice addition: a strap on the back that lets you carry the stroller over your arm when needed, or that can be easily grabbed to throw the stroller into a trunk. But that’s a small nicety more than it is a missing requirement.

guzzie and guss lightweight stroller front wheelsOnce you’re ready to use the stroller again, just release the lever, pull up, and step on the black knob to open it until it clicks into place.

The front wheels swivel for easy navigation around corners and tight spaces. But if desired, you can lock them into a stationary position by lifting up the black tongue lever on the top of both wheel housings. Overall, the stroller glides nicely and smoothly, making it ideal for trekking around urban streets, in amusement parks, or indoors in an area like a shopping mall.


guzzie and guss lightweight stroller back

On the rear wheels are parking brakes, which each work independently. Step on the pedal to engage, and flick up with your foot to disengage them. Again, if you’re wearing open-toed shoes, disengaging the parking brake might be easier (and put less stress on your
foot) if you use your hands to do it. It is odd to have a brake on each back tire. In what situation might you ever only need to engage one side of the brakes? Even the manual notes that you need to apply both wheel brakes each time. So be prepared for that small, extra step of having two parking brakes.

A neat feature is a sliding buckle on the back of the seat that can be used to recline it should baby or toddler want to take a little nap. I tried it, following the instructions, but it did not appear to do much reclining. It’s possible I wasn’t doing this correctly, or my son was too heavy or big for the feature (at 5, he’s about 44” and 40 lbs.) But he did indicate that the built-in back support made the seat very comfortable.

The canopy offers nice protection against the blaring sun, or some shade for when baby might want to catch a few ZZZs. You can pop up the pieces on each side to collapse when
your child wants a full view, and pull it back and click it into place to keep the canopy in position when you want to give your child some shade.

guzzie and guss serien lightweight stroller collapsed

Bottom line for the guzzie+guss Serien Lightweight Stroller

Overall, the guzzie+Guss Serien lightweight stroller is a nice, premium option if you’re looking for a good secondary stroller, and want something better than the entry-level umbrella stroller options out there. Depending where and how you plan to use it, it could also be a viable primary stroller option for toddlers who are fully out of the bassinet-style stroller and click on car seats.

It provides a nice, smooth ride, and folds up easily to be thrown into the trunk of even small cars. If you find yourself in a spot where you need to lift the stroller up over stairs (while someone holds the child in arms, of course), this stroller is lightweight enough that it won’t put any strain on you. And it’s compact enough to be lifted easily.

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