evenflo pivot modular travel systemA modular travel system like the evenflo Pivot is great for new parents, because it includes two of the most essential travel items for baby: a stroller and a car seat. What makes a modular system like this one especially convenient is that the stroller and car seat can work together.

What is the evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System?

The evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System is, as the name implies, a modular stroller and car seat combo that can be used in a number of ways. The stroller seat can connect to the base in both rear and forward-facing positions, and can recline. That same seat can also recline all the way back to be positioned as a bassinet, allowing a newborn or napping child evenflo pivot modular travel system strollerto catch some ZZZs in full comfort. Plus, you can remove the seat and snap the car seat right into the frame, both forward and rear-facing, for quick and easy trips to the mall or park.

The stroller seat can be used with kids from birth, up to about 6 years of age, or from 4 lbs. up to about 50 lbs.

Setting Up the evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

Set up of this stroller was one of the easier ones I’ve done: everything came in one, big plastic bag inside the box. Pull out the bag, unfold the stroller, pop on the front and rear wheels, and you’re good to go. I placed the car seat and its base to the side for now. The manual included instructions for attaching the canopy and the child tray to the bumper bar for the stroller seat, but both those items came already assembled in the box, so it was nice to have less to do than I had expected.

Once I had the stroller seat and base set up, I popped on the bumper bar and the cupholder.

Altogether, I had the stroller put together in under 15 minutes.

evenflo pivot modular travel system car seat and base

Using the evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

As noted, the stroller seat can be positioned both in rear and front facing position. Simply push it onto the two mounts on either side of the base until you hear that audible “click.” Pull the strap at the back of the seat to recline it to your desired position.

I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to recline the seat into a bassinet position. The manual doesn’t really spell it out for you, so I turned to a handy YouTube video. Turns out that nifty little lever at the top of the stroller seat is used to recline. First, pull the strap at the back, and unclip the buckle that’s positioned near the seat portion of the stroller seat. evenflo pivot modular travel system bassinet recline leverThen recline, and voila! A handy bassinet. Note that this isn’t the type of bassinet you can use outside of the stroller – once you pull it off the base, it doesn’t sit firmly to accommodate a baby or child. Nonetheless, it’s great to have a bassinet option within a single stroller seat versus requiring another seat, as you’ll find in some other stroller systems. To remove the seat at any time, just push down on the two buttons on either side at the same time and lift it up.

evenflo pivot modular travel system bassinet

The car seat clips on and off the stroller base in the same way, in rear or forward-facing mode. To remove it, pull up on the lever at the back of the car seat – the same lever you’d use to remove the car seat from its base for the car, which is also included with this package.

The shoulder straps go over baby’s arms, and clip into either side of the buckle, making it easy to get baby in and out. And naturally, as you’d find with any stroller, they’re adjustable to fit your baby snugly and securely.

Unfortunately, you can’t place the car seat atop the stroller seat—it has to be one or the other. But given how easy it is to remove the stroller seat and pop the car seat on, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Folding the stroller is simple. Make sure the seat is upright and the rear brakes are on, then just push down on the two levers on either side of the stroller handlebars and pull the evenflo pivot modular travel system snack trayhandlebar toward you until it folds up, and the side frame lock clips on. You might need to twist the cup holder out of the way if it’s attached.

However, there’s no easy way to carry or lift the folded up stroller to put it in the trunk or bring it up a flight of stairs. You’ll need a bit of muscle. I’d suggest that, when you want to place the stroller in the trunk, first remove the stroller seat. The frame itself folds up nice and compact that way, and you can simply place the seat in in the trunk first, then pop the frame on top of it, and easily put it back together when you reach your destination.

I really love the inclusion of the snack tray, which will come in handy with older kids. The stroller I used with my son when he was a toddler did not come with one, and I ended up finding a universal one online that I could used for Cheerios or other snacks, along with his sippy cup, once he was able to feed himself. The bumper bar itself doesn’t have to go on, especially in bassinet mode. But you might find it handy to strap Velcro hanging toys to keep a baby entertained.

evenflo pivot modular travel system wheels

The stroller glides nicely, thanks to its Cruiser tires, which are made from a foam/plastic material versus rubber. It’s hard to tell how well they would glide over rough surfaces without any tread. But for a walk on the sidewalk, or stroll in the shopping mall, it will allow you to easily navigate around corners and up small inclines.

Two other really appreciated features are the oversized canopy and undercarriage bag. The three-panel canopy will easily cover most of your baby while in the bassinet position, and offers extra protection from the sun, rain, or other elements in sitting position. There’s also a nice mesh peekaboo window so you can keep an eye on your toddler or child while he’s in the front-facing position.

evenflo pivot modular travel system undercarriage

Meanwhile, the undercarriage bag is much bigger than I’ve seen on other similar strollers, and is positioned such that it would be really easy to throw grocery items, shopping bags, or even a large winter jacket, in and out, from the front or back, without having to bend all the way down and manoeuvre the items in. It’s durable as well, so you can easily plop a bag of oranges, carton of milk, some eggs, and diapers in there while you shop without worry that it will weight down the material.


Another cool feature: the footrest has a rubber-like material that is much easier to wipe clean than the fabric, should your child hop on with muddy boots.

evenflo pivot modular travel system nice fabric

Bottom Line for the evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

With a sleek look, handy features like the stroller seat with a built-in bassinet option, included snack tray and cupholder, gorgeous material, Cruiser tires, and oversized undercarriage basket, this is a great stroller for new parents that they’ll be able to use from birth, all the way up to toddlerhood and beyond.

I wish it folded up a bit neater, and there was a strap or some easy way to carry the stroller once folded. The ability to position the car seat atop the stroller seat would be a nice addition, but it isn’t a dealbreaker.

You can find the evenflo Pivot along with other strollers at Best Buy Canada.

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